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351 UNIM1994.14.64 Shirt Girl's blue and white vertically striped top, woven fabric construction, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, round neckline, sleeveless, hemmed with same fabric tape around neckline and armscyes, 2 1/4" eyelet trim with scalloped edge on both sides Color: WH BL
352 UNIM1994.14.65 Dress Female child's sundress, woven fabric, white with black stripes, flared/tent style, round neckline, no waist, no shaping, flares out, sleeveless, white bias tape around neckline, armscyes and bottom of dress, 4 kitten appliques around bottom on front side of dress Color: WH BK
353 UNIM1994.14.66 Ensemble Female child's bright red knit vest and skirt. a. Vest. V neckline, 2 ea. 1/2" dia plastic shank pearlized buttons on each shoulder closure, sleeveless, no darts-straight down to waist. b. Skirt. Pleated, 1 1/2" waistband, center front and back seam, 3/4" W shoulder straps button to skirt crossing in back, buttons are 5/8" dia Color: RD
354 UNIM1994.14.67 Skirt Child's skirt, woven fabric construction, vertical columns of red apple designs with green leaves, 18" waist, 3 types of apples: solid red, red with white dots, and red and white checked, casual, gathered style, 1 snap closure, about knee length, 1 3/4" waistband, red small dotted print with vertical rows of apples 7/8" diameter. Apples: 1 row solid red alternate with polka dot and checked Color: WH RD GR
355 UNIM1994.14.68 Skirt Child's skirt, red with white trim, knit fabric construction, size 6, weight 38-48 pounds, height 41-46 inches, casual, gathered silhouette, elastic waistband closure, 4 panel skirt, piping 2" from bottom at hem line. Buster Brown brand. Color: RD WH
356 UNIM1994.14.69 Skirt Child's dressy skirt, woven fabric construction, size 8, 6" zipper CB, About knee length, shaped facing waistline, back and side seams with a shaped panel on each front side. Cream, brown, and lavender plaid pattern.
357 UNIM1994.14.70 Skirt Child's dressy blue skirt with shoulder straps. Woven fabric construction, 24" waist, pleated around waistband (12 box pleats), 1 1/2" diameter button closure, about knee length, shoulder straps 3/4" W are sewn to back and button in front, 3/4" factory hem Color: BL
358 UNIM1994.14.71 Pants Female child's pants, bell bottom leg style, ankle length, 23" W x 21" inseam, elastic 7/8" waistband, 1" hem in legs (factory hem) Color: BL
359 UNIM1994.14.72 Pants Child's dressy slacks, multicolored plaid, woven fabric construction, 24" W x 19 1/2" inseam, bell bottom leg style, ankle length, elastic waistline fitted facing, 1 1/2" dressmaker hem Color: RD BL GR YL ML
360 UNIM1994.14.73 Pants Girl's casual pants, woven fabric construction, 26" W x 20" inseam, straight leg, ankle length, narrow hem machine stitched 3/8" W., waistband elastic at back only, white blue and purple large flowered print on brown Color: BR
361 UNIM1994.14.74 Pants Female child's caual pants, knit olive green fabric, 24" W x 22" inseam, bell bottom leg style, ankle length, 1" hem on bottom of legs, elastic waistband, seam stitched down center front to form a permanent crease Color: YL GR
362 UNIM1994.14.75 Shorts Girl's shorts, woven fabric construction, white with blue stripes, 22"W, 18" wide leg, short-short length, elastic waistband with bow trim held in place, patch pocket with 2 ea 3/4" diameter buttons (blue), 5" center back zipper. Pocket trim has a plastic ring with tabs going through forming a bow shape, tabs are held down with 3/4" circular blue buttons on each side (only the right side button is present) Color: WH BL
363 UNIM1994.14.76 Shorts Girl's neon red shorts, woven fabric construction, size 12, 19" W leg, short-short length, 2 darts in back of waist, 1 button at top of waistband, 7" left side zippers, 1 1/4" W cuff on bottom of legs
364 UNIM1994.14.77 Pajamas a-b. Toddler girl's pajamas, white with pink teddy bear print, size 3T. a. Top: v neckline, short sleeves, center front 3 snap closure, 3 snaps at waist to attach pajama bottoms. b. Bottoms: snap at center front and sides, attaches to top, bottoms have elastic in back of waist, long legged Color: WH PK
365 UNIM1994.14.78 Pajamas a-b. Girl's pajamas, baby doll style, top with bloomers, same style as UNIM 1994.14.79. a. Top: round neckline with elastic and 3/4" lace, 3/16" wide ribbon bow at center front, sleeveless with lace around armscyes. b. Bloomers: elastic around waist and around legs, legs have very narrow elastic sewn 3/4" up from bottom of legs Color: WH OR YL GR
366 UNIM1994.14.79 Pajamas a-b. Girl's pajamas, baby doll style, same style as UNIM 1994.14.78, White with blue and pink fruit and blue lines making 7/8" squares print. a. Top: round neckline with elastic and 3/4" W lace, 3/16" wide ribbon bow at center front, sleeveless with lace around armscyes. b. Bloomers: Elastic around waist and legs, legs have very narrow elastic sewn 3/4" up from bottom of legs Color: WH BL PK
367 UNIM1994.14.80 Pajamas Female child's sleeper pajamas, 30" from shoulder to feet, pink with white trim, one piece pajamas, ribing at neck and cuffs on long sleeves, center front 18" zipper closure with tab and snap at top, pajamas have feeet with platic lined in white flannel socks Color: PK WH
368 UNIM1994.14.81 Panties female child's panties, knit fabric construction, size 14, elastic 1/2" W around waist, no trim, 1/4" w elastic around leg openings, double crotch
369 UNIM1994.14.82 Panties Female child's panties, knit fabric size 10, elastic 1/2" w around waist, no trim, 1/4" elastic around leg openings, double crotch Color: WH
370 UNIM1994.14.83 Panties Female child's panties, knit fabric, size 10, no trim, 1/2" w elastic at waist, 1/4" w elastic around leg openings, double crotch Color: WH
371 UNIM1994.14.84 Panties Female child's panties, knit fabric, size 8, elastic waist closure, no trim, 1/2" elastic at waist, 1/4" elastic around leg opening, double crotch Color: WH
372 UNIM1994.14.85 Jacket Male child's blue leisure jacket, acetate lining fully lined in white, woven fabric, 14" sleeve, dressy, unfitted style, 3 sets of 2 buttons center front, top stitched around collar and down front and around pocket flaps, notched collar, set-in long sleeves, 1/2" diameter blue buttons, double breasted, pocket flaps at each side in front for decoration
373 UNIM1994.14.86 Jacket Blue male child's jacket, dressy, unfitted style, 2 gold metal buttons on center front, size 5, notched collar, set-in long sleeves, 3/4" hem at sleeves and bottom of jacket, not lined. White "SEARS" tag at neck.
