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1 00.7.49 Kit, teaching Soap: Its origin manufacture and use. Unit III. Black box holding soap and other items used in the manufacture of soap. Color: BK
2 1968.9.20.5 Mask, death Agamemnon, metallic gold death mask of face, Mycenae, Greece. Official metal seal 1/2" in diameter attached to right side of beard below ear by 1" twisted wire indicates this mask has been approved by the Greek government in Athens. Mask replicated from the original in the Athens Museum. Mounted on a black plush shield. Shield lines behind with faded red and white paper with irregular black horizontal and vertical lines., Grant's number 16670 on gummed seal on back, and white string for hanging mask on wall also attached to back with paper tape and scotch tape. 1968.9.20.5 (Mask, death) image
3 1978.8.1 Towel, bath Bath towel bearing the words "Iowa State Teachers College" in lavender letters. Towel is of a coarse material. ISTC. Color: WH,LV
4 1979.35 Ruler "Linn County Savings Bank, Center Point, Iowa"; reverse stamped, "Save Your Nickels and Dimes and Bank with Us". 1979.35 (Ruler) image
5 2002.5.44.1 Book "Guidebook for Friends and Neighbors and More Friends and Neighbors," by William S. Gray and Lilian Gray. Basic reader for second grade. Curriculum Foundations Series, Teachers Guide book. Red cover with white printing, "Property of" label printed on the back cover. 256 pp. Pencil writing: word list in the back of the book. Color: RD,WH
6 2002.5.51 Book "Health by Doing" by William E.Burkhard Ph. D., Raymond L. Chambers, Ph. D., Frederick W. Maroney, M.D. 323 pp. Orange cloth cover with yellow and black. Boy and girl running over a hill with a dog, the sun shining over head. Illus. on front covers. A few spots on the lower right corner of the front cover edges of cover worn. Part of the Health & Happiness Success Series. "Lizard - Calligan" written in blue ink on the inside cover page. Color: OR,BK,YL
7 2005.16.7 Book "Chalk Talks on Health and Safety," by Walter & Cobb. 243 pp. Front cover has picture of a chalkboard. Color: TN,BK
8 2006.12.5 Book "Neighbors Near and Far" by Wahlert and Hahn. Book has yellow cover with blue lines at top and bottom. Title and authors names in black. Has drawing of a boy, girl and dog. Kids are shaking hands. Title down spine. Has call number 400H U.3 Color: yl,bl,bk
9 UNIM1989.5.45 Box 1 LB. 5 Oz. box of Fels-Naptha soap chips, cardboard. Box is tan with small red text reading "FELS-NAPTHA SOAP CHIPS" printed in a repeating pattern all over the box as a background pattern. "Fels-Naptha Soap Chips; The Golden Chips With The Clean Naptha Odor" is printed in dark green ink on the front and back; one side has a strip of tape that is beginning to tear off a little across the top, "All Purpose Soap" has been handwritten in black marker. "Fels-Naptha Soap Chips" is also printed on the top and bottom of the box, both also have a small area in which the repeating text pattern is absent, leaving a brown circle, the circle on the bottom is empty, the one on the top has the number "33" handwritten in black pencil; a piece of paper with black cursive script has been glued to the top of the box, it reads "for equipment class only". Each of the side panels contain text boxes where repeating text pattern is absent, inside these boxes is green text; one side consists of instructions on how to use the product for washing machines, silk things, woolens, and dishes, it also includes a disclaimer on how to properly use the product; the other side includes the same disclaimer along with a list of benefits to the product, this side also has a small opening towards the top for pouring the product, the small tab reads "Press Here; Fold Back".