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251 UNIM1994.14.106 Pants Male child's casual pants, Olive base color with yellow, tan, and white stripes, 18" w x 10 1/2" inseam, straight leg, ankle length, elastic waist, patch on right leg, pocket has lining material on top edge 1/2" w, 2" fly opening center front Color: GR, YL, TN, WH
252 UNIM1994.14.107 Pants Male child's jeans, olive color, 19" w x 10" inseam, straight leg, ankle length, front slanted inseam pockets, 2 patch pockets on back, 1 1/4" waistband with snap CF, 5 belt loops, 6" CF zipper, brad at top of pocket on side seam Color: GR
253 UNIM1994.14.108 Shorts Male child's casual jean shorts, straight leg, bermuda length, 2 front slanted inseam pockets, 2 back patch pockets, 1 1/2" waistband that snaps CF, 5" CF zipper, 5 beltloops, stitched design on back pockets, bottom of legs are ravaled, no hem
254 UNIM1994.14.109 Shorts Male child's shorts, size 12, 25"w x 6 1/2 inseam, straight leg, permanent press, front inseam pockets, 2 back bound pockets has one button, 6" CF zipper faced, 7 beltloops, 1 1/4" hem on legs Color: GR
255 UNIM1994.14.110 Dress Female toddler's red dress, velvet, Bodice: high waisted style, round neck, high waist, same fabric tape around neckline, center back 8 1/2" placket with 2 buttons closure, Skirt: gathers to high waist, has patch pockets, 4 1/2" on each side, 4" up from hem, hem is 2" w factory sewn, Sleeve: sleeveless with same fabric tape around armcyes, Other: patch pocket 4 1/2" h x 5" w joins into side seam has machine embroidery white flower on each pocket
256 UNIM1994.14.111 Dress Female toddler's pink, yellow, green, and orange dress, Bodice: round neckline faced with same fabric tape center back 8 1/2" zipper closure, Skirt: one piece front flares out, 2" hem hand sewn, Sleeve: sleeveless with same fabric binding, bright floral print
257 UNIM1994.14.112 Ensemble Toddler girl's yellow, pink, and green sundress and panties (a&b) woven light weight, see through fabric. Bodice is lined with yellow lining, scoop neckline, high waist, center back 3 button with loop button holes on upper bodice going down 2 3/4" from neckline, open the rest of the way down skirt, skirt gathers slightly to bodice and has a 2" ruffle around back opening and around bottom of dress, back has a shape opening. Panties are bright yellow in a heavier cotton fabric, elastic around waist, three rows of dress fabric ruffles 1/2" w
258 UNIM1994.14.113 Dress Female toddler's dress, a-line, knit fabric, ribbing around neck, over head opening, Skirt: a-line style with 1" blue knit around bottom with white piping above blue for hem, Sleeves are short with same blue knit band and piping hem, set-in, Color fast red white and blue colors, dress set off with blue bands with white piping
259 UNIM1994.14.114 Suit, jump Toddler's jumpsuit, sailor collar, dicky snaps on to each side of center front neck, 8 1/2" zipper down CF, centered zipper, Pants: 8 1/2" L legs with 4 snap closure on each leg at crotch and down to bottom, Sleeves: set-in short sleeves with 1/2" hem, hem is 5/8" w, blue and red dots vary in size from 1/2" to 3/8" Color: WH BL RD
260 UNIM1994.14.115 Shorts Toddler girl's shorts, 18" waist, pink and white fine stripes, Elastic around waist, seams at sides, center back and center front, no pockets, 5/8" hem machine sewn on legs
261 UNIM1994.14.116 Suit, bathing Female toddler's 1 piece bathing suit, low neckline in front, higher in back, 1 1/4" W shoulder straps, sleeveless Color: YL, OR
262 UNIM1994.14.117 Suit, bathing Female toddler's 1 piece bathing suit, front lined in white, center front seam has elastic, ruffle around top at front with blue piping above on edge of top at front only, 1/2"W straps tie at center back, elastic around leg openings, back of suit has elastic at top and 8 rows of elastic, stitches to hold snug to body, bloomer style bottom with 2 rows of ruffles 2"W at back with rick-rack around bottom of ruffle Color: BL, WH
