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1 Stocking Child's. a and b. Wool, knit c. 1860. Ecru with red trim; moth holes over length. b. Has upper edge eaten away. Color: TN,RD (Stocking) image
2 Dress Child's. Red wool, long sleeved. Lined with brown cotton. Ruffled at collar; sleeves; 2 ruffles on lower skirt, down the back & around the waist. 10 clothcovered buttons down the back. Color: RD,BR (Dress) image
3 1969.30.6 Apron Girl's. Dobby weave, waffle cloth. Pinafore style, with lace trim on neck and sleeves. Pocket at breast in front. Buttons at sides. 4 buttons each side. Color: WH 1969.30.6 (Apron) image
4 1970.36.14 Blouse Woman's. Black with white narrow stripes. Button closure down the front. 9 whalebone stays on interior. Label inside at neckline. Inside lining fabric different than outside fashion fabric. Small pocket located on left inside breast. Vest-like inset. Inside belt attached at back. Hooks for bustle or skirt in back.Sleeves slight puff at top, narrow at cuff. Diminished basque style with small peplum. Color: BK,WH 1970.36.14 (Blouse) image
5 1970.36.17 Blouse Woman's. Woven crepe fabric. Dress blouse type. Fitted blouse style. Round neckline and half stand-up collar for inset. Revers style collar. Plain except for black embossed designed inset in the front and the collar. Jacket style bodice with long fitted sleeves that slit at cuff. Has double button closure down the front. Boning on interior with cotton lining. Color: BK 1970.36.17 (Blouse) image
6 1970.36.29 Dress Woman's. Evening type dress. Natural waistline. Full, circular skirt. Short sleeved maroon, decorated with triangles which are made of gold-colored quarter inch squares of metal. Has two zippers, one at the back of the neck and the other under the left shoulder sleeve. Color: PR,GD 1970.36.29 (Dress) image
7 1970.36.8 Blouse Woman's. Black with gold braid down the front and on the cuffs. Has a stand-up collar with center front hook and eye closures. Comes to a V both in front and in back. Princess seams on back and seams on front create pleating. Also some pleating at center back. Sleeves are full at the top and taper toward the wrist. 15 whalebone stays were originally found on interior; 4 are missing. Color: BK,GD 1970.36.8 (Blouse) image
8 1970.8.9 Bootee Knitted; powder blue strings. Color: WH,BL 1970.8.9 (Bootee) image
9 1973.43.107 Petticoat Infant's wool flannel. Wool crocheted border at bottom hem. White cotton sleeveless top. Back opening, 3 buttons. 1973.43.107 (Petticoat) image
10 1973.43.111 Stocking Infant's. Hand knit with two bands of blue and one of yellow. a. and b. Color: BL,YL 1973.43.111 (Stocking) image
11 1973.43.116 Dress Girl's; red and black plaid wool. Lined with flannel. Long sleeves, buttoned down back with four buttons. Gathered skirt. Color: RD,BK 1973.43.116 (Dress) image
12 1973.43.117 Dress Girl's. Lined. Two ruffles on skirt. Blue round neck. Button down back with six buttons covered in blue material. Flared skirt. Long sleeves. Color: PR-BR,BL 1973.43.117 (Dress) image
13 1973.43.118 Jacket Child's. Lined with plaid cotton. Lace around round neck. Scalloped down front and bottom bound in plaid. Ten buttons in two rows down front. Long sleeves. Color: BR 1973.43.118 (Jacket) image
14 1973.43.120 Pantaloons Child's. Buttonholes at waist, and buttons at knees. Color: WH 1973.43.120 (Pantaloons) image
15 1973.43.122 Stocking Hand knitted. a. and b. 1973.43.122 (Stocking) image
16 1973.43.123 Stocking Darned in red and gray. a. and b. Color: RD 1973.43.123 (Stocking) image
17 1973.43.124 Stocking Colored border. Hand knitted. a. and b. Color: RD 1973.43.124 (Stocking) image
18 1973.43.125 Stocking Machine knitted wool. Tan and yellow stripes. Color: TN,YL 1973.43.125 (Stocking) image
19 1973.43.129 Stocking Child's. Machine knit. White with two red bands at top. Color: WH,RD 1973.43.129 (Stocking) image
20 1973.43.34 Stocking Woman's. Stockings, cream colored in shell design with scalloped top. a. and b. Color: CR 1973.43.34 (Stocking) image
21 1973.43.6 Blouse Woman's. Dress blouse type. Semi-fitted blouse style. Small stand-up collar. Closure down front; six buttons. Sewn tucks; three tucked panels in back. 3/4-length sleeves with slight puff at shoulders and 6 tucks to create cuffs. String ties at both sides of waist line. Color: BK 1973.43.6 (Blouse) image
22 1973.51.35 Petticoat Baby's. Long. Hand embroidered scalloped edge at arm holes, neck, and bottom. Yellowish in color. Open 10 1/2" down center back, edged with hand-embroidered scalloped edge. Color: CR 1973.51.35 (Petticoat) image
23 1973.51.44 Petticoat Baby's. Sleeveless. Bottom trimming hand crocheted wool lace 3 1/2". Open 9" down center back. 1973.51.44 (Petticoat) image
24 1974.59.3 Slip Entire bodice hand crocheted. Square neckline, 2 1/2' wide shoulder straps. All crocheting in white except a band of yellow rosettes around center of bodice, yellow rosettes on each shoulder strap; yellow trim about neckline, outside of shoulder straps and under arm. Skirt of slip white nainsook, 3" insertion of filet crocheting 11" from bottom. 5" flounce of same filet crocheting. Registration in hem above flounce. Color: WH,YL 1974.59.3 (Slip) image
25 1975.8.4 Jacket Boy's. Jacket is dark blue velveteen with gold braid down the front and around the bottom. Jacket is lined in black cotton. Color: BL 1975.8.4 (Jacket) image
26 1978.67.2 Dress Infant's. Red cotton cloth, black cloth trim on collar, pockets, cuffs and hem, long sleeve, tan lace on collar and cuffs, tan cotton cloth lining, metal stud buttons on back; eye fastener on waistband, sewn cloth loops on inside waist band. 8 buttons down the back. Color: RD,BK 1978.67.2 (Dress) image
27 1991.11.100 Pajamas Child's Pajamas. White linen with delicate blue flower print. White lace around collar descending halfway down the front. Lace around hem at bottom. Ties at neck, but necline goes down farther. White. Blue
28 1991.11.101 Suit, bathing Top piece of suit only. Toddler bathing top. Triangle shaped top is tied in the center with a strip of yellow fabric. The cloth has a pattern of men in suits (possibly policemen?) and women in dresses and hats twirling black ribbons. Top ties around neck and back with string of the same fabric. Yellow. black. Red. Blue. White.
