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1976.45.0003 Spoon, demitasse

Silver-plated, ISTC, from about 1956. Reproduction of Campanile on bowl of spoon with ISTC insignia on handle. Engraved on back of handle is manufacturer's insignia: E. P. N. S. 40-0.S.V.A/S Norway." Color: SL

1976.52 Lamp

Study Kerosene lamp of ISTC President Seerley. a. Kerosene lamp. b. Kerosene tank. c. White globe. d. Chimney

1976.68.0009 Program

Opening Recital Campanile Chimes, Sunday, September 19, 1926, Campanile, ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Permanently attached card with picture of President Seerley and facts about the college. Color: BK,WH

1976.68.0009 (Program) image
1976.69.1 Pennant

ISTC. Gold lettering and trim; purple ribbons. Color: PR,GD

1976.73.0013 Pennant

Pennants have been in use since 1895 as a way to support the school. They are typically made of felt, are in the schools colors, and are wider on one end then narrow to a point. Many have one main color with accent colors used for lettering and design. Sometimes they have ribbons on the wider end and a stripe on the edge. In addition to supporting the school they could sometimes be used to support a fraternity or a sorority.

At wide end the colors are purple with gold letters ISTC (all superimposed). Colors on thinner two-thirds of pennant are gold with purple "Iowa Teachers." Trailing ribbons at wide end are gold. Color: PR,GD

1976.87.0001 Screwdriver

Antique; with a ratchet. Inscribed in copper top of handle, "Goodell Bros., Greenfield, Mass. Patented July 22, 1890 November 17, 1891." Official stamp of "ISNS", also on head of handle. Color: BR,GY

1977.0031 Portfolio

Zippered closure. The leather case has a rippled finish, and bears the name Emmett J. Cable, embossed in gold, on the lower right front corner. The case is closed by means of a heavy brass zipper, which encompasses only two sides. The upper right corner shows leather wear, and some of the case's stitching has broken. Color: BR

1977.0068 File, address

Mechanical; 2 red buttons .Brown plastic. Color: BR,RD

1977.13.0001 Ring

ISTC graduation ring, 10K gold. On the face of the ring is an engraving of a big letter "T" with smaller letters "B" and "A", for Bachelor's degree, arranged on the saft of the "T" and "1925" on the base of the "T". On the inside of the ring are the initials "L. A. W." and "10K".

1977.43.0002 Stamp, rubber

Daryl Pendergraft. (Asst. to Pres. Maucker). . Color: GR,BK

1977.43.0003 Stamp, rubber

M. J. Nelson. (Dean of the College). Color: BR,BK

1977.43.0004 Stamp, rubber

Northwestern Stamp Works. Color: GR,BK

1977.50.0004 Patch

ISTC Physical Education Shield (1918-1922). The dark maroon shield is bordered by a white stripe, and bears the initials "P.E." in its center. Color: PR,WH

1977.60.0011 T-shirt

Yellow with the words "Northern Iowa" printed on the front. The shirt is 100% cotton and is a medium size. . Color: YL,BK

1977.60.0012 T-shirt

Dark green, "U.N.I. CO-ED, House of Aquarius", printed on the front. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and is a large (42-44) size. Color: GR,WH

1977.7.0001 Napkin

Gold in color with UNI 1876-1976 in purple letters on bottom left hand corner. Pleated edge completely around outside border. Color: GD,PR

1977.7.0001 (Napkin) image
1977.7.0002 Napkin

Gold in color with UNI 1876-1976 in purple letters on bottom left hand corner. Pleated edge completely around outside border. Color: GD,PR

1977.7.0002 (Napkin) image
1977.7.0003 Napkin

Gold in color with UNI 1876-1976 in purple letters on bottom left hand corner. Pleated edge completely around outside border. Color: GD,PR

1977.7.0003 (Napkin) image
1978.0054 Pin, homecoming

Yellow with lavender color lettering, "UNI Homecoming 78, Mid-Continent Conference, Mission Celebrate Change", metal backing, plastic face, pin back. Color: YL,LV

1978.0066 Cup

White red, brown, black floral design on side, loop handle, base marked, "Carefree, True China by Syracuse, Windswept, Made in U. S. A.". From faculty room, Old Gilchrist Hall. Cup had been inadvertently removed from Old Gilchrist about a week before it burned. Color: WH,RD,BR,BK

1978.12.0002 Stein

Black ceramic with gold painted inscription, "University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls", and border. Color: BK,GD

1978.25.0085 T-shirt

"Lutheran Center UNI, Share Life"; brown line drawing of tree sculptured figure, Color: WH,GR,BR

1978.32.0002 Pin

Graduation pin and document. a. UNI 75th Anniversary of Graduation pin presented to Stella Robinson Wynegar, class of 1899. Circular 12 carat gold pin, set with 20 small white pearls surrounding the "University of Northern Iowa" emblem. Gold chain connects pin to diamond-shaped gold "U.N.I." guard. Back of guard stamped, "Lindor, 12k GF." b. Paper presentation document. Color: CR,BK,PR,GD

1978.62.0002 Tumbler

White styrofoam, "U.N.I." logo, "1876-1976", drawing of panther above UNI Dome, "Home of the Dome", purple lettering and drawing. Color: WH,BL

1978.8.0001 Towel, bath

Bath towel bearing the words "Iowa State Teachers College" in lavender letters. Towel is of a coarse material. ISTC. Color: WH,LV