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Catalog # Name Description
1967.2.0025 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1959.

1967.2.0027 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1961.

1967.2.0028 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1962.

1967.2.0029 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1966.

1967.4 Nozzle, Hose

Fire hose nozzle. Tapered to opening; checkered rings; threaded coupling. a. Base. b. Top.

1967.7 Bell

Large broken tower bell. Some fragments missing, cracks along several sides.

1968.0004 Paddle, Sorority

Paddle from the Iowa State Teachers College Shakespeare Literary Society, in which Ruth Welsh, class of 1932, was the treasurer, and Edith Diamond, class of 1933, was a member. The group first convened in September 1884 and had its last meeting in 1981. The group met and held events to discuss the works of Shakespeare and their application to present day life, as well as have readings of his works.

ISTC sorority paddle with insignia including "ISTC" and "Shake" at broad end and "Ruth Welsh" and "1931" at handle on same side and "Edith Diamond" on handle on reverse side. Color: BR,BK,GD

1969.0012 Sweatshirt

ISTC,white with red College seal on front. Color: WH,RD

1969.0019 Bowl, finger

Part of set #69.6.002.

1969.0019 (Bowl, finger) image
1969.0024 Pin

UNI Homecoming. "An Odyssey '69". Color: OR,YL

1969.10.0001 Ashtray

SCI seal is central design. Color: CL,RD,WH

1969.10.0002 Tumbler

Eight oz. glass with gold and black design - SCI, labelled sketches of commons, Administration Building, Campanile, Sabin Hall and women's dorm. Color: GD,BK

1969.22.1.0001 Cup

Plain white; no decoration. Color: WH

1969.22.1.0002 Bowl

Salad dish. Plain white.

1969.22.1.0003 Dish, sauce

Plain; no decoration. Color: WH

1969.22.1.0004 Bowl, soup

Plain; no decoration. Color: WH

1969.22.1.0005 Saucer

Plain; no decoration.

1969.22.1.0006 Saucer

Plain; no decoration. Color: WH

1969.22.1.0007 Plate, butter

Plain; no decoration. Color: WH

1969.22.1.0008 Plate, luncheon

Plain; no decoration. Color: WH

1969.22.1.0009 Plate, dinner

Plain; no decoration. Color: WH

1969.22.1.0010 Plate, place

Sterling vitrified China, East Liverpool, Ohio, U. S. A., G-5, plain white. Part of UNI place setting used in the Royal Oak Dining Room at the Maucker Union.

1969.22.2.0001 Tumbler

Transparent; no decorative design. Color: CL

1969.22.2.0002 Tumbler

Transparent; no decorative design. Color: CL

1969.22.2.0003 Goblet

Transparent; no decorative design. I. Color: CL