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1 1977.60.11 T-shirt Yellow tank top with the words "Northern Iowa" printed on the front. The shirt is 100% cotton and is a medium size. . Color: YL,BK 1977.60.11 (T-shirt) image
2 1978.25.85 T-shirt "Lutheran Center UNI, Share Life"; brown line drawing of tree sculptured figure, Color: WH,GR,BR 1978.25.85 (T-shirt) image
3 1980.32.1 Sweater ISTC lettersweater, circa 1933; heavy gold knitted wool; button front, brown plastic buttons; waist pockets; tan leather elbow patches sewn on both sleeves; double (2) 1/2" purple bands on upper left sleeve (denotes three (3) earned school letters); large 8 " x 4 3/4" purple letter, "I", patch insignia sewn on left breast; large tear above right sleeve cuff, a few stains on front.Size: medium. Letters earned playing basketball 1932 & 1933; 1932 was the first year the the "I" insignia was issued; previously only the letters "TC" were used. 1980.32.1 (Sweater) image
4 1980.32.2 Sweater ISTC lettersweater, circa 1933; heavy gold knitted wool; pull-over type, "V" neck style; without pockets; dark blue leather elbow patches sewn on both sleeves; triple (3) 1/2" purple bands on upper left sleeve (denotes three (3) earned school letters); large 8 1/4" x 5" purple letter, "I", patch insignia on center chest. Letters earned playing basketball 1932 & 1933. 1980.32.2 (Sweater) image
5 1992.23 Sweater Worn by alumni who lettered in track at Iowa State Teacher's College. Iowa State Teachers College (ISTC) letter sweater, 1929. Gold with purple/gold felt TC on front. 1992.23 (Sweater) image
6 2016-25-1 Shirt Purple long sleeve shirt with "2016 Homecoming UNI Panthers" in white text with large black fake cat scratch in background. 
7 2017-20-3 Shirt Grey University of Northern Iowa Russian Club shirt worn by Donald Shepardson 2017-20-3 (Shirt) image
8 2017-28-11 Shirt Small yellow tee shirt with six figures dancing and the "Interlude" in black, with the UNI logo above the dancer in the center. Multiple STAT sponsor logos on back. 2017-28-11 (Shirt) image
9 2017-28-12 Shirt 2XL Purple tee shirt with "Beat Iowa" printed with the UNI logo in the background. 2017-28-12 (Shirt) image
10 2017-28-13 Shirt Small yellow tee shirt with "We are Northern Iowa Football" with multiple "We are" statements and an image of a UNI football coach. There are UNI STAT sponsor logos on the back. 2017-28-13 (Shirt) image
11 2017-28-14 Shirt Yellow shirt with "Cats & SAA Homecoming 2012 Throwback" printed on it with TC walking on top of the dome. "The Vintage Collection 1976" is printed to the side of the image. 2017-28-14 (Shirt) image
12 2017-28-15 Shirt 3XL Pink "Beat Cancer" tee shirt with light pink UNI logo behind the lettering. 2017-28-15 (Shirt) image
13 2017-28-16 Shirt Grey tee shirt with "University of Northern Iowa S.T.A.T" circled around image of the campanile. 2017-28-16 (Shirt) image
14 2017-28-17 Shirt Black tee shirt with "UNI am a true panther" on the front. On the back is the UNI STAT logo and the UNI fight song in white. 2017-28-17 (Shirt) image
15 2017-28-18 Shirt Large t-shirt with “#Live Purple, Student Today Alumni Tomorrow” above the UNI logo 2017-28-18 (Shirt) image
16 2017-28-19 Shirt  T-shirt with “uni stat, students today|alumni tomorrow” on front. UNI logo on left shoulder with “STAT, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow” underneath; 2006-2007 under that. 2017-28-19 (Shirt) image
17 2017-28-20 Shirt Small t-shirt with “UNI STAT, 2007-2008” on the front. “Students Today Alumni Tomorrow” on back. 2017-28-20 (Shirt) image
18 2017-28-21 Shirt Medium t-shirt with “UNI Polar Bare Run, Walk, & Roll 2007” on the front—with a polar bear wearing gloves, hat, and scarf, crossing finish line—beside and above it. Logos of sponsors on back: UNI Department of Residence, The Runner’s Flat, UNI Alumni Association, Craft-Cochran, Beck’s Sports Grill, Sharpline Auto Trim, and CATS. 2017-28-21 (Shirt) image
19 2017-28-25 Banner 2010 UNI Homecoming banner made by CATS. Mascot forming “C” of CATS with arms. “Homecoming” written along top, with “I” replaced by pink ribbon design. Football in upper right corner. “Let the good times roar” in middle, with Campanille to its right. “Official Traditions Keepers” written along bottom. 2017-28-25 (Banner) image
20 2017-28-26 Banner 2008 UNI Homecoming banner made by CATS. Mascot blowing up TNT with “it’s dynamite” on it; “Pump Up the Purple 4 Life” in explosion bubble on upper half. 2017-28-26 (Banner) image
21 2017-28-7 Bag Purple tie bag with "University of Northern Iowa STAT Students Today Alumni Tomorrow" and the Campanile logo on the front in yellow. 2017-28-7 (Bag) image
22 2017-28-8 Bag Black tie bag with "2011-2012 UNI STAT" printed on the front, below a zippered pouch. There is black mesh on either side. 2017-28-8 (Bag) image
23 2017-30-1 Shirt Long sleeve purple teeshirt with a paw print and "Panthers" printed on the front proper left side. On the back is the 2017 Homecoming logo with a football helmet in the center. 2017-30-1 (Shirt) image
24 2017-35-1 Shirt 2017 UNI homecoming staff t-shirt used by the UNI Campus Activities Board. BB-8 above “Panthers Awake” on front and “Event Staff” on the back.   2017-35-1 (Shirt) image
