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326 1976.5.0003 Bullet

Civil War era minnie bullet; conical lead; tri-grooved base; exterior white coating; collected from Chickamauga Battlefield, Tenn. (Battle of Chickamauga - September 19-20, 1863).

327 1976.65.0001a Hat, ISNS

a. Visor hat with the numbers "44" embroidered on top, inside. Eagle with spread wings on front with letters "SNS" above. Part of Iowa State Normal School cadet's wool uniform, used by cadets and later by the college band. ISNS.

328 1976.65.0001B Uniform, ISNS

Parts a.-c. a. Visor hat with the numbers "44" embroidered on top, inside. Eagle with spread wings on front with letters "SNS" above. Part of Iowa State Normal School cadet's wool uniform, used by cadets and later by the college band. ISNS. b. Coat, says Iowa on each lapel, graywith green trim. c. Pants, gray with blue stripe. Color: BL.BK.,GD

329 1976.87.0006 Oilcan

World War II; for M1 carbine and for Browning automatic rifle. in. d. Accessory strap to hold the chain. BackupEventLogA OpenBackupEventLogW OpenEventLogA OpenEventLogW OpenProcessToken OpenSCManagerA OpenSCManagerW OpenServi

330 1977.30.0004 Hat

U. S. Navy flattopped. Dark blue wool. Outer black cloth headband bears the ship's name "U. S. S. SEATTLE" in gold lettering, and a bowed ribbon on the left side.

331 1977.47.0102 Bayonet

Two parts. a. Bayonet; 1880. b. Case (scabbard), French Gras model; blued metal scabbard; belt loop on top back; throat stamped: "T-98173". French scrpt on spine translated, "Manufactured at the Armory at Tulle 1880."

1977.47.0102 (Bayonet) image
332 1977.47.0103a Holster

a. Six shoot single action service revolver with a nickle finish and oak handle grips. Serial number 91794, Smith and Wesson.

333 1977.47.0103b Revolver, Gun

b. Holster natural light brown leather; brass servuce # button.

334 1977.47.0103c belt, cartridges

c. Belt; 35 sewn loops to hold cartridges. 

335 1977.47.0104 Pistol

English flintlock boot. Steel construction, curved walnut handle ( not original). Approximately .45 caliber.

336 1977.60.0004 Bracelet

M I A (Missing in Action) bracelet, from the Vietnam war.

337 1978.23.0001a Bayonet

a. Bayonet

1978.23.0001a (Bayonet) image
338 1978.23.0001b Bayonet, sheath

 b. Case.rench scrpt on spine translated, "Manufactured at the Armory at St. Etiene1880."

1978.23.0001b (Bayonet, sheath) image
339 1978.23.0001c Bayonet, scabbard

c. leather scabbard; belt loops at top back; copper rivets; wire wrapped metal tip, stitched back stamped, "7969". 

340 1978.23.0002a Bayonet

Three parts. a. Wooden handles, steel blade, curved hand guard and pommel, serial number "I25462". Symbol stamped on blade.

341 1978.23.0002b Bayonet

b. Arisaka bayonet scabbard, metal. c. Arisaka leather frog belt hanger for attaching scabbard and bayonet to belt, brass buckle and leather strap.

342 1978.23.0003a Bayonet

Two parts. a. Bayonet, United States Army issue M-1 Garand, black plastic handles, green colored finish, base of blade stamped, "U.C.", "U. S., 1942" and makers mark " ". Back strap of handle is marked, "A.F.H.; the spring scabbard lock is missing.

343 1978.23.0003b Sheath

 b. Scabbard, green plastic; metal throat stamped with fire bomb, "U.S. " ". Metal belt hook on rear. 

344 1978.23.0004a Bayonet

German. a. Bayonet, long pattern--Mauser, black plastic handles, steel blade, curved hand guard, serial number "7590", bottom of blade notched for locking into scabbard.

345 1978.23.0004b Bayonet

b. Scabbard, metal; metal loop at top for attachment to belt, metal is heavily pitted and discolored. 

346 1978.31.0008 Helmet

Pith sun helmet (World War II); olive green felt body; green leather trim on brim; exterior dark green felt hat band; 2" ventilation knob on top; black, white & red striped metal shield on right side; black & silver Nazi eagle & swastika shield on left side. Green leather chin strap with metal buckle & fittings; dark green cotton cloth lining; leather headband & metal fittings; red felt liner-head-support; aluminum wheel at center top for adjusting & removing ventilation knob. Exterior of leather headband marked "Germany 7 1/8, J. Von Ritter"; interior of leather headband marked, "3 - 42 (date), 58 (headsize in cm), F. ST. L. (maker's mark), 60N".

1978.31.0008 (Helmet) image
347 1978.33.0002 Button

Union discharge button.

348 1979.65.0001 Holster

Brown leather, white stitching; two leather belt loops on back, secured to holster by brass rivets; tooled designs on upper front section; open top style.

349 1979.9.0004 Pin, lapel

U. S. Army Reserve pin, World War One; brass metal pin, letters "U. S."; hinged pin back.

350 1979.9.0010 Button, campaign

Button, commemorative, 1919. To welcome the U. S. Army Rainbow Division back from France, following World War I; metal button, multi-colored red, yellow, blue & white paper & clear celluloid cover, red lettering "Welcome Home" below rainbow, lettering "official souvenir"; straight brass metal pin back. Color: ML

1979.9.0010 (Button, campaign) image





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