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301 UNIM1994.14.144 Pants Straight leg pants size 2 with elastic waist. Navy blue. Color: BL
302 UNIM1994.14.145 Pants Straight leg pants with elastic waist. Size 2. Color: RD
303 UNIM1994.14.146 Pants Toddler size large 23 - 26 lbs. Elastic waist, tapered ankle length leg. Color: GR
304 UNIM1994.14.147 Pants Elastic waist, ankle length straight-legged toddler size 1 striped pants. Color: RD, YL, BR
305 UNIM1994.14.148 Pants Elastic waist, ankle length, straight legged, blue & white checked toddler pants size 2. Color: BL, WH
306 UNIM1994.14.149 Pants Elastic waist in back of band. Pleats at each top front side, 2 total. Main color red with red and white vertical stripes Color: RD, WH
307 UNIM1994.14.150 Pajamas Toddler size sleeper style, green knit for main body with attached green lining. White with dark blue stripe on 3" high collar and cuffs. Zipper front. Set in sleeves. Straight legs. Toddler size. Color: GR, WH, BL
308 UNIM1994.14.151 Pajamas Toddler size pajama bottoms. Elastic at waist with three snaps on sides and front waistband. Straight legs. Gusset at crotch.
309 UNIM1994.14.153 Sock Toddler athletic style socks (a & b), white with blue stripes on ribbed top. Elastic in ribbing. Color: WH, BL
310 UNIM1994.14.154 Dress Toddler size white dress with pale green eyelet with scalloped edge overlay fabric. Gathered skirt with yoked bodice with overlay. Short, puffy, gathered white sleeves with ruffled cuff. Pointed collar. 3 button placket at center back.
311 UNIM1994.14.155 Dress Toddler size white organdy dress with full gathered skirt, sash belt, and bodice with blue polka dots and white ruffles around neckline and sleeves. Round neckline cap sleeves. 8" center back placket with 3 buttons. 4 1/2" tie belt is sewn to front waist. Belt loops at each side.
312 UNIM1994.14.156 Romper Toddler size romper suit with 12" front center zipper, gathered around legs, peter pan collar, sleevless with a fish applique on left front. Fabric tape around arm and sleeve openings. Yellow and white vertical stripes on fabric with white fish applique with blue thread. Color: WH, YL
313 UNIM1994.14.157 Suit, jump Bunnies, lambs, and flowers printed on yellow fabric jumpsuit for a toddler girl. Pointed collar, 10" center zipper, tabs with buttons at waist sides. Elastic waist in back. Short set-in sleeves. Long, straight legs with four snaps up the inside of each leg.
314 UNIM1994.14.158 Sunsuit Female toddler's, Bile front with ruffle, bright yellow lace edge, bib in front, bloomer style pants with elastic leg openings, contrasting colors from fabric and lace trim
315 UNIM1994.14.159 Pants Toddler pants, size medium, red, green, blue, and white plaid design, quilted with red thread, shoulder straps, 3 snaps down each leg for opening, strap buttons are white, tapered leg
316 UNIM1994.14.160 Sunsuit Female toddler's yellow and white sunsuit, bibed front with ruffle, white lace edging, shoulder straps that cross at back and button to bib, bloomer pants with elastic waist and leg, 3 rows of ruffles on edges
317 UNIM1994.14.161 Combination White and yellow infant "onesie," romper suit, terrycloth knit, yellow with white trim, high round neck, 2 snaps on left shoulder, short sleeves, 3 snaps at crotch opening,
318 UNIM1994.14.162 Pajamas Infant, Cream with blue and pink trim a. Top, raglan sleeve, 3 building blocks on center front, two blue and one pink with one letter A, B, or C on each block b. Bottoms, elastic around waist, long legs with feet, cords that tie into a bow on top of foot (a & b).
