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Archaeology (the study of ancient human culture) and ethnology (the study of recent and living people) are the two major sections in the anthropology collection.

The archaeological collection comes from North and West Africa, the Middle East, Western Europe, the Andes, Mesoamerica, the Great Plains, and the Great Basin areas.

The ethnographic collection includes artifacts from the Andes, Amazon, Mesoamerica, Circum-Caribbean, East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, Melanesia, and Polynesia.

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Catalog # Name Description
00.30.0210 Plaque

Unfinished clay. Depicts an Indian in front of a campfire. Autographed on the back by E. F. Hart.

00.30.0211 Rattle

Tesuque Pueblo Rattle - The rattle is used in Pueblo ceremonies and dances to plea for rain. The motion of the hand simulates the falling rain while the sound of the pebbles inside mock the thunder. This example is produced of red clay that is slipped in bentonite clay and decorated with black designs. Color: WH, BK

00.30.0212 Pottery

Form of a Navajo moccasin.. Brown color with black streak. Color: BR, BK

00.30.0213 Pipe


00.30.0214 Bowl

Large. Color: BR

00.30.0215 Bowl

Color: WH

00.30.0216 Bowl

Has design on inside and chip 3" long out of one side. Broken in 3 pieces. a. Largest piece. b. and c.

00.30.0217 Vase

Color: GY, BR

00.30.0218 Bottle

Long-necked. Design goes around horizontally.

00.30.0219 Jug

Horizontal design. Jug or bottle.

00.30.0220 Jug

Horizontal design. Jug or bottle.

00.30.0221 Cup

Horizontal designs.

00.30.0222 Pitcher


00.30.0223 Vase

Tall and narrow with varied design; appears Oriental.

00.30.0224 Pot

White with black design. Color: WH. BK

00.30.0225 Pot

Orange with black design. Color: OR, BK

00.30.0226 Bowl

Very large.

00.30.0226 (Bowl) image
00.30.0227 Bowl

With handle of entwined clay strips.

00.30.0228 Bowl

White with brown and orange designs. Color: WH, BN, OR

00.30.0229 Pitcher

Double spouted. White orange and brown flower design. Has handle made of two parallel strips of clay. Color: WH. BR. OR

00.30.0230 Bowl

White with orange and brown design. Color: WH, OR, BR

00.30.0231 Vase

White with orange and brown design.

00.30.0232 Pitcher


00.30.0233 Bowl


00.30.0234 Bowl