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76 Metal fragment

Circular piece, with a hole in the center.

77 Bullet

Arrowhead shape. Civil War bullet picked up from the Bull Run battlefield on Sept. 19, 1883. Major W.C. Bryant. Teeth markings.

78 Bullet

Slotted conical top, threaded base.

79 Bullet

Rounded cone shape.

80 Bullet

Flat; odd shape.

81 Bullet

Mushroom shape.

82 Bullet

Hollowed bottom. Minie ball

83 Metal fragment

Bombshell fragment. Illegible label attached.

84 Metal Bar

Three parts. a. Metal bar. b. Bullet, round. c. Bullet, odd-shaped; teeth marks? plus two unnumbered fragments.

85 bullet, round

b. Bullet, round

86 bullet

 c. Bullet, odd-shaped; teeth marks? plus two unnumbered fragments.

87 Tintype

Image is surrounded by a small gold frame. Turning black with age. (Tintype) image
88 Hardtrack

"Hardtack from Fort Randall." 4.5"x 4.5" square. (Hardtrack) image
89 Corkscrew

Mechanical type of World War II era; threaded steel screw, nickel plated with "T" handle; winged adjustment on threaded shaft; aluminum frame.

90 Corkscrew

World War II era; spiraled steel screw; shaped hardwood handle, "T" shape; metal rivet or pin in handle side; basic corkscrew used in opening wine bottles or other cork sealed containers.

91 Knife

World War II period; double edged curved steel blade, razor sharp; hardwood handle; steel rivets; for use as a tool not a weapon.

92 Medal

St. Christopher. World War II era; silver plated brass medallion; profile on face, embossed figure on reverse; small loop on top.

93 Beads, rosary

No crucifix. Black beads linked by fine metal chain; clip fastener on end.

94 Book

World War II song book written in German. (Book) image
95 Book

World War II Pocket book novel taken from a German captured in a bombed railway station in Briquebec, Normandy, France, July 1944. (Book) image
96 Tombstone

French issue grave marker; tin, pleated surface; red, white & blue painted roundel; suspended rectangular metal name plate; metal strips below, having a ribbon-like appearance.

97 Bugle

Spanish Army isse of the Spanish-America War, 1898,; brass construction & brass mouthpiece; tone adjustment wing nut on mid-right side, stamped, "RE, DO"; brass ring on top & rear for securing leather shoulder strap; 1/4" brown leather shoulder strap attached; bell stamped, "HAAS, BARCELONA"

98 Pin

Oval shaped pin with portrait of mustached gentleman. (Pin) image
99 Binoculars

Two parts. a. Binoculars, missing large lenses; compass. b. Leather case, wtih silk lining. Binoculars are located in leather case.

100 00.70.0043a Rifle

Sharps; percussion cap breechloading; American Civil War period; left side of frame stamped "C. Sharps, Sept. 12, 1848"; right side frame stamped "C. Sharps Pat. Oct. 5th, 1852", "R. S. Lawrence Pat. April 12th, 1859"; top of barrel stamped "Sharps Rifle Manufag. Co. Hartford, Conn." "New Model 1859"; sight base stamped "P. S. Lawrence patented Feb. 15th 1859"; serial no. "37598" stamped on rear butt strap. a. Rifle;

00.70.0043a (Rifle) image





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