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701 2016-9-3 Medal A government contract medal given to Chamberlain Manufacturing Company in Waterloo, Iowa. Medal, dated November 1984, is commemorating the successful technology, fabrication, and test transfer effort and transition to production in record time. Chamberlain was making 120 mm tank ammunition.
702 2016-13-1 Mask A Navy green extreme cold weather mask that has stiched felted wool inside. The outside of the mask has both removable nose and mouth pieces. The pieces that remove the nose and mouth are from stamped metal buttons. The front of the mask is made out of vinyl where the straps on the back of the head are canvas. There are two big straps, but the top strap has three pieces; side and top strap. Bottom strap goes around the lower portion of the head. The extreme cold weather mask was used in WWII. 
703 2016-24-41 Holster Korean war era M1911 leather hip holster. "205 DB 4" pressed into the back. Two metal clasps attach along the front. 2016-24-41 (Holster) image
704 2016-24-42 Holster '38 Smith and Wesson hip gun holster. Two metal clasps attach on the front and a loop for a belt on the back. 2016-24-42 (Holster) image
705 2016-24-43 Holster Korean war era M1911 leather shoulder gun holster. Shoulder strap attaches on left side middle and top right corner. 2016-24-43 (Holster) image
706 2016-24-47A Magazine Pouch Korean war era 2-clip magazine holder. Metal clasp attaches in the center of the front. Two metal clasps attach to the belt (2016-24-45) on the back. 2016-24-47A (Magazine Pouch) image
707 2016-24-47B Magazine Empty Korean war era '45 magazine. 2016-24-47B (Magazine) image
708 2016-24-48 Clip M1 garand 30 ot 6 clip of 8 crimped blanks from the American Legion in Mapleton, Iowa. 2016-24-48 (Clip) image
709 2016-24-49 Clip M1 garand clip with 8 30 ot 6 blank paper wad bullets from the American Legion in Mapleton, Iowa. 2016-24-49 (Clip) image
710 2016-24-50C Hat US military service (alpha) barrack's cover. 2016-24-50C (Hat) image
711 2017-10-1 Helmet American M1 Helmet from the Vietnam War. Outside is textured with scuffs and scratches. Chin strap buckeled on back rim, buckles and fasteners are rusted. Inside, second layer undermetal is plastic with light and dark brown geometric shapes that form a six sided star at crown. Fabric netting missing. Headband of leather attatched to plastic layer with fabric by metal fasteners and rivets. At very back, where the head would be, fabric is attatched with metal and oxidized rivets. Thin aluminum band around rim.
712 2017-10-2 Helmet American British made M1917 Helmet, short with baout 3.5 cm brim. Textured on top with scratches and scuffs. Rivets on center top and centered on right and left side on brim. Inside, chin strap fasteners have some oxidation, signed Sgt. (indistinguishable) vey L or F (indistinguishable), and black paint smudge on underside. Head netting, ring of leather with slits every 2.5 cm stitched to fabric that partly covers the string weaved netting that is discolored to blue in some places. Tag on iinside bottom, under the nut for the rivet says Tighten Cord, the rest is either gone or indistinguishable.
713 2017-10-3 Helmet French M15 Adrian Helmet. Outside, top has vent with raised covering, rivets on sides of covering missing. Rim portrudes in front and back more than sides. Emblem on front is a cicle with 'RF' raised, and wavey plume coming from top, all is a seperate piece of metal. Dent on wearer's right side with 'U' shaped scratch that is .5 cm in width. Inside has aluminum perferated strips between the outside metal and leather headband. Netting is six triangular pieces of leather with oxidized eyelets, string for them is only still attatched to one. Chinstrap is thin one piece of leather that is doubled.
714 2017-10-4 Helmet WWI German Model 1918 Droop-bill helmet. Outside hand painted with geometric shapes in light and dark brown and green with black outlines. On left, of wearer, a painted feather and lightning bolt with an arrow at bottom. Two rivets on both sides at temple and top of ear. Fastener on both sides above templ and slightly back used for sniper shield, wear on paint suggested use of one and flipping it up and down. Other scratches all around. Inside, chin strap has two adjusters that move to center. 3 piece leather netting with two peaks on each with a hole for the string, two eyelets torn, string not broken or untied. On inside of leather netting each has a pouch for a wool pad for cushioning. Signed on back inside bring as R. Müller. 2017-10-4 (Helmet) image
715 2017-10-5 Helmet WWI German model 1918 Droop-bill helmet. Surface if 90% rusted on outside. Inside is 95% rusted, only some of brim has paint.
