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1 00.30.0318 Metate

A metate is a mealing stone used by women in Central America to grind maize and other grains. The bottom is broken out to indicate a good wife.

2 00.30.263 Pitcher

Ceramic pitcher with wide rim 3 1/8" acroww with small lip opposite handle. Has horizontal stripes of varying blue, tan, reddish brown and two wide stripes with flower and petal design, blue black and cream near widest part of bowl and another stripe near top, of black, blue and red. Handle has dark brown stipe down entire length outside. "Made in Mexico" label on bottom. Color: BL,TN,RD,BK,BR

3 Calendar

Three parts. a. Calendar stone (Replica); green. b. Base. c. Card for calendar stone, "The Calendar Stone of the Aztecs Replica presented by the Hamilton Watch Co., Lancaster, Pa." Color: GR

4 Sherd, pottery

Pottery sherd. Roughly triangular. Color: GY

5 Sherd, pottery

Pottery sherd, roughly rectangular. Desing on one side consisting of two horizontal lines with slanted design above, all incised. Color: BK

6 Sherd, pottery

Pottery sherd, roughly square. Color: BK

7 Sherd, pottery

Pottery sherd, roughly triangular in shape. One point has top flaked off. One side has 7 horizontal lines alternating grey and black. Color: GY,BK

8 Sherd, pottery

Pottery sherd, irregular in shape. One side grey with tan showing through. Other side tan. Color: TN

9 Sherd, pottery

Pottery sherd. 3 sides roungly rectantular with fourth side forming a hump. Color: TN,BK

10 Cup

Bottom nailed on. Twoi lobes on either side at top. Color: TN

11 Jug

Round with long neck. Horizontal stripes on neck with draped line with dangling pendant like line at top of drape. Palm tree, flowers, and lines design around jug. Grey and red lines around bottom half of jar. No design below lines. Color: GY,BK,RD (Jug) image
12 Calabash Vessle

Dried, dyed, and relief carved calabash gourd which has been cut into a decorative vessle/container.

13 Calabash Vessle

Dried, dyed, and relief carved calabash gourd which has been cut into a decorative vessle/container.

14 Calabash None
15 1968.9.2.0003 Painting

Watercolor painting of outdoor scene. Seated woman with child on lap; kneeling man weaving outside thatched roof hut. Signed "India of Atitlan, Guatamala, C. A.".

16 1968.9.2.0004 Belt

Braided plastic belt. "Plastic weaving" according to Dorothy Grant. Red buckle of same material. Plastic is twisted over white string. Color: GR,RD,YL,WH

17 1968.9.2.2 Rattle

Woven bird rattle, lavendar and green with hot pink head and pink and lavendar tail. Bell inside. Color: LV,GR,Pk

18 1968.9.7.0001 Beads

Seventy-three woven straw beads in continuous strand strung on string.. Color: TN,GR

19 1968.9.7.0002 Fan

Rectangular; woven diagonally. No handle. Double strip along one side to serve as handle. Color: TN,PR,OR

20 1968.9.7.0003 Fan

Rectangular; woven diagonally. No handle. Double strip along one side to serve as handle. Color: TN,YL,PR

21 1968. Picture

Cut out picture of a man and woman embracing. Outer edge black. Back side painted green. Color: BK,BR,GR

22 1968. Picture

Cut out picture of a man playing pan pipes with a blue mountain in background and a dog in lower left side. Color: BK,BR

23 1968. Medicine

Vial containing 10 bottles of Totaquina. Color: GY-WH

24 1968. Medicine

Glass vial containing 19 1/2 tablets of quinine sulfate. Sealed with a cork. Color: BR-WH

25 1968. Medicine

Vial containing 15 tablets of Atabrin. Stamped with a "W". Color: YL

26 1968. Medicine

Glass vial containing Cinchona Seeds (C. pitayensis); small brown flakes. Sealed with a cork. Cinchona succirubus Color: BR

27 1971.11.0004 Dish

Oblong ceramic dish red with yellow line along upper edge. There is a grey bird above a blue lake with green trees along edge of lake. On bottom another yelllow line along edge with blue flower with yellow and green leaves. Color: RD,BL,GR

28 1971.35.0001 Fan

Square with handle attached at one corner with palm fibers. Colors run vertically and horizontally. Handle wrapped with palm fibers approximately 1/2" wide. Fibers in fan vary from 1/2" to 1" wide.. Color: RD,GR,PR,YL