263 UNIM1994.14.118 a-b Suit, bathing Female toddler's 2 piece bathing suit, halter top with 1/2" straps at neck and under bust that tie in back, halter has 1"W green with yellow chenille dots ruffle at bottom of bright yellow halter, pants of suit are bright yellow with 3 ruffles across back that are the same as the ruffle on the halter, elastic at waist and around legs, top and pants are both line with light yellow flannel Color: YL, GR
264 UNIM1994.14.119 Pinafore Toddler's, white square neck 7/8" shoulder straps with 3" W ruffle on outer edge, 1 button 2/8" dia. At top of back neckline, 1" waist band has ties 23" L x 4 1/4" which tie in back, skirt is gathered to waist badn and is open below ties, 3" hem
265 UNIM1994.14.120 a-b Pajamas Toddlers, top light weight, bottoms are heavy, pants size 1 1/2 (23-36bbs), v-neckline with yellow knit around edge, white knit with green rabbit print and orange carrots on short sleeved top, overhead style, paired up with pagama bottoms (not original bottoms), that have 4 snaps at waist, elastic in back only, long legs with feet, elastic at ankles, non-slip sole on foot, no snaps on top Color: WH, YL, GR
266 UNIM1994.14.121 a-b Pajamas Toddler's, 10" inseam on leg, v-neck with white knit 1/2" W around neck, short sleeves, 1/2" hem at bottom of top and legs also on sleeves, Pants have elastic at waist, 10" inseam, straight legs, same style as #120a top and #122b bottoms Color: YL, WH
267 UNIM1994.14.122 Pajamas Toddler's pajama pants, 10" leg inseam, same bottom as in #121b, elastic at waist, straight legs with 1/2" hem Color: OR
268 UNIM1994.14.123 Slip Female toddler's full slip, square neckline with narrow machine stitched hem and same around armscyes and shoulder straps that are 1 3/4" W and have two 1/2" dia buttons on each strap, skirt gathers to high waisted top machine embroidery and eyelets 7" high at bottom, scalloped embroidered hem Color: WH
269 UNIM1994.14.124 Bloomers Female child's bloomers, 24" waist, blue elastic around waist, elastic around leg openings with 1/2" W lace around edge, center front and back seams (no side seams) Color: BL, WH
270 UNIM1994.14.125 Shirt Male toddler's shirt, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, 3/4" hem at bottom, sailor collar, long, set-in sleeves with cuffs, 2 rows of 1/4" W stripes around collar and cuffs and the dicky at center front at bottom of neck opening Color: BL, WH
271 UNIM1994.14.126 Shirt Male toddler's shirt, casual, unfitted style, 3 buttons at center front, pullover closure, pointed collar, long set-in sleeves with cuffs and one button, 3/8" blue square print on flannel with red corduroy collar and v neck design, red shank plastic buttons 1/2" dia, narrow hem Color: RD, BL
272 UNIM1994.14.127 Shirt Male toddler's shirt, casual, unfitted style, center front 2 snaps pullover tab, short set-in sleeves with 3/4" hem, 3/4" hem at bottom 2 snaps on tab at cf 3 1/2" long, vertical red and white collar Color: WH, RD
273 UNIM1994.14.128 Shirt Toddler girl's blue shirt, casual, unfitted style, 5" zipper center back, jewel neckline, short set-in sleeves, 1/2" W same fabric binding around neck, 3/4" hem at bottom. Debby Dare brand.
274 UNIM1994.14.129 Shirt Toddler's, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, turtle neck-blue, short set-in sleeves with hem, blue and white plaid, body and sleeves, 1/2" W handsewn hem around bottom of shirt Color: BL, WH
275 UNIM1994.14.130 Shirt Toddler's medium size, sleeveless, mock turtleneck, pullover shirl with yellow, blue, and red stripes with white binding. Color: YL, BL, RD, WH
276 UNIM1994.14.131 Shirt White with navy trimmed polo style casual knit shirt. Color: WH, BL
277 UNIM1994.14.132 Shirt Toddler girl's blue dress pullover knit shirt. Knit ribbing around sleeve ends and v-neck collar. Toddler's size 2. Buster Brown brand.
278 UNIM1994.14.133 Shirt Cream V neck pullover dress knit shirt. Knit ribbing around sleeve bottoms and neckline. Toddler's size 2. Buster Brown brand.
