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Catalog # Name Description
1 2007.3.0001 Egungun, Mask Layered piece of ceremonial clothing. Appears to be a large rectangle. Pieces of fabric are attached to a board. All material hand stiched on. Material is in all different colors and styles. Many pieces have felt triangular trim attached. Hand knotted panel in center for wearer to see out of. Open at bottom. Appears to have arm coverings, but the are not, they are just adornment. Color: RD, BL, BK, YL 2007.3.0001 (Egungun, Mask) image
2 2007.3.0002 Mask Male Songye kifwebe mask. Black, white, and brown stripes on front. Large sagittal crest. Slitted eyes, rectanular mouth, beard attached. Shells decorate hair of mask. Nose has damage at end. Paint flaking, most of red paint is gone. Beard and hair costume are falling out. Shells are very loose and fragile. Wood stained and discolored from use. Rope holding raffia is frayed and worn. Color: BR, BK, WH, RD 2007.3.0002 (Mask) image
3 2008.4.0001 Mask Dark brown wood mask with oval face with raffia. Small eye holes. Horns protrude from top of the mask. Eyebrow area protrudes. Nose triangular. Neck area is carved into four bands. Long beak; open mouth. Raffia attatched around top of mask with varying lengths of raffia. Scrapes and wear on the beak area, nose worn smooth of pigment. Crack on right side of beak near neck. Repaired crack along bottom of beak. Inside portion of lower beak reattatched. Mask attached to stand by donor. Raffia not original per donor. Color: BR, TN 2008.4.0001 (Mask) image