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351 00.27.0026 Caribou Barren ground caribou (Rangifer Arcticus) Collected by Mr. Beverly Lake, N.W.T. Latitude 64 40' Longitude 103 15'W Donated to Museum by Dr. J.E. Bardack
352 00.27.0027 Deer, white-tail Head is mounted on wooden shield-shaped board. The top of the board has a small metal circle where the mount could be hung on the wall. The wooden board is varnished a dark color and is unvarnished on the back. The deer head rests in the center of the board. The deer is of a light brown color, almost tan. The fur gets darker as it gets closer to his head. The underside of his neck has a patch of white fur that begins at his mouth and goes to the top of his neck. The fur on the back of the deer's neck is of a darker brown than the underside. The ears are in good shape, not broken in any places. The eye sockets have large brown glass eyes. The mouth is sewed nicely together as there are no sew marks visible. The antlers on the deer have four prongs each. The antlers measure 9" long and are curved inward. The ears of the deer measure 5 1/4" long. The wooden mounting board is 24" long and 15 3/8" wide. The deer head measures approximately 24" long.
353 00.27.0028 Bison Not restorable. Dismantled 8/7/87; skull, skin, eyes salvaged.
354 00.27.0029 Longhorn, Texas Horns only. Color: BR,TN
355 00.27.0033 Moose Two pieces: Top portion of skull with antlers. Also lower jaw only. Color: GY,TN
356 00.27.0034 Fox, gray Skull of gray fox with 7 separate teeth loosened from skull (1 canine, 4 incisors, and 2 premolars) and placed back temporarily.
357 00.27.0035 Fox, gray Leg bone.
358 00.27.0043 Bone Bone fragment. Color: BK,WH
359 00.27.0044 Bone Bone fragment. Color: BK,WH
360 00.27.0046 Opossum On all fours in a defensive posture; on finished wood base.
361 00.27.0049 Mole, star-nosed Standing. Color: BR
362 00.27.0050 Mole None
363 00.27.0051 Mole None
364 00.27.0056 Bat, big brown None
365 00.27.0060 Armadillo, 9-banded None
366 00.27.0067 Skunk, Eastern spotted Adult snarling as if predator approaching. On mount with juveniles. Old mount, on wooden platform with fabricated earth. a - e. Color: BK
367 00.27.0072 Raccoon, Eastern Standing on base, tail down. Color: YL-BR
368 00.27.0074 Raccoon Standing, looking left.
369 00.27.0075 Badger Standing. Color: YL-GY
370 00.27.0077 Ferret, black-footed Standing on wood base. Color: BR
371 00.27.0078 Mink Standing with prey in mouth; on wood base.
372 00.27.0079 Mink Two mink on branches with prey (duck). Color: BR
373 00.27.0080 Mink Lying down holding meadowlark (sturnella magna). Color: BR
374 00.27.0081 Weasel, long-tailed On wooden base; crouched; holding bird head in mouth.Summer pelage.
375 00.27.0082 Otter, Canadian Fur is reddish brown in color and has a thick substance. All four paws are outstretched to show the claws on each paw. The claws are still in place on each paw. Each paw has a metal spike through the center. The right front paw has sewing marks that proceed down into the arm. The tail sticks straight out and there are also visible stitch marks. The ears of the otter are stuck back so only a tip sticks out on each side. The mouth is open slightly to show the teeth, which are still in place. The teeth are beginning to turn yellow. The nose is grey and has a rusty spike coming out of the right nostril. There are small brown glass eyes in each eye socket. There are still some whiskers around the nose, mouth and eyes. From tip of nose to tip of tail the otter measures 42 1/2' long. The circumference of the otter is 10" around his stomach. Color: BR
376 00.27.0083 Weasel, long-tailed Winter pelage. Standing; left forepqw lifted. Color: WH
377 00.27.0085 Skunk, spotted Standing, head turned left. Color: BR
378 00.27.0086 Mink Two mink on winter habitat. Color: WH
379 00.27.0087 Mink, American Crouching; on wood base.
380 00.27.0090 Skunk Two skunks on a small habitat Color: BK,WH
381 00.27.0092 Dog, prairie Five animals on habitat (dirt hill with hole). Color: BR
382 00.27.0094.0002 Squirrel, American red 5 Specimens on exhibit ?
383 00.27.0098 Squirrel, Southern red Three individuals climbing up and down on limb.
384 00.27.0100 Squirrel, gray (albino) Climbing down limb, nut in mouth.
385 00.27.0104 Squirrel, fox Four individuals; climbing on limb. Color: BR
386 00.27.0105 Squirrel, gray Hanging from tail; stretched out as if jumping from one limb to another. Color: BR
387 00.27.0106 Squirrel, 13-lined ground On all fours; plain wood base.
388 00.27.0107 Chipmunk, Eastern Climbing down limb.
389 00.27.0109 Rabbit, Cottontail, Mearns One adult, 4 young, in tray. a. Adult lying on left side; b. Young, standing on rear feet; c. Young lying flat, ears laid back; d. Young, landing on front feet; e. Young, sitting, ears up. Color: BR-GY
390 00.27.0111 Jackrabbit, cotton-tailed Crouching. Color: WH,BR
391 00.27.0112 Dog, prairie Sitting on haunches.
392 00.27.0120 Porcupine Climbing up limb; limb attached to finish wood base. Canadian
393 00.27.0121 Gopher, pocket On all fours; wood base.
394 00.27.0122 Muskrat Standing on all fours.
395 00.27.0126 Bear, American Standing. Color: BR
396 00.27.0128 Moose Standing. Color: BR
397 00.27.0130 Elk, (wapiti) Standing. Color: BR
398 00.27.0132 Baboon, Guinea One baboon climbing up; other climbing down.
399 00.27.0133 Bone Leg bone.
400 00.27.119 Porcupine Color: BR,WH