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Catalog # Name Description
1 Bag None
2 00.7.11 Cloth fragment Made from banana plant; gold with white stripes. Color: GD,WH
3 00.7.14 Cloth fragment Red horizontal stripes on a tan cloth. Made from a banana plant. Color: RD
4 Bloomers Grey bloomers. Elastic casing at waist and leg openings. White stitching around waist. Several small mends made with white stitching near center seam. Yellowing throughout.
5 1968. Robe Man's Arabic robe. Brown with gold embroidered trim. Color: BR, GD, WH
6 1968. Headdress Small white tassels on shorter sides. Color: WH
7 1968. Headband Two black rings. Has 6 black cords coming down from the back each 23' long; each cord has a 2" long tassel on the end. Color: BK
8 1968.9.15.1 Scarf Man's. Color: BK,WH
9 1968.9.16.1 Scarf Woven; white ball fringe. Color: RD,WH
10 1968.9.16.2 Headband Has a cord that hangs down the back, which is approx. 15' long. Color: BK
11 1968.9.24.10 Skirt, grass "Grass" skirt. Dyed green. Has four "flower" decorations - natural colored with purple centers. Each flower has a natural colored string and tassel attached. Green string with natural colored tassel on each end to hold skirt closed. Color: GR,TN,PR
12 1968.9.24.5 Dress Made of tapa cloth (mulberry bark) and trimmed with hibiscus fringe on collar, sleeves, around the bottom and pieces of it on the front and back of the dress. Dress has two string ties with balls of fringe at the end for a closing at the neck. Yellowish gold in color with natural color fringe. Color: YL,TN
13 1968.9.24.6 Sarong Pareu (sarong) Green with a white print. Color: GR,WH
14 1968.9.24.9 Skirt Part of "Haapape" costume. Made of purow, dyed yellow. Four blue-green "flower" decorations with purple centers at top. String with tassel attached to each "flower". 3 strings (one with a blue green tassel) on each end to hold skirt closed. Color: YL,BL-GR
15 1968.9.9.17 Textile Hand-painted design of a Persian poem. Design includes 2 men and 1 woman. Colors are green, blue, brown, tan, black, yellow, gold and rose. Color: WH, ML
16 1968.9.9.18 Textile Shows camels.
17 1968.9.9.19 Textile Painted designs of lions, camels, mosque, etc. . White with design in green, yellow, blue, red and black. Color: WH, ML
18 1968.9.9.20 Pants Embroidered pants. Woman's costume. Top part of pants is cotton material - red with blue, green and white little flowers. Bottom part of pants is purple silk with embroidered flowers of green, blue and white. Pants have a 4" slit on each side at the bottom of each leg. Bordering the bottom and the slits is trim in dark purple, green, orange, black and gold.
19 1968.9.9.21 Mask Mask is gold on the front, and black on the back with purple stitching bordering it. Has 1/2" x 3 1/2" covered wood piece between the eyes over nose area. Double row of stitching around outer edge, single row around eye holes. Has 12" long looped string on one side and 42" long looped string on the other side. Color: BR
20 1968.9.9.4 Banner Black; embroidered design in green, white, blue, purple, yellow, gold, and pink. Green fringe around the two longer edges. Fringe 3" long. shaped like a right triangle. Color: BK,ML
21 1968.9.9.43 Hat Men's Skullcap. Top part is gold. Next is a 3/4" band of white, then a 1" band of greenish gold. The bottom is a 5/8" band of blue plastic. Color: GD,GR,BL
22 1968.9.9.70 Vest Wool. Machine embroidered. Color: TN
23 1970.36.11 Blouse Woman's. Twill weave. Iridescent reddish-blue with red velvet chevron on the front and at the cuffs. Dress blouse type. Fitted blouse style. Twill weave. Hook and eye closure down center front underneath overlaying panel with hook and eye closures along left shoulder and down left breast. Round neckline. Boning and lining on interior. Toned down leg-o-mutton sleeves. Also has red "embroidered' dots on the material. Color: RD,BL 1970.36.11 (Blouse) image
24 1970.36.5 Cape Woman's black velvet cape. Two long stoles on front of garment are decorated with black braid and fringe. No true arm holes. Hook and eye closure, as well as ribbon to tie around waist. Pocket on right inside of stole. Color: BK 1970.36.5 (Cape) image
25 1970. Skirt Color: TN
26 1970. Skirt Fiber.
