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1 00.1.18 Kit Eleven parts. a. Zinc, blende; gray. b. Balmey silicous; brown. c. Zinc blende-slick; gray powder. d. Coal for reducing in the zinc muffle. c. Zinc blende roasted; brown powder. f. Rough zinc; gray. g. Sheet zinc; gray-dark. h. Galvanized iron - sheet; light gray. i. Zinc white figment. j. Tin - stone; gray/brown. k. Tin - ore; gray. l. Zinc foil; gray sheet, shining. Color: GY,BR
2 00.1.19 Kit Sixteen parts. a. Iron pyrite, #1, rock; falls apart. b. Copper pyrite, #2, dark, rough. c. Yellow copper ore #3, smooth, gray. d. Cuperiferous slate, #4, gray & white. e. Tetrahedrite & copper silver #5, light blue green. f. Octavo ore, carbonic copper #6, dark, South America. g. Metal, possibly copper, #7, dark, bumpy. h. Black copper, #8, black, square. i. Refined copper, #9, smooth, brown, rectangular. j. Electrolitical #10, smooth bottom, rough top. k. Copper sheet, #11; missing. l. Brass alloy #12; missing. m. 70%Cu 30% Zn -red brass; missing. n. Tuping, #14; cylinder of copper. o. Wire, #15 (2). p. Blue vitriol, #16, in clear bottle; blue. Color: ML
3 00.1.20 Kit, hardness scale Scale of hardness set of 11 rocks.
4 00.1.21 Kit, hardness scale Mohs Scale of Hardness. 11 numbered rocks.
5 00.1.22 Kit, hardness scale Scale of hardness set of 11 rocks.
6 00.1.23 Kit, hardness scale Scale of hardness set of 8 rocks.
7 00.1.24 Mortar & Pestle Two parts, a. and b.
8 00.1.25 Mortar & Pestle Two parts, a. Mortar. b. Pestle. Color: GY
9 2018-16-14 Ephemera Stuffed tiger given to (Norma) Lou Gilchrist Kuemel when she was a counselor on the third floor of Barlett Hall during the the 1948-1949 school year. Her counselees gave her this tiger at the end of the year and signed their names on the yellow ribbon. The tag also states that "The third floor of Bartlett was a special place, as the Housemother didn't like the climb the stairs"  Norma attended ISTC from 1947 to 1949
10 2021-33-1 Cup CAB  Lip Sync Battle Black Student Union Plastic Cup. There is an image of two old school microphones on the front of the cup. Cup appears to be light pink and if liquid is added to the cup, it will change color.
11 2021-35-4 Pennant Small purple and white pennant flag. Flag reads "Panthers Homecoming at Home 4.10.21"
12 2021-35-5 Pennant UNI Pennant Flag from the Vintage collection 1976. Flag shows panther mascot on top of UNI Dome. Modern logo is on right side of pennant. 
13 2022-17-1 Wine Bottle Presiden's Reserve Cuvee - Cabernet.  The bottle states, "A rich and well-founded experience of science and philosophy that reveals a wellspring of rewarding flavors and classic finish.  Our winemaker is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom."  The wine is labeled with a purple sticker with yellow details.  Also located on the front of the bottle is the UNI logo from 1876.  
14 2022-23-1 Mug Black Student Union 50 year anniversary mug.  The front of the mug contains imagery of a human side profile.  Also included is a large written "50" on the front of the mug.  The "50" is composed of the faces of many important black people in history.  Included in the compilation are Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Rosa Parks, and many more.  The logo of the Black Student Union can be found on the back, along with the University of Northern Iowa logo.  The Black Student Union originally formed in October 1972 making 2022 the 50th anniversary.  The Union was formed in order to make campus a more welcoming and inclusive space for students of color.   2022-23-1 (Mug) image