279 UNIM1994.14.134 Shirt Boy's toddler size shirt in light blue plaid with blue, green, red, & yellow plaid hem tape around neck, sleeves, and bottom shirt-tail hem. Placket front with three buttons. Color: BL, GR, RD, YL
280 UNIM1994.14.135 Shirt Toddler size boy white long sleeved knit turtleneck with bands of color across chest. Size 2T. # snaps on left shoulder. Color: WH, GR, YL, GL
281 UNIM1994.14.136 Shirt Short sleeve shirt with notched collar. Opens at front with three buttons. Red and white vertical striped woven fabric. Color: RD, WH
282 UNIM1994.14.137 Shirt Short sleeve toddler boy's woven shirt with pointed collar and centered zipper opening half way down shirt front. Collar has buttons at each point. Fabric is 1/2" red and white horizontal stripes. Color: RD, WH
283 UNIM1994.14.138 Shirt Child's short sleeve golden yellow waffle knit shirt with stand up collar. Ribbed knit around neck, left shoulder seam with 2 buttons. Size 4. Color: OR
284 UNIM1994.14.139 Shirt Toddler size long sleeved knit shirt with stand up collar. Left shoulder seam with 2 snaps. Cuffs an sleeve ends.
285 UNIM1994.14.140 Shirt Sleeveless knit shirt with curved neck edge. Knit ribbing on neck and arm hole edges. Color: WH
286 UNIM1994.14.141 Suit, jump Toddler size blue jump suit with center front zipper, pointed collar, short raglan sleeves and 6 snaps (3 on each inside pant leg). Elastic at inside waist. Color: BL
287 UNIM1994.14.142 Jumper Playsuit style jumper pants in a cream, gold, and green plaid. Size 3T. Green buttons on straps at shoulder and side openings at hip (4 total). Tapered legs. Top is lined with knit fabric. Color: WH, GR, GD
288 UNIM1994.14.143 Pants Red pants with 1/2" wide white stripes down side of legs. Fly front with 2 snaps up the inside of each leg (4 total). Elastic in back of waist. Straps attach by buttons to front, cross in back where sewn on. Knee length legs. Color: RD, WH
289 UNIM1994.14.144 Pants Straight leg pants size 2 with elastic waist. Navy blue. Color: BL
290 UNIM1994.14.145 Pants Straight leg red pants with elastic waist. Size 2. Color: RD
291 UNIM1994.14.146 Pants Toddler size large 23 - 26 lbs. Elastic waist, tapered ankle length leg. Color: GR
292 UNIM1994.14.147 Pants Elastic waist, ankle length straight-legged toddler size 1 striped pants. Color: RD, YL, BR
293 UNIM1994.14.148 Pants Elastic waist, ankle length, straight legged, blue & white checked toddler pants size 2. Color: BL, WH
294 UNIM1994.14.149 Pants Elastic waist in back of band. Pleats at each top front side, 2 total. Main color red with red and white vertical stripes Color: RD, WH
295 UNIM1994.14.150 Pajamas Toddler size sleeper style, green knit for main body with attached green lining. White with dark blue stripe on 3" high collar and cuffs. Zipper front. Set in sleeves. Straight legs. Toddler size. Color: GR, WH, BL
296 UNIM1994.14.151 Pajamas Pale aqua toddler size pajama bottoms. Elastic at waist with three snaps on sides and front waistband. Straight legs. Gusset at crotch.
297 UNIM1994.14.153 Sock Toddler athletic style socks (a & b), white with blue stripes on ribbed top. Elastic in ribbing. Color: WH, BL
298 UNIM1994.14.154 Dress Toddler size white dress with pale green eyelet with scalloped edge overlay fabric. Gathered skirt with yoked bodice with overlay. Short, puffy, gathered white sleeves with ruffled cuff. Pointed collar. 3 button placket at center back.
299 UNIM1994.14.155 Dress a. Toddler size white organdy dress with full gathered skirt, sash belt, and bodice with blue polka dots and white ruffles around neckline and sleeves. Round neckline cap sleeves. 8" center back placket with 3 buttons. b. 4 1/2" tie belt is sewn to front waist. Belt loops at each side.
300 UNIM1994.14.156 Romper Toddler size romper suit with 12" front center zipper, gathered around legs, peter pan collar, sleevless with a fish applique on left front. Fabric tape around arm and sleeve openings. Yellow and white vertical stripes on fabric with white fish applique with blue thread. Color: WH, YL