716 2017-10-6 Pin Nazi Party Pin. All but some red around outside circle is left, and a small bit of black in swastika. On outside band after circle around swastica says National-Sozializtiche-D.A.P Back has item number of M1/27, and a trade mark circle with RZ and M under the first two letters.
717 2017-10-7 Pin Triangular National Socialist Women's League Pin, point facing down. Outsines all in gold (color not material). At top is a white band with Nat. Soz. Franenschaft. Below that is a white cross over black at center of the cross is a red swastika. On left branch of cross is a gold fancy lettered G, on right a H(possibly another letter), and at bottom of cross an L. Fastener is at top on back, slightly below in the middle is Ges. Gesch. Damage on front top right corner, scratches and paint chipped.
718 2017-19-1 Sextant Metal sextant in a black cardboard box. The sextant has a broken reflecter on its front. Sextant has the words "Bronxville, N.Y.' etched on its frame. Black cardboard box contains directions for use and a sticker on its top that reads "Central Scientific co". 2017-19-1 (Sextant) image
719 2017-31-1 Shoes None
720 2017-31-2 Medal U.N. Korean Services medal awarded to Donald Ackman. Blue and white vertical stripes on fabric. A: Pin with medal labelled Korea, and top down look of Earth from the North Pole, with simplistic olive branches around it. B: Ribbon to go with medal.
721 2017-31-3 Medal Korean Defense medal awarded to Donald Ackman. Blue and white vertical strips with a single smaller red stripe down the middle. A: Front of the medal has a band around the middle circle with "Duty" at the top, 4 stars on both sides with "Honor", and "Country"  with 5 stars at the bottom. Inner circle has olive branches tied with a ribbon at the bottom and a small image of an eagle with a shield on its chest holding olive branches on the right and a group of arrows on the left; on the back is a soldier under a gate and the South Korean flag. Korean Defense commemorative, 1950-2000, commemorating 50 years in defense of South Korea. B: Ribbon to go with the medal.
722 2017-31-4 Medal Korean War Service medal awarded to Donald Ackman for either 30 consecutive days, or 60 non-consecutive days in Korea during the war. Large yellow stripe down the middle with a thin white stripe with thin red stripes on either side and larger blue stripes to either side of the red stripes. A: Medal is circular with small dots around the border, inside has two bullets crossed at the bottom center with simplistic olive branches on both sides. At top center is the shape of Korea inside a radar circle. B: Ribbon with same colorsd and orientation of stripes,  with a yin-yang symbol in the center of the yellow stripe. 
723 2017-31-5 Medal United States Marine Corps Commemorative Pin and Ribbon. Fabric base is a dark blue with two vertical red stripes closer to the edge, and a thin white stripe in the center of either red stripe.
724 2017-31-6 Medal Overseas Service Commemorative Medal awarded to Donald Ackman. Fabric has vertical stripes starting with blue, white, and red strip in the center, with yellow and blue on either side. A: Medal has "Overseas Service" at the top in a banner around medal with "Commemorative" at the bottom and olive branches between the words. Inside are two circles slightly overlapping with the western hemisphere on the left and eastern hemisphere on the right. There are 5 stars below the two circles and a shield at the top with an eagle's head and wings coming out from behind it to drape over the two circles. B: Ribbon that accompanies the medal.
725 2017-31-7 Medal Korean War veteran medal awarded to Donald Ackman. Metal pin part has a raised black rectangle with "Korean War Veteran" printed on it, with six vertical stripes from left to right: red, yellow, brown, white, light blue, and orange. Hanging from the fabric is a circular medallion. The medallion has Korean lettering at the top and some at the bottom insdie a rectangel with olive leaves on either side with rounded stars between the leaves and the top lettering. Inside is the outline of Korea behind a 3 layered emblem. It has a circle with 4 protrusions colored red with a gold outline, a pentagon with the tips of the star pointing towards each corner, and a red and blue yin-yang. On the back says "Republic of Korea, Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, and Koreans Veterans Association" separated by a rounded star on both sides.
726 2017-31-8 Medal A: Miniature version of the Korean War Veteran medal, See (2017-31-7). B: Miniature pin of symbol in center of  the Korean War Veteran Medallion, with the olive leaves colored in.
727 2017-31-9 Medal Two Marine Eadle, globe, and anchor lapel pins, and one larger pin of same design, with a rope on the anchor. All three have a screw/nut for attachment.
728 2017-31-10 Medal Korean Service Medal awarded to Donald Ackman. A: pendant with a gateway and "Korean Services" written around the top. B: Blue ribbon pin with vertical shite stripes on both ends in middle, and a black star in between both sides of the middle stripe. 
