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1 Album, autograph Autograph book. 100 pp. No illustrations. Maroon leather cover with gold writing and trim. Contents are stickers and autographs, some from the Iowa State Normal School, ranging from 1879 - 1896.. Color: PR,GD,WH
2 Album, autograph Museum leather-covered autograph book with gold and silver geometric designs. 92 pp. No illustrations. Pages are made of paper with gold trim. Contents are autographs, some from members of the Iowa State Normal School, ranging from 1882-1885. Color: PR,SL,GD
3 00.39.10 Label Label paper for Museum when university was ISTC. Reads "Iowa State Teachers College/Museum of Nat. History/ No.___/ Locality/ Date/Collector. Color: WH
4 00.39.11 Label Label paper for Museum when university was ISTC. Reads "Iowa State Teachers College/Museum of Nat. History/ No.___/ Locality/ Date/Collector. Color: WH
5 00.39.12 Label Label paper for Museum when university was ISTC. Reads "Iowa State Teachers College/Museum of Nat. History/ No.___/ Locality/ Date/Collector. Color: WH
6 00.39.23 Certificate, membership Gamma Theta Upsilon. Membership certificate of Emmett J. Cable, May 26, 1934. Color: WH,BK
7 00.39.24 Certificate, membership Beta Beta Beta. Membership certificate of Emmett J. Cable, May 26, 1934. Color: WH,BK Beta Beta Beta, also known as the Tri-Beta's, is a national biological honorary fraternity that was formally established on campus as the Delta Iota chapter in May 1934. The honor society is for students of the biological sciences and promotes the dissemination of scientific proof and encourages investigation in the natural world. The group took many field trips to natural settings, created their own science magazine, and has hosted many programs since its founding. The group was inactive from 1954 to 1955 until it was reactivated in 1956, and continues to the present day at UNI.
8 00.39.25 Card,commemorative "In Appreciation, Emmet J. Cable, a gift has been made to the Teacher Appreciation Fund of the Iowa State Education Association in your honor." etc. "Book of Memories...Salisbury House". 00.39.25 (Card,commemorative) image
9 00.39.29 Certificate Framed citation "To David Sands Wright." Signed by Homer H. Seerley, President; H. C. Shull; Anna B. Lawther; and others. ISTC.
10 00.39.32 Magazine "Bulletin of the State Normal School". II, 2, pp. 1-217. October. "State Normal Manual for Public School Teachers." by Wilbur H. Bender, Ph.B., Supervisor, Advanced Training Department, Iowa State Normal School, Cedar Falls, Iowa. 217 pp. Illustrated with b/w photos & engravings. Subject matter consists of lessons given in the Training Dept. by the Supervisor of the Advanced Grades. Gray cover paper with black typeset print. Paperback, Color: GY,BK
11 00.39.33 Program MacBride, Thomas Huston (President of the State Univesity of Iowa), "The Teacher and the State," address before the graduating classes of the Iowa State Teachers College, June 9th,, 1914, Supplement to Bulletin, Volume XV, Number 1. ISTC. 00.39.33 (Program) image
12 00.39.34 Bulletin "Bulletin of the Iowa State Teacher College Extension Division"  Blue construction paper for a cover Volume XIX, Number Three from April, 1919. 00.39.34 (Bulletin) image
13 00.39.35 Bulletin "Bulletin of the Iowa State Teachers College, Extension Division, The Teaching of Citizenship"  Volume XXI, Number Four with a brown construction paper cover from December of 1920. 00.39.35 (Bulletin) image
14 00.39.38 Card, souvenir "Bartlett Hall Public Opening", Dec. 10, 1924. ISTC. Color: ML 00.39.38 (Card, souvenir) image
15 00.39.5 Tag, indentification ISTC museum data card. Black.
