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Items related to the University of Northern Iowa and predecessor institutions.  




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Catalog # Name Description
1974.57.0012 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1942.

1974.57.0013 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1943.

1974.57.0014 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1944.

1974.57.0015 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1945.

1974.57.0016 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1946.

1974.57.0017 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1947.

1974.57.0018 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1948.

1974.57.0019 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1949.

1974.57.0020 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1951.

1974.57.0021 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1952.

1974.57.0022 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1953.

1974.57.0023 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1954.

1974.57.0026 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1957.

1974.57.0028 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1959. Color: White, Black

1974.65.0005 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1919.

1974.65.0006 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1920.

1974.73.0002 Block

From ISNS. Color: BR

1974.73.0003 Block

From ISNS. Color: BR

1974.73.4 Block

From ISNS. Color: BR

1975.0022 Keystone

Window keystone from Gilchrist Hall. roughly the shape of a crown and has a 3-pronged fork carved in the middle.

1976.24.0001 Mug

Stein-style mug with blue glaze and a gold rim. Inscription in gold reads "Sadie B. Campbell" along top 3/4" of mug. Circular gold etching on front center shows Campbell Hall main entrance, bordered by "Campbell Hall" on top and "UNI" logo on bottom, below which are two olive branches. Gold inscription of bottom of mug reads: Collegiate Specialty Co., 427 River St., Troy, N.Y. Color: GD,BL

1976.24.0004 Ashtray

Purple on gold foil over cardboard. UNI ashtray. Logo on two sides, "University of Northern Iowa" on two sides. Color: PR,GD

1976.24.2 Mug

White glaze over brown about 1" down from top of mug and handle, gold UNI seal in center of mug, reading "University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls" around edge with "LUX" and "1876" in center. Inscription in base reads "Hull C, Oven Proof, U.S.A."; small chip in front of handle. Color: GD,BR,WH

1976.24.9 Bag

Logo printed on both sides of bag, along with stacks of books at top and bottom. 2 plastic handles. Color: WH,RD,BL

1976.4.0002 Holder, toothpick

Green custard glass. Imprinted "Iowa State Normal, Cedar Falls, Iowa," with ground-level view showing Gilchrist Hall, Administration Building, Central Hall, and Auditorium building in pale brown, dark green trees on lawn, double gold rim at top edge, slightly fluted near bottom. . Color: GR