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351 1980.1.0001 Overcoat

Mackinaw style, U. S. Army officer. a. Coat, olive drab wool; double breasted; cargo style side pockets, sleeve insignia. b. and c. Oak leaf shoulder insignia, brass painted gray pot metal; d. Belt, wool; plastic buttons. Color: KH

352 1980.1.0002 Jacket

U. S. Army M-38. W W II; khaki cotton; blue, yellow & red striped Replacement School Command sleeve patch; wool lining; interior front button flap marked, "21013-29"; collar and cuffs worn. Color: KH,RD,YL,BL

353 1980.1.0005 Jacket

U. S. Army officer's summer dress issue; lightweight khaki-tan cotton; button front, partial satin lining; interior right pocket. Color: KH

354 1980.1.0006 Uniform

U. S. Army officer's formal dress. a. Jacket, dark blue wool; four flap pockets; captain's shoulder epaulets, b. Trousers, light blue wool; slash side pockets; c. Suspenders, brown, green & white striped. Color: ML

355 1980.1.0007 Breeches, riding

U. S. Army officer's. heavy gray-brown wool material; double zippered and buttoned front flap; zippered lower leg closures; white leather reinforced inner legs; front pockets, watch pocket. Color: GY-BR

356 1980.2.0004 Shirt

U. S. Army enlisted; green cotton; private's insignia on sleeves; issued as a fatigue or work uniform. Color: GR

357 1980.2.0005 Pants

U. S. Army enlisted; green cotton, faded; button front; adjustment tabs and buttons at waist; slash side pockets, button flap rear pockets, tear in left front pocket. Color: GR

358 1981.0027a Military Jacket

World War I U. S. Army Infantry. Jacket Color: olive

1981.0027a (Military Jacket) image
359 1981.0027b Collar Insignia Pin

A small round collar insignia pin with "U.S. 110" written on it.

360 1981.0027c Collar Insignia Pin

A small round collar insignia pin with two crossed muskets and a "K" underneath them.

361 1981.0027d Breeches

A pair of World War 1 army breeches.

362 1981.0027e Shirt

A World War 1 army issue shirt.

363 1981.0027f Insignia Pin

A small metal pin with "A.E.F. 26 Div." written on it. A.E.F. stands for American Expeditionary Forces.

364 1981.0027g Overseas Cap

A World War 1 infintry cap.

365 1981.0027h Belt

A woven belt, part of a World War 1 infintry uniform.

366 1981.0027i Belt Buckle

A flip closure style belt buckle, part of a World War 1 infintry uniform.

367 1981.0027j Legging

A single World War 1 infintry legging with ties.

368 1981.0027k Legging

A single World War 1 infintry legging with ties.

369 1981.0027l Photocopy

A photocopy of a World War 1 honorable discharge paper.

370 1981.0027m Photocopy

A photocopy of a World War 1 honorable disharge paper.

371 1981.0027n Envelope

An envelope that contained a letter from Mrs. William F. Howard to Mrs. Vance Nelson.

372 1982.9.0007 Uniform

Army nurse. a. Dress. Dacron polyester and cotton; front full length zipper and snap closure; collar and cuffs have 6 narrow tucks at the edges; rectangular piece sewn to either side of zipper on bodice (possibly for pinning on ID tag or military insignia; label inside collar reads "14 Short 8410-177-4916"'. Washing and garment information and laundry instructions; fitted at waist, slightly A-line skirt with slash pockets at sides just below waist; soiled, discolored, sewing at right side front waist coming apart; see also 1982.9.003-.006. b. Belt; 2 button closure, tagged "14 short; buttons are missing; heavily stained.

373 1984.6.0044 Medal

Eighty-seven Riflery B N. #87 over two crossed guns.

374 1984.6.0045 Medal


375 1984.6.0046 Medal





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