729 2017-31-11 Medal National Defense medal awarded to Donald Ackman from Korean War service. A: Pendant with an Eagle holding leaves, with "National Defense" at the top. B: Red ribbon with vertical stripes with a wide yellow stripe in the middle, thin white stripes on either side, and very thin stripes in the center of the white stripes.
730 2017-31-12 Medal United States Marine Corps good Conduct medal awarded to Donald Ackman for service in Korean War. A. Pendant hanging from rifle. Around border is chain; between next ring that is rope it says United States Marine Corps. In middle is soldier holding rope in profile with naval gun; below is ribbon with “Semper Fidelis,” or “always faithful.” B. Ribbon is red with vertical black strip in middle.
731 2017-31-13 Jacket Khaki jacket made of green wool, lapel pins of eagle, anchor, and globe. Patches on shoulders two chevrons with third attached to curving bottom. Single diagonal line by wrist next to strap with eagle on anchor buttons. Number in left sleeve.
732 2017-31-14 Hat Beret with five eyelets; two parallel to each other and one on its own. Button hole on opposite side to the single eyelet.
733 2017-31-15 Hat Casual Navy hat. Front left, if worn, is a Navy medal; the globe with anchor behind it, and eagle on top
734 2017-31-16 Pin Eight screw-on pins; eagle, anchor, and globe.
735 2017-31-17 Pin Five pins with double needle backs; eagle, anchor, and globe.
736 2017-31-18 Pin Large screw-on pin, washer between nut and pin; eagle, anchor, and globe.
737 2017-31-19 Button Shiner Metal implement used to cover jacket to shine buttons. Eyelet on opposite end of “N.S. Meyer Inc., New York, Patent Pending.” Used to fold and unfold.
738 2017-31-20 Belt Buckle Korean belt buckle; no longer attached to belt. Two spots of corrosion on large flat area that holds connecting belt to buckle.
739 2017-31-21 Patch Two chevron gold bands on red, one for both right and left sides of Marine uniform. Ordered from Officer’s Equipment Company.
740 2017-31-22 Pants Navy blue dress uniform pants from Korean War. Red vertical stripe on sides.
741 2017-31-24 Shirt Navy summer shirt from Korean War. Rank patches on shoulders. Size number on inside of collar 15½ x 33.
742 2017-31-25 Tie Tan Navy tie with D.D. Ackman printed on middle back of tie. Discolored from previous storage used.
743 2017-31-26 Belt Tan belt with metal buckle and metal end. From Korean War.
744 2017-31-27 Belt None
745 2017-31-28 Gloves White Navy gloves in medium size ordered from Marine Corps Association by Joanne Ackman.
746 2017-31-29 Belt Buckle Belt buckle; called “officer waistplate” of Navy from Korean War. Gold rectangle with eagle, anchor, and globe.
747 2017-31-30 Pin Small Korean Veterans Memorial Pin. Eagle with wings spread at top; below is thin rectangle, white vertical stripes on both ends and one in middle. Pentagon shape below rectangle, top three sides equal length; has white circle with Korea silhouette in same blue, with words around circle.
748 2018-13-1 Jacket None
749 2018-13-5 Cap, Garrison None
750 2018-13-6 Jacket None
751 2018-13-9 Cap, Garrison None
752 2018-13-12 Springs A and B.
753 2018-13-13 Rope A and B.
754 2018-13-14 Boots A and B.
755 2018-13-15 Socks A and B.
756 2018-13-16 Medpack Thigh medial pack used in Iraq
757 2018-13-17 Medical Backpack A and B.
758 2018-13-18 Booklet A and B.
759 L1968.10.1JK Musket, Percussion None
760 UNIM1988.8.4 Uniform World War II man's military jacket & garrison cap. Jacket has front closure, 4 plastic buttons. Slightly fitted and flared. Center back seam and 2 princess seams. 1 3/8" wide belt across back. Center back pleat beneath belt.Pointed collar revers. 2 patch breast pockets, 2 welt pockets with flaps. Epaulets with buttons. 2-pc. long set in sleeves. Sgt. stripes. "Red bull" patch on left sleeve. Hash mark for service: III= 9 yr. yellow - 3 yr. combat zone. b. Garrison cap with red braid. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
761 UNIM1996.9.92 Book “Hand Tools, Standards and Curriculum Division Training Bureau of Naval Personnel.” US Government Printing Office, Washington, 1944.
762 UNIM1996.9.93 Book "Use of Tools" Prepared by Standards & Curriculum Division Training Bureau of Naval Personnel. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, 1945.