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51 2004.17.130 Clipping, newspaper Shows photo of women in gym class at ISTC. Title "An Iowa State Teachers College Gym Class in 1919." Article titled "Physical Education Has Changed." Color: BK,GY,CR 2004.17.130 (Clipping, newspaper) image
52 2004.7.1 Uniform navy blue women's uniform jacket. Six panels. Has 1/2'' silver gray trim around cuffs. Silvergray star embroidered on top of trim: Denotes line officer. Collar lapels have white an blue anchor embroidered on them. Two breast pockets. Four gold buttons with eagle motif. Inside has navy blue satin lining. "Evelyn F. Starkey" label embroidered on inside collar. Inside, label "Made and sold under authority of U. S. Navy" "U. S. Women's naval Reserve." Picture of anchor. Part of WAVES uniform 2004.7.1-4. Color: BL
53 2004.7.2 Skirt Navy blue. Six panels. Two front slit pockets. Closes on the side with a button and side zipper. Black fabric. Inside label reads "Authority of the U. S. Navy. U. S. Women Naval Reserve." "Evelyn F. Starkey" also sewn on the inside. Part of WAVES uniform 2004.7.1-4. Color: BL
54 2004.7.4 Hat U. W. Waves. Navy blue and cream. Two-inch brim that turns up at the sides. Brim is navy blue. Top is cream colored on front of hat. Two and one-half metal silver and gold U. S. Navy emblem. Has fabric ribbon with a slight tail at the back. Inside has black lining with cream top covered by plastic. Has the label "Made and sold under authority of U. S. Navy W. A. V. E. S. " uder the plastic. Also has label with name "Evelyn Kate Wood Contract No: -- 105." and label underneath that reads "22 1/2". Part of WAVES uniform 2004.7.1-4. Color: BL,CR
55 2017-21-31 Book Occupations: A Textbook for the Educational, Civic, and Vocational Guidance of Boys and Girls, Revised Edition. Written by Enoch Burton Gowin and William Alonzo Wheatley. Revised by John M. Brewer. 2017-21-31 (Book) image
56 2018-11-3 Booklet AIAW-ASA Women’s College World Series booklet from 1977.
57 UNIM1986. Article, magazine Electrical Merchandising Magazine, October 1938. Pgs. 25-31."Before the Electric Era", "Electricity Begins To Alter Living Conditions", "The Home Today", "Electricity Releases Women for Wider Activities".