374 UNIM1994.14.87 Shirt Adolescent boy's forest green dressy shirt, knit fabric construction, size small, unfitted style, 2 buttons on center front, pointed collar, set-in long sleeves with 1 button cuff, center front placket with two buttons 1/2" diameter, breast pocket on left side, 3/4" factory hem at bottom. Lion of Troy brand. Color: GR
375 UNIM1994.14.88 Shirt Boy's casual green shirt, unfitted style, pullover closure, turtleneck neckline, set-in long sleeves with cuff, ribbing on neck and cuffs, 3/4" factory hem. Sears Perma-Prest brand. Acrylic knit. Color: GR
376 UNIM1994.14.89 Shirt Boy's pumpkin orange dress or casual shirt, unfitted style, 8" zipper center back, turtleneck neckline, set-in long sleeves, ribbed knit, 1" factory hem Color: OR
377 UNIM1994.14.90 Shirt Boy or Girl's shirt, knit fabric, casual, unfitted style, 5 1/2" zipper center back, ribbing on neckline, set-in long sleeves, 3/4" factory hem on sleeves and at bottom of shirt. Neck label contains instructions for washing ("MACHINE WASH / GENTLE WARM / TUMBLE DRY LOW / WARM IRON") and back of label features two handwritten notes: "168" in pencil and "gal" in blue ink. Color: BL
378 UNIM1994.14.91 Shirt Boy's casual cotton shirt, ribbed-knit fabric construction, red, white, and brown stripes, unfitted style, pullover, turtleneck, set in long sleeves, 3/4" factory hem on sleeves and bottom of shirt, ribbing around neck is red. Minnesota Woolens brand, made in U.S.A. Color: RD BR WH
379 UNIM1994.14.92 Shirt Boy's white dress shirt, unfitted style, placket with 2 snaps CF, Peter Pan collar with 2 rows of blue stitching on edge, set in short sleeves, ribbing around sleeve with two rows of blue, 4 1/2" placket at CF with two snaps closure, 3/4" factory hem at bottom. Once had a brand label at collar that has been cut off. Color: WH BL
380 UNIM1994.14.93 Shirt Girl's white dress shirt, unfitted style, center front closure, placket with 2 snaps, Peter Pan collar with small trim at edge, set in short sleeves, ribbing on bottom of sleeves, 3/4" factory hem at bottom of shirt. Buster Brown brand. Color: WH
381 UNIM1994.14.94 Shirt Child's casual shirt, Size medium 5-6, unfitted style, pullover, jewel neckline, sleeveless, ribbing around neckline and armscyes, 3/4" factory hem on bottom, knit fabric construction Color: WH
382 UNIM1994.14.95 Shirt Boy's casual shirt, dark blue with white trim, 14" sleeve length, unfitted style, 4 button holes, v-neckline, set in long sleeves with cuff, two white stripes, 3/4" W sewn around left arm and spaced 3/8" apart at upper arm, white tab around neck and down center front. Scout-Tex Eversized brand. Color: BL WH
383 UNIM1994.14.96 Shirt Boy's casual shirt, burgundy, gray, black, and white stripes, unfitted style, 3 button holes CF, Notched collar, set in long sleeves with 1 1/2" cuff with one button, has a pocket on left chest 3 1/2" H/ 3" W with button at top. Stylewise brand. Material is 62% rayon, 31% linen, 7% cotton. Made in the Republic of Korea. Color: RD GY BK WH
384 UNIM1994.14.97 Shirt Boy's casual shirt. Red, white, and blue horizontal stripe design. Unfitted style, 4 1/2" zipper CF, pointed collar, set in short sleeves, 1/2" factory hem on bottom, 3/4" hem on sleeves, top stitched around collar. 100% cotton. Made in Taiwan. Color: BL RD WH
385 UNIM1994.14.98 Shirt Girl's red, yellow, and blue horizontally striped casual shirt, unfitted style, pullover closure, square neckline, sleeveless, 3/8" bottom factory hem, armscyes turned back 1/4" and has two rows of stitching around them Color: BL RD YL
386 UNIM1994.14.99 Pants Male child's black dress pants, tapered leg, ankle length, permanent crease, back darts, inseam pockets, 1" faced waistband, 1 1/2" hem on leg bottom, 5 1/2" zipper CF with hook on 1 1/4" waistband closure, 1 1/2" hem on legs
387 UNIM1995.4.2 Bonnet Infant's cap. White bobbin lace over white taffeta lining. Bobbin lace edging around front and bottom of bonnet. 1/2" blue satin ribbon ties. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,BL