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Catalog # Name Description
51 Galena Drusy chalcopyrite crystals cover 40%. Lead and copper ore.
52 Galena Massive, plumose. Color: GY
53 Galena Group of cubic crystals, largest 1" x 1" Color: GY
54 Galena Crystals.
55 Galena Large chunk showing many shiny cleavage faces. Some chalcopyrite present. Color: GY
56 Galena Interlocking crystal cubes with scattered small chalcopyrites and encrustations. Color: GY
57 Galena Vein of crystals. Color: GY
58 Galena Massive galena, showing cleavage faces, on quartz. Color: GY
59 Chalcopyrite Massive interrelated chalcopyrite galena and quartz.
60 Galena Massive, coarsely granular. Color: GY
61 Galena Cubic cast coated with dolomite crystals containing cubo-octahedral crystals. Color: GY
62 Galena Large weathered cubic crystals. Color: GT
63 Pyrargyrite Massive, black, metallic.
64 Sphalerite Dark crystals to 1/4" with pale purple fluorite cubes (1/2 of a paper label)
65 Sphalerite None
66 Sphalerite Two miniatures are basically massive; hand ball of crystals
67 Sphalerite Mammilated sphalerite on short matrix.
68 Sphalerite With iron pyrite.
69 Sphalerite Crystals to 1/2" covering one side; few chalcopyrite crystals at one end
70 Sphalerite Sphalerite nodule with partial galena filling.
71 Marcasite Nodular aggregates starting to deompose.
72 Marcasite Marcasite--radiating structures.
73 Realgar Almost totally changed to orpiment -As2S2. Color: OR
74 Pyrite Massive with one side covered with cubes to 1/4". Other scattered crystals; some striated faces.
75 Pyrite Parts of cubic crystals, brassy.
76 Pyrite Three dark (tarnished?0 cubes 1 - 1/4" x 14" 2 - 1/8" x 1/8"
77 Chalcocite Mostly sphalerite with clear "ruby" crystals on one side
78 Hessite None
79 Chalcocite Dark brown massive.
80 Molybdenite None
81 Chalcocite Dark brown massive.
82 Stibnite Steel gray massive.
83 Sphalerite Massive sphalerite on quartz crystals (paper label)
84 Stibnite Prismatic crystals encased in matrix.
85 Pyrrhotite Granular aggregate with chalcopyrite. Color: YL
86 Pyrrhotite Granular aggregate with chalcopyrite. Color: BS
87 Pyrrhotite Massive, granular, bronze tarnishing to gray.
88 Pyrrhotite Massive. Color: YL
89 Chalcopyrite Massive, brass colored on dark matrix (epidote?).
90 Chalcopyrite Small brassy crystals on matrix; small amount of malachite?
91 Chalcopyrite None
92 Chalcopyrite Disseminated throughout matrix, some quartz.
93 Chalcopyrite Massive, brassy color.
94 Marcasite Cockscomb crystals.
95 Arsenopyrite Massive, silver gray, fine granular; (paper label 0).
96 Arsenopyrite Gold, metallic crystals on massive; (color & disintegration more like marcasite FeS2); 1 M & 1 bottle of fragments (disintegrated)
97 Cobaltite Complete Foote label and price. Color: GY
98 Cobaltite Massive; one cut side. Bit of red erythrite coating on uncut side. Color: GY
99 Cobaltite Pyritohedral crystals 1/2' - 3/8".
100 Zinkenite Zinkenite is one of a few sulfide minerals that form fine acicular crystals that appear as hair-like fibers. The fibrous aggregates may be so thick as to cover a specimen with a mat of hair-like fibers or it may be sparsely dessiminated between other minerals and may be confused with stray hairs or dark lint. Jamesonite, boulangerite and millerite are other sulfides that form similar acicular crystals. These sulfides as well as zinkenite have been called "feather ores" because of this unusual habit. Zinkenite is a sulfosalt, a segment of sulfides where the antimony acts more like a metal than a non-metal and occupies a position where it is bonded to sulfurs. A variety of zinkenite from Tasmania contains a small amount of silver.