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1 1975.4.61.2 Examination "Test in Measurements." Twenty-four questions are typed out on the first page (a.) with questions 25 through 42 on the second page (b.) The directions on the first page tell the student to cross out all words that are wrong. However, on this examination, the correct answers are underlined. Many questions are not answered. Two pages. Likely used by Aletha Jacobs Hutchison as a teacher. Color: WH,BK
2 1986.4.307 Examination Rural 8th grade examination for the state of Iowa. May. 1920. 1 page. Subjects included were Arithmetic, Physiology, Grammar, Geography, Spelling, Writing, History, Civics, Reading, and Music. Certain subjects like Arithmetic, Civics, and History instructed to answer only ten, whereas Physiology and Reading instructed to answer only five. All questions in the remaining subjects were required.
3 1986.4.308 Examination Rural 8th grade examination instructions for the state of Iowa. May 5 and 6, 1921. 1 page. Topics included were penmanship, reading, civics, history, music, grammar, reading, spelling, physiology and hygiene, geography, and arithmetic.
4 1986.4.309 Examination Rural 8th grade examination for the state of Iowa. February 2 and 3, 1922. 1 page. Subjects included Geography, Civics, Grammar, Physiology, Music, History, Reading, Arithmetic, and Spelling. All subjects except spelling give the instruction "Answer any five."
5 1986.4.311 Examination Exam questions for reading, history, and didactics on lined notebook paper; stained. One-page handwritten, both sides. Undated. From the Aletha Jacobs Hutchison collection. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.311 (Examination) image
6 1986.4.312 Examination Notes and questions (potentially exam questions) on civics, dated April 20, 1922. Written in pencil on lined paper.
7 1986.4.322A Notes Page of handwritten notes titled "The Education Process by Bagley." Handwritten on lined, folded paper. Undated. Likely used by Aletha Jacobs Hutchison. 
8 1986.4.331 Essay Essay titled "The Teacher and the School by Colgrove: The Making of a Teacher." Handwritten on lines tablet paper. Undated. Discusses various topics in the life of a teacher. From the Aletha Jacobs Hutchison collection.
9 1986.4.369 Booklet "The Owen Year Book for the 1924-1925 School Year." This book was used by teachers to plan lessons for the year. 64 pages. White covers, bound with two staples. From the Aletha Jacobs Hutchison collection. Likely used while Aletha taught at Hummelstown High School in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Also accessed as item 2020-FIC-112. 1986.4.369 (Booklet) image
10 1986.4.393 Bulletin Typewritten bulletin from E. Guy Greenawalt to teachers in a Pennsylvania elementary school: Program for Monday, Grades lll-Vl. Color: WH,BK
11 1986.4.422 Outline "Outline on Lesson Plans." This document explains the definition, functions, and the general outline of lesson plans. Written on a typewriter.
12 1986.4.423 Plan, lesson "Lesson Plan for Class in Physics," prepared by Mr. B. M. Light. The lesson topic is on inclined planes. Written with a typewriter.
13 1986.4.459 List List of thirty students with grades for three subjects. "For Miss Geib 4. Mrs. Hutchison is written at the top right." Handwritten in ink on lined paper. Undated. Used by Aletha Jacobs Hutchison after her marriage in 1922, so likely from Webster County, Iowa, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, or Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Color: WH, BK, BL, RD
14 1990.25 Invitation Invitation to the McKinley School. Piece of white paper folded with a yellow ribbon acting as binding. The covers are blank. The school was to open Nov 30th at 7:30pm, unknown date. 1990.25 (Invitation) image
15 2002.7.0057 Memorandum "Not under Control" . Notes written in black ink on lined two-hole punched paper. Written on first line is Nantucket Jan 23, '09. 2002.7.0057 (Memorandum) image
16 2002.7.62 Memorandum, Notes "Notes on Lecture of Dr. Parkhurst by Emma Harvey (Student - Chicago) The Office of the Holy Spirit (Nine) Lecture I (two hours)." Nine pages of notes, both sides, in pen on looseleaf two-hole punched paper. At top right of each page they are numbered with roman numerals, and on the first page it is dated 1910. (a - i). 2002.7.62 (Memorandum, Notes) image
17 2016-1-36 Register Teachers Classification Register. Copyright 1884, by W. M. Welch. Includes students' names, grades, ages, and the teacher for each term. 1886-1895. No cover, bound with thread and three staples. Unknown county. 
