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1451 2006.14.0232 Skull Skull: 2006.14.232A- Dark grey and tan in color, slight damage. Unidentified rodent skull. Mandible: 2006.14.232B- Good condition Vertebrae: 206.14.232C- Uppermost vertebra present, Color: GY, TN
1452 2006.14.0233 Skull Skull: 2006.14.233A- Light brown in color. Much of skull crushed Mandible: 2006.14.233B- Right side of mandible vroken Color: BR
1453 2006.14.0234 Mouse, House Skull: 2006.14.234A- Remains in good condition with several vertebrae still attached Mandible: 2006.14.234B- Good condition Color: WH
1454 2006.14.0235 Mouse, Deer Skull: 2006.14.235A- Remains in good condition with several vertebrae still attached. Mandible: 2006.14.235B- Good condition Color: WH
1455 2006.14.0236 Skull Skull: 2006.14.236A- Skull broken in half. Vertebrae still present at base of skull. Mandible: 2006.14.236B- Good Condition Color: WH
1456 2006.14.0237 Mouse, House Skull: 2006.14.238A Mandible: 2006.14.238B Both in good condition Color: WH
1457 2006.14.0238 Mouse, Western Harvest Skull: 2006.14.238A- Back half of skull broken off and missing Mandible: 2006.14.238B- Good condition Color: WH
1458 2006.14.0263 Weasel, Least Skin: 2006.14.263A- Snow White, tip of tail black, brown patch on forehead. Skull: 2006.14.263B- Split in two sections Mandible: 2006.14.263C- Good condition Baculum: 2006.14.263D- Penile bone Vertebrae: 2006.14.263E- Uppermost vertebrae present Color: WH
1459 2006.14.0264 Guinea Pig Skull: 2006.14.264A- Good condition, Nasal bones darker than rest of skull Mandible: 2006.14.264B- Good condition Color: WH
1460 2006.14.0268 Squirrel, Thirteen-lined ground Skull: 2006.14.268A- Grey markings on nasal bones, but in very good condition Mandible: 2006.14.268B- Beginning to split Color: WH, GY
1461 2006.14.0269 Squirrel, Thirteen-lined Ground Skull: 2006.14.269A- Uppermost vertebrae remains attached to base of skull Mandible: 2006.14.269B- Good condition Color: WH
1462 2006.14.0270 Rodent Miscellaneous bones and bone fragments from an unidentified rodent species. Mandible and femur included Color: WH
1463 2006.14.0271 Rodent Miscellaneous bones and bone fragments from an unidentified rodent species. Some bones included are several vertebrae and ribs. Color: WH
1464 2006.14.0272 Rodent Miscellaneous bones and bone fragments from an unidentified rodent species. Several vertebrae included. Color: WH
1465 2006.14.0273 Skunk, Striped Skull: 2006.14.273A- Exc. Condition Mandible: 2006.14.273B- Exc. Condition Color: WH
1466 2006.14.0274 Skunk, Striped Skull: 2006.14.274A- Exc. Condition Mandible: 2006.14.274B- Exc. Condition Color: WH
1467 2006.14.0275 Raccoon Skull: 2006.14.275A- Tan in color with some blue markings on underside of skull Mandible: 2006.14.275B- Good condition Color: TN
1468 2006.14.0276 Raccoon Skull: 2006.14.276A- Tan with several dark brown areas. Many of the teeth have fallen out, but are present with skull Mandible: 2006.14.276B- Split in two pieces. Several teeth detached but present Color: TN, BR
1469 2006.14.0277 Mouse, House Complete skeleton of Mus musculus, minus skull and mandible. Glued to black paper inside a wooden box. Color: WH
1470 2006.14.088 Mouse, House Skull: 2006.14.88A- Much of skull broken, but pieces remain with specimen Mandible: 2006.14.88B- Good condition Color: WH
1471 2006.14.37 Mouse, House Skull: Left zygomatic arch broken. Back of skull also broken. Mandible missing. Color: WH
1472 2006.9.0007 mastodon a long slab of tusk; the piece is slightly concave along the width. The convex side of the tusk is striated lengthwise and relatively smooth. The concave side is very rough, with three distinct rough notches that jut from the slab. The coloration on the concave side is very uneven. Color: DK BR
1473 2006.9.0008 walrus long semi-cylindiral an dslightyl bowed tusk. The surface of the tusk has a furrowed texture that runs the length of the top. One end of the tusk has chipped away, exposing a pulpy core. The flat base of the tusk reveals the pulp cavity which runs the length of the center of the tusk. Color: TN and BR
1474 2006.9.0010 walrus long curved, crescent-shaped tooth with striated pattern widthwise and fine grooves along the length. Upper part of the tooth contains knobby protusions and tip of the tooth has been chipped off. Color: CR
1475 2006.9.0011 walrus this tooth is large and tear-shaped with a texture similar to tree bark. Along one side there is a split/crack that runs nearly the entire length of the tooth Color: TN and BR
1476 2006.9.0029 Tooth, animal small tooth; the root of the tooth is smaller and is narrower than the rest of the tooth. A shallow indentation runs lengthwise down the center of both sides of the tooth. The tip appears to have been broken off. A seal tooth. Color: TN Tooth, animal image
1477 2006.9.0061 Tooth this tooth is crescent-shaped and cylindrical. The piece is mostly tan until it becomes ivory and dark brown along a clear perpendicular line at the base of the tooth. This portion curves sharply and ends in a sharp point. Likely from a seal. Color: TN Tooth image
1478 2006.9.0062 Tooth the tooth arcs towards the tooth's tip. The upper portion is grey. The tooth abruptly turns tan along a distinct perpendicular line. Several grey veins can be seen in the tan portion; a crack runs the length of the tan portion. Likely from a seal. Color: GY and TN Tooth image
1479 2006.9.0063 Tooth a flattened tooth that is mottled tan and brown, the tooth gradually flattens and narrows into a sharp tip. The piece arcs and the tip is curved sharply. The tip is cream colored. Likely from a seal. Color: TN and CR Tooth image
1480 2006.9.0064 Tooth, animal very smooth cylindrical tooth that makes a rainbow arc. The root of the tooth is flattened, while the tooth's tip narrows to a dull point. The tip is also more brown than the rest of the tooth. Is most likely an unerupted tooth of a toothed whale. Color: CR Tooth, animal image
1481 2006.9.0065 Tooth this tooth is fairly flat and arcs towards the tip. A shallow groove urns along the tooth's brown tip. The other side of the tip is tan. The root of the tooth is hollow and the top of the root is opened with a jagged hole. Likely from a Seal. Color: TN and BR Tooth image
1482 2006.9.0066 Tooth a small thooth, it is crescent-shaped and vaires in coloration. The tooth tip is clearly demarcated due to a color change to a creamy ivory color. The tip is quite sharp. Likely from a Seal. Color: TN Tooth image
1483 2006.9.68 walrus a large tooth with wood-like striations. The piece is irregularly-shaped, with a flat-edged tip. A tapered funnel-shaped hole extends down into the tooth. Color: BR 2006.9.68 (walrus) image
1484 2017-17-8 Elephant, mandible A somewhat weathered and worn elephant mandible in fair to good condition.
1485 520.0003 Bone Two vertebrae, small. Color: BR-GY