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1 Tag Aluminum dog tag for Eugene O Bovee from Greene Iowa. (Tag) image
2 Tombstone French issue grave marker; tin, pleated surface; red, white & blue painted roundel; suspended rectangular metal name plate; metal strips below, having a ribbon-like appearance. (Tombstone) image
3 00.70.79 Grenade French hand grenade WWII Fragmentation type; black painted steel body; egg shape; cross-sectioned body; hole in top & bottom, grenade being completely inert; smooth tapered neck. Color: BK April 1942 00.70.79 (Grenade) image
4 1967.24.0005 Handbill Propaganda sheet and translation of some RVN and Free World Military Assistance and Viet Cong propaganda. a. and b. 1967.24.0005 (Handbill) image
5 1970.36.114 Cap German Army infantry enlisted man's World War II issue field cap (feldmutze); gray-green wool material; high peaked style with visor; fold-down ear flaps with double button strap; green cloth patch on front peak, gray eagle & swastika with black, white & red roundel (Nazi colors); blu-gray cloth lining; size 56 cm.
6 1970.36.45 Hat U. S. Women's Naval Reserve officer's World War II overseas issue; navy blue wool material; pleated top, fold-up sides; navy blue satin lining; interior right label, "Made and Sold Under Authority of U. S. Navy, W. A. V. E. S.", anchor & propeller design; interior left label, "Waves, R. L. Rombold Lt. j.g. (junior grade), #105. Lady's size 20 1/2. 1970.36.45 (Hat) image
7 1971.41.95 Mask, gas U S Army. a. Mask is gray rubber which fits around the head by way of black elastic straps that are attached to the rubber and joined together by an olive green cotton rectangle on the back of the head. On this support is "LOT62EA" in black block letters. The gray rubber face mask itself has two rubber glass plates for sight and a black filter covering the nose and mouth. On the chin of the mask is a circle with the printing "LOTC1 2-41 General" and "M4C8" below the circle. On the forehead of the face mask is "U. S." in upraised letter. The gas mask is attached to the oxygen tank by way of a 16" gray rubber tube. b. Oxygen tank. Olive green metal. Connected to the face mask by 16" gray rubber tube. c. Canvas container for the face gas mask and oxygen unit. Made of olive drab canvas. Held shut by way of black metal snaps. On the inside flap is this printing in black letters "MiVA1 E. A. E. LOT 54". The canvas container can be secured to the body by way of some straps and belts. One strap on the back of the canvas container and a belt extending from one side to the front of the satchel. On the back side of the canvas container are these words in black letters starting from top to botoom, "U. S. ---ARMY DIAPHRAGM GAS MASK".
8 1984.6.125 Booklet "The War Saver" Bulletin, volume 1, #2. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.125 (Booklet) image
9 1984.6.128 Booklet "The War Saver" Bulletin, v. 1 #6. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.128 (Booklet) image
10 1989.43.0816 Booklet "World War II Honor list of dead and missing - state of Iowa War Dept. June; 1946. 31 pp. Color: BL,BK 1989.43.0816 (Booklet) image
11 1989.43.31a Dagger Nazi dagger with an 8 1/2" blade which says "Ulles fur Deutschland" across its face and "CHRISTIANSERK SOLINGEN" on it back in a small football shape and encircling the picture of a fork. Red-colored wooden handle attached to two pieces of metal on either end. There is a metal figure of an eagle with its wings spread and perched on a wreath with a swastika in its center, pressed into the handle. There is also another metal symbol pressed into the wood towards the butt end of the handle.
12 1989.43.683 Button Gold Nazi swastika lapel button. Back is curved to one side. 1989.43.683 (Button) image
13 1994.10.11 Pin Two parts. a. Cursive V-shaped, red and white. b. The paper says "WEAR A" along the top and "FOR VICTORY" along the bottom. Three diagonal stripes, one each red, white, blue. Red, white and blue color scheme. 1994.10.11 (Pin) image
14 1994.10.23 Book, ration Front and back cover are tan; stamps are blue. Front cover indicates book was issued to Alice W. Polkinghorn, 1604 Sherwood Way, Emporia, Kansas, that she was 40, 175 pounds, 5" 9" tall, and occupation was listed as housewife. Her name is written in two places near the top in purple and near the middle in black. Printing indicates this was from the Office Of Price Administration; War Ration Rook No. 3. Printed in red is the number 659165, with the letters DS after it in black. A warning is also printed on the front cover; instructions are printed on the back. Book held seven sheets of 48 stamps. Each stamp has printed on it in black "RATION stamp No." and then its own number. One sheet has a picture of a machine gun on each stamp, another sheet has tanks, another ships, and the last are planes. Color: TN,BL 1994.10.23 (Book, ration) image
15 2016-9-3 Medal A government contract medal given to Chamberlain Manufacturing Company in Waterloo, Iowa. Medal, dated November 1984, is commemorating the successful technology, fabrication, and test transfer effort and transition to production in record time. Chamberlain was making 120 mm tank ammunition. 2016-9-3 (Medal) image
16 2017-10-2 Helmet American British made M1917 Helmet, short with baout 3.5 cm brim. Textured on top with scratches and scuffs. Rivets on center top and centered on right and left side on brim. Inside, chin strap fasteners have some oxidation, signed Sgt. (indistinguishable) vey L or F (indistinguishable), and black paint smudge on underside. Head netting, ring of leather with slits every 2.5 cm stitched to fabric that partly covers the string weaved netting that is discolored to blue in some places. Tag on iinside bottom, under the nut for the rivet says Tighten Cord, the rest is either gone or indistinguishable. 2017-10-2 (Helmet) image
17 2017-10-5 Helmet WWI German model 1918 Droop-bill helmet. Surface if 90% rusted on outside. Inside is 95% rusted, only some of brim has paint. 2017-10-5 (Helmet) image
18 2017-10-7 Pin Triangular National Socialist Women's League Pin, point facing down. Outsines all in gold (color not material). At top is a white band with Nat. Soz. Franenschaft. Below that is a white cross over black at center of the cross is a red swastika. On left branch of cross is a gold fancy lettered G, on right a H(possibly another letter), and at bottom of cross an L. Fastener is at top on back, slightly below in the middle is Ges. Gesch. Damage on front top right corner, scratches and paint chipped. 2017-10-7 (Pin) image
19 UNIM1988.8.4 Uniform World War II man's military jacket & garrison cap. Jacket has front closure, 4 plastic buttons. Slightly fitted and flared. Center back seam and 2 princess seams. 1 3/8" wide belt across back. Center back pleat beneath belt.Pointed collar revers. 2 patch breast pockets, 2 welt pockets with flaps. Epaulets with buttons. 2-pc. long set in sleeves. Sgt. stripes. "Red bull" patch on left sleeve. Hash mark for service: III= 9 yr. yellow - 3 yr. combat zone. b. Garrison cap with red braid. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR