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1 2016-32-2 Dish Example of an occupied Japan stamped silver dish. The dish has the mark " Made in Occupied Japan" During the years after WWII, Japanese manufactures were banned from exporting although American authorities occupying controlled territories permitted the sale of items "Made in Occupied Japan" that were regulated through the years 1946 and 1947.  After the regulation was lifted, much of the same tooling was used so the marking continued until about 1955.  It took months before Japan could re-tool the manufacturing process from war to peacetime. The Japanese had to conform to a strict U.S. Government identification process for exporting all manufactured goods. 2016-32-2 (Dish) image
2 2017-1-4 Mask Japanese good luck mask with two red tassels at the corners of the mouth. The face is smiling and winking. 2017-1-4 (Mask) image
3 2017-1-5 Mask Oval Japanese "good luck" mask, depicted smiling. Plant fibers create a beard 18 cm long. 2017-1-5 (Mask) image