18 2016-1-42 Ledger School financial ledger, 1874-1923. Includes teacher's salaries and work done on the schoolhouses. No covers or spine, bound with thread. Unknown county. 
19 2020-FIC-112 Booklet "The Owen Year Book for the 1924-1925 School Year." This book was used by teachers to plan lessons for the year. 64 pages. White covers, bound with two staples.  Also accessioned as item 1986.4.369, part of the Aletha Jacobs Hutchison Collection and likely used while Aletha taught at Hummelstown High School in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. 
20 2020-FIC-206 Photograph Black and white photo of twenty teachers from Springfield Township, unknown county, Ohio, 1904. The photo is mounted on matboard. 
21 2021-FIC-154 Notes Notes from a reading course, dated April 20, 1922. Written in pencil on lined paper.
22 2021-FIC-155 Notes Notes from an English class, dated March 1925. Written on two pieces of lined paper.
23 2021-FIC-177 Poem Poem titled "The Passing of the Back House," by James Whitcomb Riley. Typewritten and handwritten on folded, lined paper. Undated.
24 2021-FIC-186 Notes Series of questions for a hygiene examination. Handwritten on lined paper. Undated. From the Aletha Jacobs Hutchison collection.
25 RSC-FIC-1 Paper "Literary Gem, Vol. 1 No. 2, Thursday, Nov. 29." 2 pages of a school paper created by students. Handwritten in blue ink. Includes short works from several people. One section titled "Youth's Department" features the signature L. Edgeson, Normandie, Nov. 19th, 1849.
26 RSC-FIC-10 Photograph Black and white photo of thirty children and their teacher posed in front of an American flag hung on the side of their schoolhouse. The boys are all in suits with bowties and the girls are all in formal dresses. Taken circa 1895, unknown location. The back of the photo says "Bob Denlinger." Possibly related to the Denlinger family of the Zwingle school in Zwingle Iowa, Jackson County, in the 1940s and 1960s. 
27 RSC-FIC-21 Book 1924 teacher's record book for several subjects, roughly 16 students per class. "The Teacher's Improved Class Book." Hardback, red cover. Unknown state. 
28 RSC-FIC-22 Book Teacher's class record book. "The Teacher's Improved Class Book." Hardback, black cover. Has " Mr. Sando, 1920, M. W. H. S." written on the 2nd to last page, and "Mr. Yoder, Junietta College, Huntington, Penn." on the last page.
29 RSC-FIC-23 Book 1923-1924 teachers class record book for several subjects. Teacher was Florence E. Hadley. Hardback, black cover. Unknown state. 
30 RSC-FIC-24 Book Teacher's class record book, 1926-1926. "Class Record Book, Hadsell." Hardback, green cover. Teacher was Florence E. Hadley. "827 Briar Ave." is written on the last page. 
31 RSC-FIC-25 Book 1902 teacher's class record book for several subjects and roughly 40 students. Hardback, black cover. "The Teacher's Improved Class Book." The teacher was E. H. Baker. Unknown state. 
32 RSC-FIC-28 Card Merit card for Mary Simpson from her teacher, J. C. S.  The paper is blue and has an illustration of a Native American beside a tree stump waving to a coming train. To the left of the photo its reads, "Let order o'er you time preside, And method all your business guide." The right-side reads, "Barly begin and end your toil; Nor let great tasks your hands embroil."
33 RSC-FIC-29 Card Merit card for Mary Simpson from her teacher, J. C. Swing. The front has a pink decorative border on the left and right sides and an illustration of a woman in a pink dress reading with two children on a green hill. All coloring was done post printing and often goes outside the image's lines. The back reads, "Head of class No. 2 4 times."
34 RSC-FIC-30 Card Merit card for Harriet Simpson from the teacher, L. G. Swing. The card has a thin, blue border, floral designs, and a heart in the center around the words "Up in the morning early, By daylight's earliest ray, With our books prepared to study The lessons of the day." In the floral design, the flower are colored red and the vines green, but all coloring was done post printing and loosely follows the lines of the illustration. 
35 RSC-FIC-31 Card Merit card for Louis Wareham from the teacher, M. J. Blackword. The very bottom of the card reads "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1871 by Gibson & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress." The card is decorated with purple ink, an illustration of a child holding a flower on either side, and an illustration of a girl sitting against a tree looking at a farm in the center. 
