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626 1990.58.0046d Button

Black, columnar shape with painted white and gold floral patterns on the front. They all have a single metal loop on the back. 

627 1992.22.0009 Hat

U. S. Navy dress. Navy blue wool with gold, leaf patterned trim and band on bill. Eagle, shield, anchor emblem on center front. Leather sweat band. label: "The Commodore". Designed and manufactured by Ratner, San Diego, California. Holds ID tag: Lt. Commander N. L. Hersey (MC) USNR Base Hosp #13 navy 817. Size unknown. Fabric soiled.

1992.22.0009 (Hat) image
628 1992.22.0010 Hat

U. S. Navy. Khaki brown fabric with navy elastic hat band trim with gold band. Eagle, shield, anchor emblem attached to center front. Black bill. Leather sweatband. No label. WWII U.S. Naval Officer's hat.

629 1992.22.0011 Protector, cap

Single button hole each side of band with R. W. Reid stamped near on outside. NLHE stamped on inside front along hem.

630 1992.22.0012 Protector, cap

Single button hole each side of band with N. L. Hersey, NLHE. NLH stamped inside of band at back.

631 1992.22.0015 Shorts

Military. Front closure: 5 brown buttons. 2 silver buckles. 2 back. 2 side pockets. White ID tag sewn inside back waistband: N. L. Hersey, (MC) USNR. Color: KH

632 1992.22.14 Legging

Pair. Military. Khaki canvas fabric with 6 sets brass hook/eye. Strap on lower inside edge worn under foot buckled to lower outer edge. Inside tag: 6 Depot of Supplies U. S. Marine Corps, Philadelphia, Pa. MCPB 90213 9-22-41 40M. Stamped Hersey, N. L. 2 square blue paper tags stapled to outside read 501 1942A 56 L154 B27. DQP., inside. a. Left. b. Right. Color: KH

633 1992.29.0002 Knapsack

Used in Operation Desert Storm. US.

634 1992.29.0008 Button, campaign

"Operation Desert Storm 1991, Support Our Troops". Flag in center.

635 1992.29.1.0001 Belt, ammunition

Has two pouches and in one pouch there is a water bottle. Color: KH

636 1992.29.1.0002 Bottle

For water.

637 1992.29.1.0003 Lid

Goes with water bottle,

638 1992.29.1.0004 Pouch, shot

Clipped onto the pistol belt and the same color, but the pouch is smaller than the pouches connected to the pistol belt.

639 1992.29.1.0005 Pouch, shot

Pouch attached to utility belt.

640 1992.29.1.0006 Cartridge None
641 1992.29.1.0007 Cartridge None
642 1992.29.1.0008 Cartridge None
643 1992.29.1.9 Tactical Belt

Clip onto the ammunition pouch and the pistol belt. Color: GR

644 1992.29.3.0002 Mask, gas

Gas mask. Khaki green with the name "Khalid" in yellow on the side.

645 1992.29.3.0004 Box

Container and lid. a. and b; used during Operation Desert Storm. Color: BK

646 1992.29.3.1 Pouch

Iraqi; used in Operation Desert Storm. Has "19." painted on in red.

647 1992.9.0003 Box, ammunition

Top handle, side latch, side hinged lid. Used WWII or Korean War to carry 30 mm. calibre ammo for light machine gun, ground operations and aircraft. Rust prominent on portion of the container. Color: GR

648 1993.26.0011 Cap, garrison

Four metal eyelets around bowl; greenish tassel around bowl on brim, secured with leather chin strap which comes up through brim. Chin strap has buckle; leather sweatband inside hat bowl. Hand written on leather sweatband "C. E. Haffner.

649 1993.26.13 Boot

Uniform; a. and b. Size *D, ankle high, with heavy studded soles; heels reinforced with metal, too. 14 eyelets for lacing; 7 each side. Left boot (a.) has no laces; right boot (b.) has leather lace. 8 stamped into side & into interior upper.

650 1993.26.2 Cap, Garrison

Uniform field cap, 41st Division.

1993.26.2 (Cap, Garrison) image





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