29 1991.11.102 Suit, bathing Two part bathing suit. Both top and bottom are a blue and white checkered pattern. Top has eyelet lace at bottom that goes around to clasp in back. There is a blue ribbon bow in the front at the bottom that is purely decorational. The back is open and clasps with a plastic hook. Elastic is on either side of the clasp, suggesting size could varry. Two straps crossover from the front and form an x in the back. These straps are adjustable, they attach to two buttons on either side of clasp. Could be worn with the straps crossing in x formation or simply over the shoulders. Length is also adjustable. Appears there might have been padding in the front. Bottoms are elastic in the back and around the legs. There is a pleated skirt that covers the bottom part. Front has same eyelet lace detail around the waist. Blue. White.
30 1991.11.103 Suit, bathing Children's (possibly young teen's) bathing suit. One piece. Pink and white striped top (was probably red at some point). Sleeveless and low back. At waist it transitions to a white pleated skirt that covers the cotton undergarmet. White. Pink. Red?
31 1991.11.108 Dress Sheer cotton children's dress. Blue flowers along the sides, front and entire back. Buttons along the top. Lacework along the chest underneath the shoulders. blue and white.
32 1991.11.109 Dress Salmon dress with white collar. Gold needlework on the collar. White ribbon belt. Buttons along back.
33 1991.11.110 Dress Cream linen dress with pockets on the front and buttons on the back. Cap sleeves.
34 1991.11.111 Dress Blue dress with red polkadot collar. Buttons down the front collar. Polkadot sleeve hems.
35 1991.11.112 Combination Toddler shirt and shorts combo. Top is white cotton with three zigzag lines down the front on the right side and a collar in blue that matches shorts. Collar has white frill on the ends that is rimmed in the same blue. Shorts button onto shirt with white buttons; three in the front and two in the back. Shirt buttons down the front to the left of the zigzag stripes. WHITE. BLUE.
36 1991.11.113 Combination Toddler's shirt and shorts combination. Top is Cream cotton that has pleats down the front on both left and right side. It buttons down the front and has a collar. The shorts are a royal blue and attach to the top with four buttons in the front and two in the back. WHITE. BLUE.
37 1991.11.114 Combination Toddler's jumpsuit. White top with a salmon pink collar that matches the bottoms. Buttons down the front. Bottoms are like overalls that attach to the top by crisscrossing in the back and buttoning over the shoulders. Have three brown bunnies running up/down a brown pyramid design. Buttons at the sides in front as well. Salmon. White. Brown.
38 1991.11.115 Shirt White linen children's shirt. Light, pastel green collar and sleeve caps. Buttons down front and a button on each left and right side at the bottom. White. Green.
39 1991.11.116 Slip Children's slip. Cream linen. Detailed lacework at hem of dress. Hand stitching around sleeves. CREAM
40 1991.11.117 Stocking White cotton children's stockings. Mid-lenght. Complete pair. WHITE
41 1991.11.118 Stocking White children's stockings. Mid-length. Complete pair. White
42 1991.11.119 Stocking Cream children's stockings. Mid-length. Complete pair. Cream
43 1991.11.120 Stocking White children's stockings. Tall. Complete pair. White
44 1991.11.121 Stocking Cream Children's stockings. Complete pair. Tall. CREAM
45 1991.11.122 Sock Yellow children's sock. Single sock. Yellow
46 1991.11.123 Sock Single children's sock. White. Ribbing up the length of the sock. White
47 1991.11.124 Sock Single children's sock. Pink with white detail at the top of the sock. Pink, white.
48 1991.11.125 Bonnet Long wool children's bonnet. White wool, looks almost like fur. Trapezoid shaped with two pieces of same material coming down from the ends, presumably to tie hat on. Linen insides. WHITE
49 1991.11.126 Hat Navy blue hat w/bill. Appears to be knit. Blue wool outside and cream linen inside. Blue
50 1991.11.128 Dress Cream children's dress. Light linen. Has flower eyelets down the front chest and flower or sun decals down the front chest. Buttons in back. Same eyelets and flower/sun designs on back.