319 UNIM1994.14.163 Combination Pink infant "onesie," undershirt and pants combination, overhead style, short sleeves, 3 snap closure at crotch, shoulder seams are open and overlap, style keeps undershirt from pulling up
320 UNIM1994.14.164 Combination White infant "onesie," undershirt and pants combination, same style as UNIM1994.14.163, short sleeves, 3 snap closure at crotch, shoulder seams are open and overlap, print design of sock, baby toys, baby buggy and bib, in blue, pink, and yellow. The style keeps the undershirt from pulling up.
321 UNIM1994.14.165 Combination White infant "onesie," shirt and pants combination, round neck, long sleeves, 3 snaps at crotch, 2 snaps on left shoulder, purple, green, and yellow horizontal and fine stripes, style holds shirt from coming up
322 UNIM1994.14.166 Shirt Male toddler, dress type, unfitted style, 4 blue and white buttons, notched collar, short sleeves, v-shaped white insert at center front, blue corduroy trim on collar, red and yellow emblem on left side Color: BL WH
323 UNIM1994.14.167 Shirt Toddler, white with spring green dots, dress type, unfitted style, jewel neckline, v-shaped white insert at neck front, short sleeves, green trim around v insert, green buttons on tabs at waist Color: WH GR
324 UNIM1994.14.168 Shirt Male toddler, red and green plaid trim, size medium, casual type, unfitted style, pullover closure, notched collar, short sleeves with cuffs, red and green plaid v insert at front neck, cuffs, collar, and flap pocket trim (d?r only), white buttons Color: RD GR
325 UNIM1994.14.169 Shirt Female Infant, casual type, unfitted style, center front 2 snap closure, Peter Pan collar, short sleeves, very small scalloped edging around collar, knit band around sleeves Color: WH
326 UNIM1994.14.170 Suit, Jump Female Toddler, light blue and white, slight pointed collar, ceneter front panel and cuffs on short sleeves are same fabirc as jumpsuit, but they have small blue dots, zipper on back, vertical strip on pants, open crotch and legs with 3 snaps on each side
327 UNIM1994.14.171 Overalls Male toddlers, bibbed overalls, corduroy and flannel fabric, blue outer side, red, blue, gray and white lining, shoulder straps button to bib at front, opening in legs has 3 snaps down each leg, picture of a bear with palette and brush on right front leg in red blue and yellow Color: BL, RD, GY, WH
328 UNIM1994.14.172 Overalls Toddler, bibbed shorts, white and blue stripes, attached belt with white plastic buckle in front d?r only Color: WH BL
329 UNIM1994.14.173 Overalls Toddler, Bibbed shorts, brown and white striped, zipper down center front, straps button to front bib, open crotch with one snap closure on each side, machine embroidered elephant in brown thread with yellow pants and hat applique, red applique shirt, elephant has a green eye Color: BR WH
330 UNIM1994.14.174 Shorts Toddler girls blue and orange shorts with attached bib and straps crisscrossing in back buttoned to front. Elastic at waist in back. Orange and blue rickrack across bib.
