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54876 UNIM1996.4.2f.0001 Pattern

Simplicity pattern. 8944 (1979). Man's shirt; sz. 42. Color: TN

54877 UNIM1996.4.2f.0002 Pattern

Simplicity pattern. 6385 (1983). Man's pullover top; sz. 0 (40-42-44). Color: TN

54878 UNIM1996.4.2g.0001 Pattern

Simplicity pattern 4913 (no date). Man's jacket, pants, shorts (no cover). Color: TN

54879 UNIM1996.4.3a.0001 Pattern

Butterick patterns (no date). 3151 Dress w/belt; sz. A (8-10-12). Color: TN

54880 UNIM1996.4.3a.0002 Pattern

Butterick pattern (no date). 6103. Semi-fitted flared dress; sz. Petite. Color: TN

54881 UNIM1996.4.3a.0003 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 4828. Maternity dress, top & pants; sz. 8. Color: TN

54882 UNIM1996.4.3a.0004 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 5291. Top & shirts; sz. B (12-24-16). Color: TN

54883 UNIM1996.4.3a.0005 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 6594. Jumpsuit; sz. 12. Color: TN

54884 UNIM1996.4.3a.0006 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 4428. Jacket, top, culottes & shorts; sz. 12. Color: TN

54885 UNIM1996.4.3a.0007 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 5324. Pantdress; sz. 16. Color: TN

54886 UNIM1996.4.3a.0008 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 5034. Top & skirt; sz. A (10-12-8). Color: TN

54887 UNIM1996.4.3b.0001 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 6123. U-neckline dress; sz. 7 jp. Color: TN

54888 UNIM1996.4.3b.0002 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 5553. 2-pc. dress 7 scarf; sz. 11/12. Color: TN

54889 UNIM1996.4.3c.0001 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 4542. One-piece pant dress; sz. 12. Color: TN

54890 UNIM1996.4.3c.0002 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 3159. Girls' separates; sz. 10. Color: TN

54891 UNIM1996.4.3c.0003 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 4247. One-pc. dress; sz. 12. Color: TN

54892 UNIM1996.4.3d.0001 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 3314. Man's loose-fitting top; sz. 42. Color: TN

54893 UNIM1996.4.3e.0001 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 3551. Embroidery transfers. Color: TN

54894 UNIM1996.4.3e.0002 Pattern

Butterick pattern. (no date). 4636. Tea apron; carpenter's apron. Color: TN

54895 UNIM1996.5.0002 Suit None
54896 UNIM1996.6.0001 Coat

Trench-style coat w/3 button front closure, pointed collar, shoulder pads, seam center back and down each side in front. 2 belt loops, slit pockets in front. Fully lined in toast colored crepe fabric. Long sleeves w/wide cuffs. Belt with same fabric. 3-1" shank plastic buttons. Color: Lt BR

54897 UNIM1996.6.0002 Dress

Woven, mid-calf length dress w/shoulder pads, V-neckline revers collar, center front closure w/thee 3/4" buttons and machine button holes. Two darts each side & slight gathers sewen to 4 panel skirt. Underarm darts, set-in sleeves with 1.5" cuff. Belt is 43" l x 1 1/8" w & buckle. Buttons are covered with dress fabric. Color: BL

54898 UNIM1996.6.0003 Dress

Woven, A-line,V-neck, center front placket closure to waist (homemaker sewn shut). Collar. 6 panel skirt (3 front, 3 back), mid-calf length with 2" hem. Piece of fabric cut out of back side of placket. Homemaker sewed collar down to hold in place. Leaf design in 1" square alternating color print. Color: Lt.BL, BL,YL,GR

54899 UNIM1996.6.0004 Dress None
54900 UNIM1996.6.0005 Dress None





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