16 00.39.9 Card, museum ISTC museum of natural history card. Color: WH
17 Print, photographic Oak framed. Valley of the Bow River, Banff. Color: BK,WH
18 Print, photographic Oak framed. Giant steps, Paradise Valley. Color: BK,WH
19 Print, photographic Hand colored. Mountain reflected in lake. Dark wood frame.
20 Booklet ''The Plant Disease Bulletin''; May 1, 1921. Color: BK,WH
21 Booklet ''The Forestry Primer'', American Tree Association. Color: BK,WH
22 Booklet ''Seasoning of Timber'', Bulletin 41. Color: BK,WH
23 Booklet ''New Hampshire Farming''. Color: BK,WH
24 Booklet ''Preliminary Report on the Progress and Encouragement of Science''; by M. M. Grier, 1912-22. Color: BK,WH
25 Booklet ''The Nitroparaffins'', Vol. 32, No. 3, 1943. Color: BK,WH
26 Booklet ''The Church and Social Action''; Conference of Methodist Laymen. Color: BK,WH
27 Picture Reproduction of painting, "Black Ducks in Sunshine".
28 Newspaper ''Cedar Falls Daily Record'', March, 1931. Color: BK,WH
29 1965.2.7 Reward of merit "This Mark of Commendation is awarded by the Navy Department to Iowa State Teachers College for effective co-operation with the U. S. Navy in the training of members of the Women's Reserve. December, 1942. April, 1945. (signed) James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy.". ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1965.2.7 (Reward of merit) image
30 1965.34 Card, registration ISTC. 1965.34 (Card, registration) image
31 1966.13.3 Ribbon World's Columbian Exposition. Official ribbon. Color: BL,WH,BK 1966.13.3 (Ribbon) image
32 1966.13.4 Letter To ISNS, group 149, class 851, exhibit: School Work. "Evidence of excellence, first, in the construction of valuable physical apparatus; second, in the instruction of young man (sic) and women for the profession of teaching." Dated June 22, 1894. United States Department L - Liberal Arts. Color: WH,PR 1966.13.4 (Letter) image
33 1968.24 Program Spring Commencement, UNI. Color: BK,TN 1968.24 (Program) image
34 1969.13 Mat, place Two, a. and b. Color: WH,PK
35 1969.22.4 Menu None 1969.22.4 (Menu) image
36 1969.31 Folder, file University seal. "Welcome to University of Northern Iowa". UNI. Color: GR,BK,WH 1969.31 (Folder, file) image
37 1971.4.6 Placecard For Mr. Frank Mimocks from 25th Reunion 1890-1915. Tied at end with purple and gold ribbon. Has signed photo of Homer H. Seerley on the back. Color: BK,WH 1971.4.6 (Placecard) image
38 1971.42 Announcement, graduation For UNI graduation. a. Outer envelope. b. Inner envelope. c. Announcement. d. Name card. (Judy Sommerfelt). 1971.42 (Announcement, graduation) image
39 1972.12 Program Spring, June 4, 1971. UNI Commencement. White pages with black lettering. 51 pages. Color: WH,BK 1972.12 (Program) image
40 1972.13 Program Eighty-Eighth Annual reunion for alumni and faculty of UNI, Cedar Falls, May 30, 1971. White with black lettering; small picture of campanile on front. Color: WH, BK 1972.13 (Program) image
41 1972.30.13 Diploma Of Carrie Hickman Cowan signed June 11, 1890. ISNS. Printed on white paper. Color: WH,BK
42 1972.30.3 Leaflet Group photograph of alumni who graduated fifty or more years ago (1890 or before) and who attended the annual Alumni-Faculty Reunion dinner, June 2, The names and years of graduation of the individuals are given below the picture. Mrs. Carrie Hickman Cowan, '90 is included. On the reverse side is part of an article about the reunion. ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1972.30.3 (Leaflet) image
43 1972.4.1 Program "Tutor Ticklers of 1930". ISTC Auditorium, February 13, 14 at 8:15 P. M. Color: BK,WH 1972.4.1 (Program) image
44 1972.54.2 Bulletin "The Library." Volume XVIII, number III, issued quarterly and dated June, 1927. Published by ISTC. Contains floor plans of the library & a description of various murals & some of the museum displays. Color: TN,BR,WH 1972.54.2 (Bulletin) image
45 1972.87 Card, greeting UNI. Christmas. "Peace on Earth". a. Card. b. Envelope. 1972.87 (Card, greeting) image
46 1972.9.1 Program Testimonial Dinner for Dr. J. W. Maucker, President of UNI,1950-1970, University Union, April 30, 1970. Color: YL,BK 1972.9.1 (Program) image
47 1972.9.4 Mat, place From testimonial dinner for Dr. J. W. Maucker, President of UNI, 1950-1970, University Union, April 30, 1970. Photos of President Maucker and family.
48 1973.19.23 Card, membership ISTC Booster card folded to make 4 pages. Gold-colored cardboard with drawing of two football players on front. Card opens up to reveal fight songs and yells. On front with football players is "Who-ra! who-ree! right there are we, Who'll win--you'll see I. S. T. C." Compliments of Cross & Company. 1973.19.23 (Card, membership) image
49 1973.19.3 Music, sheet Words to Cap and gown song. Written in ink at bottom: " B.A's sang this song the morning that they lead the chapel exercises." ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1973.19.3 (Music, sheet) image
50 1973.19.5 Program ISTC commencement exercises program. 1973.19.5 (Program) image