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776 2017-31-28 Gloves

White Navy gloves in medium size ordered from Marine Corps Association by Joanne Ackman.

777 2017-31-29 Belt Buckle

Belt buckle; called “officer waistplate” of Navy from Korean War. Gold rectangle with eagle, anchor, and globe.

778 2017-31-3 Medal

Korean Defense medal awarded to Donald Ackman. Blue and white vertical strips with a single smaller red stripe down the middle. A: Front of the medal has a band around the middle circle with "Duty" at the top, 4 stars on both sides with "Honor", and "Country"  with 5 stars at the bottom. Inner circle has olive branches tied with a ribbon at the bottom and a small image of an eagle with a shield on its chest holding olive branches on the right and a group of arrows on the left; on the back is a soldier under a gate and the South Korean flag. Korean Defense commemorative, 1950-2000, commemorating 50 years in defense of South Korea. B: Ribbon to go with the medal.

779 2017-31-30 Pin

Small Korean Veterans Memorial Pin. Eagle with wings spread at top; below is thin rectangle, white vertical stripes on both ends and one in middle. Pentagon shape below rectangle, top three sides equal length; has white circle with Korea silhouette in same blue, with words around circle.

780 2017-31-4 Medal

Korean War Service medal awarded to Donald Ackman for either 30 consecutive days, or 60 non-consecutive days in Korea during the war. Large yellow stripe down the middle with a thin white stripe with thin red stripes on either side and larger blue stripes to either side of the red stripes. A: Medal is circular with small dots around the border, inside has two bullets crossed at the bottom center with simplistic olive branches on both sides. At top center is the shape of Korea inside a radar circle. B: Ribbon with same colorsd and orientation of stripes,  with a yin-yang symbol in the center of the yellow stripe. 

781 2017-31-5 Medal

United States Marine Corps Commemorative Pin and Ribbon. Fabric base is a dark blue with two vertical red stripes closer to the edge, and a thin white stripe in the center of either red stripe.

782 2017-31-6 Medal

Overseas Service Commemorative Medal awarded to Donald Ackman. Fabric has vertical stripes starting with blue, white, and red strip in the center, with yellow and blue on either side. A: Medal has "Overseas Service" at the top in a banner around medal with "Commemorative" at the bottom and olive branches between the words. Inside are two circles slightly overlapping with the western hemisphere on the left and eastern hemisphere on the right. There are 5 stars below the two circles and a shield at the top with an eagle's head and wings coming out from behind it to drape over the two circles. B: Ribbon that accompanies the medal.

783 2017-31-7 Medal

Korean War veteran medal awarded to Donald Ackman. Metal pin part has a raised black rectangle with "Korean War Veteran" printed on it, with six vertical stripes from left to right: red, yellow, brown, white, light blue, and orange. Hanging from the fabric is a circular medallion. The medallion has Korean lettering at the top and some at the bottom insdie a rectangel with olive leaves on either side with rounded stars between the leaves and the top lettering. Inside is the outline of Korea behind a 3 layered emblem. It has a circle with 4 protrusions colored red with a gold outline, a pentagon with the tips of the star pointing towards each corner, and a red and blue yin-yang. On the back says "Republic of Korea, Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, and Koreans Veterans Association" separated by a rounded star on both sides.

784 2017-31-8 Medal

A: Miniature version of the Korean War Veteran medal, See (2017-31-7). B: Miniature pin of symbol in center of  the Korean War Veteran Medallion, with the olive leaves colored in.

785 2017-31-9 Medal

Two Marine Eadle, globe, and anchor lapel pins, and one larger pin of same design, with a rope on the anchor. All three have a screw/nut for attachment.

786 2018-13-1 Jacket None
787 2018-13-10 Undershirt None
788 2018-13-11 Undershirt None
789 2018-13-12 Springs

A and B.

790 2018-13-13 Rope

A and B.

791 2018-13-14 Boots

A and B.

792 2018-13-15 Socks

A and B.

793 2018-13-16 Medpack

Thigh medial pack used in Iraq

794 2018-13-17 Medical Backpack

A and B.

795 2018-13-18 Booklet

A and B.

796 2018-13-2 Pants None
797 2018-13-3 Belt None
798 2018-13-4 Hat None
799 2018-13-5 Cap, Garrison None
800 2018-13-6 Jacket None





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