27 1970. Palm fibers Bundle. Color: TN
28 1970.8.11 Pillowcase Three-button closure. Color: WH 1970.8.11 (Pillowcase) image
29 1970.8.12 Pillowcase Three-button closure. Color: WH 1970.8.12 (Pillowcase) image
30 1970.8.13 Pillowcase Plain. Color: WH 1970.8.13 (Pillowcase) image
31 1971.11.48 Glove Pair of women's white flannel gloves. Wrist length. Extra seams on fingers. Three vertical stripes embroidered on back side. a. and b. Color: WH 1971.11.48 (Glove) image
32 1971.11.49 Glove Pair of white elbow-length silk gloves. Two snaps at wrist. a. Left glove and b. Right glove. Color: WH 1971.11.49 (Glove) image
33 1972.31.10 Belt Woven with red and green strips along edges. Red is chain pattern. Center design is green and red. Color: WH,GR,RD
34 1972.31.3 Dress Orange/ black embroidered in natural coor. Orange embroidery around square neck. Below neck orange embroidered birds and flowers on each side. Four rows of horizontal embroidered designs. Each row bordered with black embroidered chain design. Top row has flowers in orange embroidered in diamond shaped design. Second row has orange animals and birds embroidered. Third row like top row. Bottom row wider with double rows of flowers within diamond as in top and thrird row. Sleeves have same pattern as top row of dress with fringe around sleeve end and bottom of skirt. Color: TN,OR,BK
35 1972.31.37 Blouse Rectangular piece of cloth. Folded; hole cut in center of fold for head. Sides open. Tie 7" down from fold to form sleeve. Ties have fringe 2 1/2" long. Medium light blue vertical stripes woven. Center stripe has head hole in center of stripe. White and blue fringe on bottom 3" long. Color: WH,BL
36 1972.31.38 Mat Heavy cotton. Black threads run lengthwise. Crosswise bands about 1 - 1 1/4" each of black, orange, green, black. 9 1/2" central area of white threads (gray appearance with black), then black, green, orange, and black. Color bands separated by single strands of white. About 3/8" fringe all around included in above measurements. Color: BK,WH,GR,OR
37 1972.31.39 Mat Heavy, with hot pink threads along opposite side. Then on each side, 1/4" band of pink followed by 1/4" band of orange. Central area all pink, 8 1/4". Color: WH,PK,OR
38 1972.31.42 Bag Heavy shoulder bag of hand woven red fabric, canvas-like, woven in strips. Three strips sewed together form front and back. Side strips and shoulder strap one continuous strip. One bottom corner has 3 1/2" fringe; other bottom corner has 5'' fringe red and white. Color: RD,WH
39 1972.31.43 Belt Woven with blue and white fringe on each end. One end fringe 5" long; other end fringe is 2" long and belt tapers inward. Woven pattern overall. Color: WH,BL
40 1972.31.44 Belt Woven with orange and white fringe on each end. At one end fringe is 6" long and at other end fringe is 1 3/4" long. Overall woven pattern. Color: WH,OR
41 1972.31.51 Dress Short sleeves gathered at hem with yellow and orange thread along edge. No waistline. Yoke embroidered with red, purple, yellow and magenta flowers. Green leaves and branches on flowers. Square neck with orange embroidery along edge. Color: WH,RD,PR,ML
42 1972.31.6 Serape Natural with red & black woven design. Center of serape where neck hole is located has black and red design along edge and around neck hole. Below center design are horizontal lines of wide red, narrow red, another wider line of red, orange and black. Along hem is horizontal line of black and red. The end is fringed; other side is the same. Color: TN,RD,BK
43 1973.22 Shirt Man's; embroidered. Long sleeves with purple zig-zag stitching about a 1" border around the bottom of the cuffs. Same zig-zag stitching around the collar and down the front in 3 vertical lines. Between the lines of stitching are purple embroidered designs. 5 white oval plastic buttons down the front and a button on each sleeve. Color: CR
44 1973.26 Dress Sleeveless, hand-embroidered in blue floral design identical back and front. Color: WH
45 1973.40.3.5 Placemat Geometrical design. Backing is fibrous. Back is stamped "Made in Fiji Moce". Color: BK,BR,CR
46 1973.43.12 Camisole Woman's camisole. Round neck, button down front. No sleeves. Color: WH 1973.43.12 (Camisole) image
47 1973.43.13 Camisole Woman's camisole. White cotton. Square neck edged with embroidery. Open down front with 6 buttons. Sleeveless. Beading across back. Narrow embroidery at arm holes. Color: WH 1973.43.13 (Camisole) image
48 1973.43.130 Mitten Child's; red. Crocheted top. a. and .b Color: RD 1973.43.130 (Mitten) image
49 1973.43.131 Wristlet Two fingerless knit black wristlets. a. and b. Color: BK 1973.43.131 (Wristlet) image
50 1973.43.149 Mitten Man's black mittens. Hand-knitted. a. Left mitten. b. Right mitten. Color: BK 1973.43.149 (Mitten) image