29 1972.21.0074 Spoon, demitasse

Demitasse. "Mexico" on handle. Color: SL

30 1972.31.0001 Glass, wine

Separately swirled structural design applied on outside of bowl. White paper label glued on bottom. "Avalas Guadalajara, Jl. Mexico C-184 $5.50" on label. Color: BL

31 1972.31.0002 Vase

Burnt orange with all-over designs in green, black, and ecru. Cylindrical in shape. Bird and flower design in center. Looped design around top in black with small ecru circles at bottom of loop; center of loop has ecru and brown line following loop with green center. White label glued at bottom with "20.00". Color: OR,GR,BK,TN

32 1972.31.0003 Dress

Orange/ black embroidered in natural coor. Orange embroidery around square neck. Below neck orange embroidered birds and flowers on each side. Four rows of horizontal embroidered designs. Each row bordered with black embroidered chain design. Top row has flowers in orange embroidered in diamond shaped design. Second row has orange animals and birds embroidered. Third row like top row. Bottom row wider with double rows of flowers within diamond as in top and thrird row. Sleeves have same pattern as top row of dress with fringe around sleeve end and bottom of skirt. Color: TN,OR,BK

33 1972.31.0004 Necklace

Pendant of head of man wearing gold headpiece and copper band around forehead and extending down over ears. There is a gold circle in middle of headband. There is a collar extending from the ears around chin that is gold color with a design in copper and black. Three pendants hang from collar, the second a red one hanging below ears and one black one in center. The inside of the two outside pendants is red and the center of the pendant in center is black. The pendant is attached to a chain of elongated links of twisted wire. The clasp opens as a pin. Ceramic face. Color: GD,BR

34 1972.31.0005 Basket

Basket with handle cut from gourd. Bush design incised across handle. "Recuerdo do Tabasco" carved around top with two rows of esigns below. The row below has flower designs and bottom row has diamond pattern. Bottom of basket has leaf design. Bottom is rounded. Color: BR,TN

35 1972.31.0006 Serape

Natural with red & black woven design. Center of serape where neck hole is located has black and red design along edge and around neck hole. Below center design are horizontal lines of wide red, narrow red, another wider line of red, orange and black. Along hem is horizontal line of black and red. The end is fringed; other side is the same. Color: TN,RD,BK

36 1972.31.0007 Necklace

Central disk is a brown seed surrounded by white Job's tear then by brown nuts resembling acorns, with a red seed on the end. The chain part of the necklace is made of a repeating pattern of brown, red, and white seeds. 3 black and red seeds combinations with green between them extend from the central part of the necklace. Color: BR,WH,RD,GR

37 1972.31.0010 Belt

Woven with red and green strips along edges. Red is chain pattern. Center design is green and red. Color: WH,GR,RD

38 1972.31.0011 Painting

Painting on plant fiber mat. Brown background bright fluorescent painted stylized bird. Mostly red, green, and blue, orange flower disks and 2 white tail plumes. Color: BR,RD,BL

39 1972.31.0012 Pin

Rose with three leaflets. Color: SL

40 1972.31.0013 Mat

Woven, small. Predominantly blue. Fringed ends. 17 rows of multi-colored stripes on each end. Color: BL,ML

41 1972.31.0014 Mat

Woven, small. Predominantly red. Fringed ends. 17 horizontal stripes multi-colored on each end.. Color: BL,ML

42 1972.31.0015 Statue

Statue with feathered headdress. Hole in center of headdress wearing a necklace. Toes and fingers are incised design. Color: TN

43 1972.31.0016 Flute

Four + one holes. Color: TN

44 1972.31.0017 Flute

Five + one holes. Color: TN

45 1972.31.0018 Maraca

Two pieces. a and b. Hollowed out wood fitted with rattles. Red on top with scene in middle painted in black, greenish design below. Natural colored handles. Color: TN,RD,BK

46 1972.31.0019 Guiro

Two pieces. a. Guiro. b. Striker. Fish shaped with fish design. On bottom has mouth shaped hole in front with 2 round holes in center. Middle is ribbed. Striker is wood that tapers to one end. Color: TN

1972.31.0019 (Guiro) image
47 1972.31.0020 Sticks, rhythm

Pair, a and b. Wood cylinder. Color: BR,TN

48 1972.31.0021 Calendar

Natural color replica with light brown. Metal ring at top for hanging. a. Aztec sun stone (replica). b. Plastic bag for protection of stone. Color: TN

49 1972.31.0022 Leaflet

Descriptive folder describing Aztec calendar stone. Front has color reproduction of calendar stone. Back has explanation of symbols. Color: WH,RD,BL

50 1972.31.0023 Bookend

Mayan god image. a. and b. Color: WH,TN




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