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1 1971.2.1 Postcard Depicts the gym and tennis court of ISNS, from west of what is now called West Gym. Color: ML 1971.2.1 (Postcard) image
2 1971.2.2 Postcard Unposted; depicting the ISNS gym, the auditoriums and the old administration building. Two horizontal images on face of card. Color: ML 1971.2.2 (Postcard) image
3 1971.4.1 Postcard ISNS. Shows mainly the Auditorium AND Wright Hall, from the northeast.. Color: BK,WH 1971.4.1 (Postcard) image
4 1971.4.2 Postcard ISNS (Iowa State Normal School), # 1732. Color: BK,WH 1971.4.2 (Postcard) image
5 1971.4.3 Postcard ISNS (Iowa State Normal School), color; Auditorium, Administration. Two horizontal images on face of card. Color: ML 1971.4.3 (Postcard) image
6 1971.4.4 Postcard Color; ISNS. No. 2294, ISNS from Southeast. Color: BK,WH 1971.4.4 (Postcard) image
7 1972.54.1 Postcard Proposed Campanile of the ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa. It took a 1 cent stamp to mail the card. There is a picture of the proposed Campanile.
8 1973.19.1 Postcard Cross & Co. Bookstore, Cedar Falls, IA Color: BK,WH 1973.19.1 (Postcard) image
9 1973.19.12 Postcard Presbyterian Church, Mila, Ia. Small white wooden structure with bell tower in corner of two wings. Color: BK,WH 1973.19.12 (Postcard) image
10 1973.19.15 Postcard Churches of Britt, Iowa, 1914. 5 churches are shown and labeled. Addressed to Miss Florence Sterling, Prairie City, Iowa. Signed by Lydea. September 8, 1914. Color: ML 1973.19.15 (Postcard) image
11 1973.19.4 Postcard ISNS. Shows Old Gilchrist Hall and old Auditorium, now Lang Hall. Labeled "View under Trees". Color: BK,WH 1973.19.4 (Postcard) image
12 1973.19.7 Postcard ISTC library. Color: ML 1973.19.7 (Postcard) image
13 1973.19.9 Print, photographic Dorm room. ISTC. Color: BK,WH 1973.19.9 (Print, photographic) image
14 1973.33.1 Postcard Photo of three rows of people, all women except 2 men, in front of house. In lower left corner "BANGERT/PHO"; across the knees of the front row "ISTC 1910". Color: BK,WH 1973.33.1 (Postcard) image
15 1973.33.2 Postcard Photo of the faculty of ISTC. 1912-1913. Apparently assembled from individual portraits of each individual. The portrait of each faculty member has its name beside it. Color: BK,WH 1973.33.2 (Postcard) image
16 1973.33.3 Postcard Photo of oval shaped individual portraits of graduates of ISTC in their caps and gowns. "1913" is wrtten in the background behind the photos. Color: BK,WH 1973.33.3 (Postcard) image
17 1973.33.4 Postcard Photo of individual portraits of graduates of ISTC in their caps and gowns. "BA" is wrtten in the background behind the photos. 1973.33.4 (Postcard) image
18 1973.33.5 Postcard Photo of two rows of females in bloomer outfits. Labeled "W. U. C. 1910". Addressed to Miss Vie Ufford of W. U. C. 1910. The names of the women in the picture are written in pen in the right side margin. Color: BK,WH 1973.33.5 (Postcard) image
19 1973.66.1 Postcard ISNS, vertical pennant on a "Digby Post card". Postcard size; on front is a vertical pennant, its wider end has purple felt and its narrower end has gold felt. Centered on the vertical pennant is a white "I". Under this pennant the words "Iowa State Normal school" are printed in black old English lettering. Around this whole thing is a double gold border. On opposite side is a place for the address and stamp. Color: WH,PR,YL 1973.66.1 (Postcard) image
20 1974.9.1 Postcard Shows "The Laboratory", ISTC. Sabin Hall, formerly the laboratory school on campus. Color: BK,WH 1974.9.1 (Postcard) image
21 1976.6.17 Postcard Old Administration Building, (now Lang Hall), UNI campus. Color: ML 1976.6.17 (Postcard) image
22 1976.6.18 Postcard Auditorium Building, SCI. Color: ML 1976.6.18 (Postcard) image
23 1976.6.19 Postcard Women's Gym-ISTC. Color: ML 1976.6.19 (Postcard) image