36 RSC-FIC-32 Card Merit card for Harriet Simpson from the teacher, Letty A. Elrod. The left side features an illustration a woman holding a sword and a scale. The right shows a barefoot woman with arm bands and a feathered headdress. Under this is "Cayudutta, Drawn & Engraved." The center has a smaller illustration of a someone in a crown talking with someone sitting in a cloud as well as a poem that reads, "Mid all life's scenes, 'mid weal and woe. Mid days of mirth and sadness, Where'er thy wandering footsteps go. Oh! think how transcient here below, Thy sorrow or thy gladness." All illustrations were colored with red and green post-printing and do not follow the lines. Possibly from New York.
37 RSC-FIC-33 Card Merit card for John M. Hubbard from the teacher, S. N. Newerd. The card has an oval, floral patterned border and an illustration of a bird on the top. The flowers are red, and a few leaves are colored green, but it was done post-printing and did not follow the design's lines. The center has a religious poem. 
38 RSC-FIC-36 Photograph Photograph mounted on cardstock of students and teacher in a classroom. Nine students sit in chairs arranged in a half-circle, with the teacher standing behind them. Behind the group is a large chalkboard with drawings of animals at the top. Location and date unknown. RSC-FIC-36 (Photograph) image
39 RSC-FIC-38 Photograph Two-story brick school building with "High School 1902" engraved on the wall above three windows. An American flag is flying on a pole on top of the school. The picture is taken at an angle from the school, so two walls are visible. RSC-FIC-38 (Photograph) image
40 RSC-FIC-39 Photograph Faded black and white photograph. Fred W. Cover, center, behind students, poses with 26 students in front of a one-room school. The corners of the photo are notched at a 90 degree angle. No writing or identifying marks on the mat. RSC-FIC-39 (Photograph) image
41 RSC-FIC-4 Photograph Black and white photo of a group of children outside on a wooden sleigh. They're all dressed in coast, boots, hats, and mittens and are smiling for the camera. The back of the photo has "St. Herbert bunch" handwritten on it. Date unknown. 
42 RSC-FIC-42 Photograph Photograph of Douglas School where Clarence Rhum taught, showing a group of students and teachers outside of a white wood-sided schoolhouse. RSC-FIC-42 (Photograph) image
43 RSC-FIC-44 Booklet Souvenir book from the pupils of district number 5 from 1932-1933 academic year to their teacher, Marie Harrie. Book includes a photograph of the teacher, list of students in the class, photograph of the students on the playground, and the one room schoolhouse. Booklet is bound with a ribbon. County and state is unknown.  RSC-FIC-44 (Booklet) image
44 RSC-FIC-45 Photograph Photograph of a man in a suit sitting in a chair and a woman in a white dress standing beside him. Handwritten note at the bottom of photo booklet says " E. W. and Aletha Hutchison 1922." RSC-FIC-45 (Photograph) image
45 RSC-FIC-46 Photograph Photocopy of an image of Hickory Ridge School, thought to be taken around 1907. RSC-FIC-46 (Photograph) image
46 RSC-FIC-47 Photograph Photocopy of an image of a group of children on a merry-go-round infront of a rural school. RSC-FIC-47 (Photograph) image
47 RSC-FIC-48 Photograph Photocopy of an image of a rural school with children in front of the school. Schoolhouse features a belfry and a front porch, and is surrounded by trees.  RSC-FIC-48 (Photograph) image
48 RSC-FIC-49 Photograph Photocopy of image of Schoolhouse with paint that is beginning to come off, in the background is a tall cement building with 2 windows and a dish of some sort attached, there are trees off to both sides and the top of the photograph, the house also has 3 windows and a large opening off to the right side of the front, the school house has now been turned into a house. RSC-FIC-49 (Photograph) image
49 RSC-FIC-5 Photograph Black and white photograph of children in a wooden sleigh being pulled by 2 horses. The kids are all dressed in coats, hats, and mittens. In the background is a big barn and snow-covered land. Date unknown. 
50 RSC-FIC-50 Photograph Group of students standing in front of white schoolhouse, taller children in back, shorter in the front, 10 students in all and one teacher, majority of group smiling and wearing dresses. RSC-FIC-50 (Photograph) image