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Catalog # Name Description
1 Unk None
2 Unk None
3 Unk None
4 Unk None
5 Unk None
6 Tungsten Ore, 68%.
7 Natron None
8 Unk None
9 Helectite in exhibit from 1992-2006
10 Unk None
11 Unk None
12 Unk None
13 Unk None
14 Unk Missing.
15 Unk None
16 Unk Missing.
17 Unk Missing.
18 Unk Missing.
19 Cahnite None
20 Zinc None
21 Unk None
22 Zinc Four main specimens with miniature fragments
23 Limestone, fossiliferous Fossiliferous limestone marble.
24 Volcanic bomb None
25 Limestone None
26 Chalcedony On coral.
27 00.30.0045 Club Stone head only. Has groove across center. Color: BR
28 00.30.0046 Weight, atlatl Atlatl weight, Stippled. Color: GY, WH
29 00.30.0202 Pot Unfinished clay. One handle.
30 00.30.0257 Vase Color: OR, WH
31 00.30.0280 Scraper Large hide scrapers, rough in texture yet slightly smooth along the blade. Small groove at the top of the scraper that has been scratched in.
32 00.30.0290 Biface Hide scraper.
33 00.30.0291 Head, axe Grooved axe head.
34 00.30.0292 Hammerhead Grooved hammer head.
35 00.30.0294 Head, ax None
36 00.30.0296 Problematical Stone disk with a centrtally located depression on each side.
37 00.30.0321 Mortar and Pestle Mortar and pestle
38 00.30.0322 Mortar Indian bowl or mortar; hole in bottom. Light color.
39 00.30.121 Grooved Axe Axe head, stone.
40 00.30.174 Hammer Head Very large full grooved axe that is rough all around, and polished along the groove.
41 00.30.284 Point, projectile Projectile points.
42 00.30.293 Celt Rough celt with a lot of flaking and pieces that have been chipped away, unfinished.
43 00.30.40 Pipe Color: GY
44 00.30.53 Pestle Very rough texture. Color: BK Indian Pestle. Obtained from Kodiak Island when they were excavating for pre-historic Indian Civilization
45 00.30.64 Head, hatchet Grooved for fastening to handle. Color: GY
46 00.30.65 Grooved Axe 3/4 grooved axe, the groove is slightly offset and is at an angle. The top of the axe has been broken off. The head of the axe is noticeably larger than the bade of the axe.
47 00.30.66 Ax Grooved; one end sharpened, the opposite end rounded. Color: GY
48 00.30.76 Point, projectile Points for different uses.
49 Basket Made from tiger cowry (Cypres tigris) shell, lined with red velvet. Color: RD
50 Seal Seal with gold end and a wooden handle. Handle is a dark brown with a simple design towards the bottom. The design looks like three hourglasses that gets progressively smaller.