24 1976.6.20 Postcard Men's Gymnasium- SCI. Color: ML 1976.6.20 (Postcard) image
25 1976.6.21 Postcard Commons-SCI. Color: ML 1976.6.21 (Postcard) image
26 1976.6.22 Postcard Baker Hall - SCI. Color: ML 1976.6.22 (Postcard) image
27 1976.6.23 Postcard Regents Hall Complex- SCI, 1961. Color: ML 1976.6.23 (Postcard) image
28 1976.6.24 Postcard Library- SCI, 1964. Color: ML 1976.6.24 (Postcard) image
29 1976.6.26 Postcard "Monument to the Elm," Lutheran Student Center at UNI, 1974. Color: ML 1976.6.26 (Postcard) image
30 1976.7 Postcard Streetcar #381, which ran between Cedar Falls and Waterloo from 1896 to 1958. Purchased for 10 cents by Pauline Sauer for the museum. Color: ML 1976.7 (Postcard) image
31 1977.46 Postcard Faculty of the ISTC, 1914-15.. The front of the post card, gray in color, is covered with the small photographs of the faculty members. The reverse of the card is an advertisement for a photographer: Veatch, The Picture Man. Color: BK,WH 1977.46 (Postcard) image
32 1979.20.1 Postcard ISNS, Old Gilchrist Hall and Auditorium Building; postmarked, "June 23, 1911". Color: BK,WH 1979.20.1 (Postcard) image
33 1979.20.10 Postcard Iowa State Teachers College ( ISTC) photograph, Science Laboratory Building; postmarked, "June 9, 1915". Color: ML 1979.20.10 (Postcard) image
34 1979.20.11 Postcard Iowa State Teachers College ( ISTC) photograph, Old Auditorium Building; postmarked, no date. Color: BK,WH 1979.20.11 (Postcard) image
35 1979.20.12 Postcard Iowa State Teachers College ( ISTC) photograph, Campus Drive, Old Auditorium Building and Women's Gymnasium; postmarked, no date. Color: BK,WH 1979.20.12 (Postcard) image
36 1979.20.13 Postcard Iowa State Teachers College ( ISTC) photograph, Library Building; postmarked, "August 28, 1915". Color: ML 1979.20.13 (Postcard) image
37 1979.20.14 Postcard Iowa State Teachers College (ISTC) photograph. Old Gilchrist Hall and Old Auditorium building; postmarked, "January 14, 1910". Color: ML 1979.20.14 (Postcard) image
38 1979.20.15 Postcard Cedar Falls, Iowa residence, "Pub. by C. A. McKee, Cedar Falls, Iowa"; postmarked, "September 8, 1910." Color: BK,WH 1979.20.15 (Postcard) image
39 1979.20.2 Postcard ISNS, Science Laboratory Building and Women's Gymnasium; postmarked October 22, 1911. Color: BK,WH 1979.20.2 (Postcard) image
40 1979.20.3 Postcard View of I. S. N. S. campus and Cedar Falls, Iowa, split-photograph; postmarked, "March 10", no year. Color: BK,WH 1979.20.3 (Postcard) image
41 1979.20.4 Postcard "Y. W. C. A. Rest Room, Iowa State Normal School"; postmarked, no date. Color: BK,WH 1979.20.4 (Postcard) image
42 1979.20.5 Postcard ISNS, colored picture of Old Gilchrist Hall; postmarked, "June 19, 1909". Color: ML 1979.20.5 (Postcard) image
43 1979.20.6 Postcard ISNS, Women's Gymnasium and outdoor tennis courts; postmarked "September 3, 1909". Color: BK,WH 1979.20.6 (Postcard) image
44 1979.20.7 Postcard ISNS photograph, Old Auditorium Building; postmarked, "December 18, 1909". Color: ML 1979.20.7 (Postcard) image
45 1979.20.8 Postcard ISNS photograph, Power plant, greenhouse and women's gymnasium; postmarked, "June 15, 1914". Color: BK,WH 1979.20.8 (Postcard) image
46 1979.20.9 Postcard ISTC Library building. Postmarked "July 1, 1913". Color: ML 1979.20.9 (Postcard) image
47 1979.21.2 Postcard ISNS, "View Under Trees, I. S. N. S.", Old Gilcrhist Hall and Old Auditorium Building; postmarked, "May 4, 1909". Color: ML 1979.21.2 (Postcard) image
48 1979.21.3 Postcard ISNS, "Iowa State Normal School", Old Auditorium Building; postmarked, September 4, 1906". "Made in Germany" in lower left corner. Color: ML 1979.21.3 (Postcard) image
49 1979.21.4 Postcard ISNS, Old Gilchrist Hall (Administration Building); postmark, no date. Color: ML 1979.21.4 (Postcard) image
50 1979.21.5 Postcard ISTC, Hospital Building; postmarked, "November 15, 1917". Color: ML 1979.21.5 (Postcard) image