25 2017-36-1 Shirt 2017 UNI homecoming t-shirt. Limited release of the SAA and CATS in dual lightsabers. This shirt was available through special order only. 2017-36-1 (Shirt) image
26 2017-7-78 Jersey Faded blue tank top jersey that has bolded yellow writing in yellow on the front, "DICKINSON RELAYS" and on the back, "UNI 112."  2017-7-78 (Jersey) image
27 2018-12-123 Shirt White long sleeve shirt with We are UNI in bold black letters on front with large yellow 1
28 2018-12-124 Shirt Light purple shirt with "Can't Beat UNI" with I being a cartoon finger
29 2018-12-125 Shirt Black athletic long sleeve shirt with embroidered "CATS Connecting Alumni To Students University of Northern Iowa" in white on right breast side
30 2018-12-126 Shirt Purple athletic fabric polo shirt with "CATS Connecting Alumni to Students University of Northern iowa" in yellow text on right breast 
31 2018-12-127 Shirt Short sleeve purple shirt with 2 white rings around sleeves. Shirt reads CATS connecting alumni to students
32 2018-12-128 Shirt Purple shirt with "University of Northern Iowa Students By Day Panthers By Night homecoming 2014" in yellow text on front, back says "Event Staff" in yellow 
33 2018-12-129 Shirt Yellow athletic fabric with UNI CATS logo on front
34 2020-11-3 Shirt Yellow "I love UNI" t-shirt. 2020-11-3 (Shirt) image
35 2021-2-33 Shirt Black T-Shirt (size medium) that reads "IT-Adventures Making IT Fun" in white lettering outlined in black. There are two gradient semicircles above the letters going in opposite directions from gray to white and a green globe and eight green points coming from the globe that overlap the letters and the gradients. The back side reads in white lettering, "Top Ten Things I Know About Information Technology" "10. My computer doesn't talk to strangers." "9. The real use for an empty can of chips." "8. Hacking is not a spectator sport." "7. Using a Dvorak keyboard is a form of security." "6. Taking care of a mouse problem doesn't always involve a trap." "5. Companies actually hire people like me to break into their computers." "4. Alice, Bob, Carol, and Eve have great conversations." "3. Virtual worlds can be as much fun as the real world." "2. Having more than 10 running computers is not weird." "1. Contrary to popular belief, IT cannot be purchased on Ebay." 
36 2021-2-34 Shirt Black T-Shirt (size medium) that reads "NU STUDENT SENATE" in white lettering outlined in orange and black. Underneath the letters is an image of a panther in white with orange eyes and whiskers. This shirt was for the Northern University High School Student Senate. 
37 2021-2-35 Shirt Orange Tee shirt with PLS Cyborg Panthers in black with a minimalist black panther face to left of text. Back says iSTEM in black text. Size is a medium. 
38 2021-2-36 Shirt White large tee shirt. "Without the N.U. PEP BAND It's just a GAME" Black and orange plaid border around text. 
39 2021-9-2 Shirt Large long sleeve gold shirt. Written in center is PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY NORTHERN IOWA ATHLETIC DEPT. The sleeves are wide. Made of 100 percent cotton.  2021-9-2 (Shirt) image
40 2021-9-3 Shirt Large yellow/gold UNI t-shirt. There is a panther head on a purple football in the center of the shirt. UNI PANTHERS are bold above and below the football in purple. There is short and wide sleeves with 2 white lines at the armpit.  2021-9-3 (Shirt) image
41 2021-9-4 Shirt Extra extra large purple t-shirt. UNI is in gold cursive, FOOTBALL '80 are in gold bold text on front of shirt. The back of shirt reads "OFFENSIVE LINEMEN get it started & make it last" in yellow font.  2021-9-4 (Shirt) image
42 2021-9-5 Shirt Large purple t-shirt. In the center of the t-shirt is a gold panther walking with a striped gold sweater that says UNI in white. NORTHERN IOWA is written in gold text above the panther.  2021-9-5 (Shirt) image
43 2021-9-6 Shirt Extra large yellow/gold colored UNI t-shirt. Panthers is written in cursive and UNI appears on the ribbon of the word. There is a white collar and short sleeves with a white band.  2021-9-6 (Shirt) image
44 2021-9-7 Shirt Yellow extra large t-shirt with blue text: "university of northern iowa $OB* *school of business" Brand of shirt is Bantams, 2021-9-7 (Shirt) image
45 2021-9-8 Shirt Large mustard yellow UNI t-shirt. NORTHERN IOWA is bold and purple above a purple panther who is walking forward and is wearing a striped UNI sweater. There is some slight brown staining located near the bottom of the shirt. The brand is Collegiate Pacific.  2021-9-8 (Shirt) image
46 2021-9-9 Shirt Extra large yellow UNI t-shirt. Shirt has a purple UNI helmet in the center. Above and below the helmet are the words NORTHERN IOWA FOOTBALL in purple and white layers. 2021-9-9 (Shirt) image
47 2022-1-2A Cheer Shell Full purple UNI Cheer Shell shirt from 2010.  2022-1-2A (Cheer Shell) image
48 2022-1-2B Skirt Full purple UNI Cheer skirt from 2010.  2022-1-2B (Skirt) image
49 2022-1-3A Cheer Shell Cropped white and purple UNI Cheer shell shirt. PANTHERS is written across in bold gold font.  2022-1-3A (Cheer Shell) image
50 2022-1-3B Skirt Cropped white and purple UNI Cheer skirt. PANTHERS is written across in bold gold font. From 2005. 2022-1-3B (Skirt) image