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Catalog # Name Description
1 Pyrite Four concretions round & knobby - starting to deteriorate; 1` "log" of crystals to 1/4" in matrix. Supposed to be 13 specimens
2 Pyrite Massive, tarnished.
3 Millerite Sprays of crystals in large calcite crystals.
4 Marcasite None
5 Galena Galena with quartz crystals.
6 Marcasite Marcasite & calcite crystals in small vug.
7 Stannite Small, dark gray crystals.
8 Stannite Massive dark gray rock (broken in half).
9 Jamesonite Gray, fibrous; other piece - shiny, brown (looks like road tar)
10 Pyrite Pyrite in black tourmaline.
11 Pyrite Granular aggregates (ore). ! thumbnail with quartz.
12 Sphalerite Hand- nice black crystal cluster. Miniature - calcite cleavage fragment Color: BR
13 Pyrite Concretions, some decomposition similar to (CS 428 4).
14 Sphalerite Massive sphalerite cementing pieces of matrix. Color: BR
15 Marcasite Nodule.
16 Pyrite Interesting cluster of darkened crystal cubes.
17 Marcasite Nodule.
18 Bournonite Massive, metallic luster; dark gray with pyrite.
19 Marcasite Nodule.
20 Pyrite Iron pyrites, fossil?
21 Nickeline Massive. Color: PK-OR
22 Realgar Massive on matrix, glassy coating. Color: RD
23 Sphalerite Massive sphalerite cementing pieces of matrix. Color: BR
24 Pyrite Similar to but listed in old notebook as "astrocarpus" ???
25 Enargite Dark gray, massive.
26 Skutterudite Massive. Color: SL-YL
27 Skutterudite Massive; var. smaltite. Color: SL-YL
28 Nickeline Massive. Color: YL
29 Pyrite Stalactite
30 Pyrite Stalactite
31 Pyrite Stalactite
32 Pyrite Stalactite
33 Pyrite Stalactite
34 Pyrite Stalactite
35 Pyrite Stalactite
36 Pyrite Stalactite
37 Pyrite Stalactite
38 Pyrite Stalactite
39 Pyrite Stalactite
40 Pyrite Stalactite
41 Pyrite Stalactite
42 Chalcopyrite Crystals on dolomite crystal matrix.
43 Bornite Massive, iridescent blue.
44 Bornite Dark gray, massive.
45 Acanthite Massive.
46 Pyrargyrite Massive, dark gray, shiny. Foote label attached
47 Cinnabar One-quarter" crystal sprays on breccia. Color: RD
48 Cinnabar An ore sample; very sparse grains of possible cinnabar. Color: RD
49 Cinnabar Microcrystalline & earthy mass. Color: RD
50 Cinnabar Small crystals scattered on matrix (possibly chert). Color: RD