331 UNIM1994.14.175 Shorts Toddler boys shorts with attached bib and two straps buttoned in front. Elastic waistband in back. Crotch opens with one snap at inside of each leg. Blue and white vertical striped fabric with rickrack trim running vertically down the front right side. Next to rickrack is an applique red boat with white sail. Color: BL, WH, RD
332 UNIM1994.14.176 Romper a. Toddler boys romper suit. Stripe yellow and white top with notched collar, short set-in sleeves, and three button closure center front sewn to yellow bottoms, lined in plastic, with waistband, open crotch closed with 2 snaps, and two button trim on waistband front. B. bowtie - same yellow as bottoms. Clips under collar to attach. Color: YL, WH
333 UNIM1994.14.178 Suit, Jump Toddler's jumpsuit, White cowl collar, zipper at center back, short white sleeves, tabs at waist with button at front, open crotch and long legs with 3 snaps on each leg, tapered legs, white and blue embroidered horse Color: BL WH
334 UNIM1994.14.179 Coveralls Toddler's bib overalls, open crotch and inside leg with 3 snap closure, white hat on red with small white dots dog applique, dog has magnifying glass investigating three yellow dog prints (Sherlock Holmes inspiration) Color: BL
335 UNIM1994.14.180 Sunsuit Female toddler sunsuit, shoulder straps button to a bib in front with yellow buttons, patch pockets on right side, yellow vertical ruffles on bib, yellow dog with green ears at top center of bib, very wide legs
336 UNIM1994.14.181 Sunsuit Female or Male toddler, blue with white polka dots and elephant and turtle print, white buttons on shoulder straps, low neckline, short legs, elephants have red cover on their backs with yellow flower, turle has red and yellow outlined in black on shell, white and yellow flowers with red centers are throughout fabric Color: BL WH
337 UNIM1994.14.182 Pants Male Toddler a. light brown dress slacks with suspenders, straight leg, ankle length, patch pocket on right back hip, snap closure on waistband b. suspenders button to inside front and back same fabric as pants Color: BR
338 UNIM1994.14.183 Pants Male or female toddler, navy blue trousers, straight leg, Size 1-7 1/2" inseam, straight leg, ankle length, elastic waistband, Color: BL
339 UNIM1994.14.184 Pants Male or female toddler, dark blue jeans, Size 18"W X 8" inseam, tapered leg, ankle length, no pockets Color: BL
340 UNIM1994.14.185 Pants Toddler, blue jeans, straight leg, pedal/capri length, 2 slanted inseam pockets on front, patch pocket on back right hip, snap closure at front, 5 beltloops Color: BL
341 UNIM1994.14.186 Pajamas Male or female toddler, Pajama top only, white with green trim and design, round neckline with green knit binding, long set in sleeves with knit binding on ends, green roosters with orange feet in rows of horizontal stripes throughout Color: WH GR
342 UNIM1994.14.187 Pajamas Toddler's sleeper/blanket pajamas, yellow with white trim, centered zipper runs down center front to foot, feet have been cut off, red machine embroidered elephant with blue trim and white background applique on left side of chest, raglan sleeve Color: YL WH
343 UNIM1994.14.188 Pajamas Toddler, size L 19-30 months, faded aqua and pale green, round neckline with aqua chenille edge that also runs along short set in sleeves, zipper centered style, 3 snaps on leg and crotch opening, chenille whales in horizontal rows throughout fabric Color: BL GR
344 UNIM1994.14.189 Pajamas Toddler's pajama top only, size 1/2, round high neck, white with yellow trim, 4 snap center back closure, two rows of snaps for size adjustment, counting rhymes pictures are red, yellow, and blue, in white with yellow trim Color: WH YL RD BL
345 UNIM1994.14.190 Pajamas Toddler's pajama top only, summer weight cotton, v shaped neckline with blue and yellow stars on white binding tape, short sleeves, overhead style, three snaps across front lower area Color: YL
346 UNIM1994.14.191 Shirt casual top, unfitted style, pullover closure with two snaps, jewel neckline, short set in sleeves, Color: WH
347 UNIM1994.14.192 Bootee A-B, Infant booties, knit and terrycloth fabric, top is ribbed knit sock style, shoe bootie is terrycloth with bias tape around shoe style at ankle, braid trim at center front running vertically at toe Color: WH
348 UNIM1994.14.194 Bootee A-B, Infant, size 1, country of origin Japan, red velvet bootie has fake white fur trim around top, lined with white flannel cloth, ribbon tie is fastened to side of booties and ties in front, Color: RD WH
349 UNIM1994.14.47 Skirt Adolescent's skirt, woven fabric, dressy type, pleated 3/" apart silhouette, 6" zipper, about knee length, 1 button at top of waistband, pleated all around Color: BK
350 UNIM1994.14.48 Skirt Red and multicolored plaid, woven fabric construction, 28"waist, dressy type, flared with four gored silhouette, 6 1/2" zipper left side, about knee length, 1 1/4" waistband with 1 button at the top, total of 4 belt loops, c&f and c&b semas come together so plaid forms an inverted V Color: RD, ML