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Catalog # Name Description
201 Pyrite Partial crystals.
202 Pyrite Cabinet - cluster of striated crystals ; massive pyrite with quartz; massive - showing some crystal faces
203 Pyrite Brown cubic crystals from 1/8" x 1/8" - 3/8" x 3/8"
204 Pyrite Crystal clump.
205 Pyrite Brassy, striated crystals in pocket of granular pyrite
206 Pyrite Vial contains decomposed material; 1 cluster of crystals
207 Pyrite Granular aggregate with some quartz.
208 Pyrite Scattered pyrite in light gray matrix.
209 Pyrite Granular aggregate.
210 Pyrite Pyrite finely disseminated in galena(?).
211 Pyrite Striated pyrite crystals with quartz.
212 Pyrite A few crystals embedded in quartz.
213 Pyrite Mostly ore material with quartz & feldspar; 1 hand specimen has cluster of cubic crystals
214 Pyrite TN - striated partial cube; miniature - bright, brassy cubic crystals to 18"; should be 4 specimens
215 Pyrite Pyrite, chalcopyrite, gold or silver probably.
216 Pyrite All specimens a mixture of pyrite, quartz and crystals of both. Hand specimen is probably chalcopyrite on calcite crystals.
217 Pyrite Drusy pyrite on matrix.
218 Pyrite Small pyrite crystals lining nodule.
219 Pyrite Finely disseminated pyrite.
220 Pyrite Crystals in matrix.
221 Pyrite Ore samples with quartz & galena; possible rhodocrosite
222 Chalcopyrite Massive, in quartz.
223 Chalcopyrite Nodule.
224 Chalcopyrite Massive, possibly covellite as a decomposition product
225 Chalcopyrite Massive.
226 Chalcopyrite Massive, disseminated.
227 Chalcopyrite Poor crystals on matrix.
228 Chalcopyrite None
229 Marcasite Small crystals, metallic gold, in quartz.
230 Marcasite Small crystals some blackened with quartz.
231 Marcasite One - a nodule of marcasite; one - small crystals in quartz seam (starting to disintegrate)
232 Marcasite Glass tube - small pieces & dust; TN - decomposing; M - small crystal aggregate
233 Marcasite Massive with crystal faces; possible chalcopyrite also
234 Marcasite Cockscomb crystal group, partially changed; sprayed 3/5/75
235 Marcasite Brassy crystal aggregate; some quartz.
236 Marcasite Crystals on sandstone matrix.
237 Marcasite Cubic crystals covered with drusy quartz, therefore possibly pyrite
238 Chalcopyrite Massive, few scattered crystals; some galena & pyrite
239 Pyrite ? Crumbling very badly.
240 Pyrite Fairly stable, brassy crystal groups forming botriedal surface
241 Chalcopyrite Massive, with galena; dull black.
242 Arsenopyrite None
243 Covellite Massive, dark blue-black.
244 Pyrargyrite Massive, black.
245 Galena Weathered crystal group. Color: GY
246 Pyrite Octahedron.
247 Pyrite Granular mixture of pyrite & galena with small vug showing small crystals of both
248 Galena A cherty vug filled with galena; broken and falling apart along cleavage planes. Color: GY
249 Chalcopyrite Small bleb of chalco in matrix (pegmatite).
250 Pyrite None