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38001 UNIM1991.9.0011 Hat Woman's striped rayon taffeta shell. Cut in 4 sections; 2 at center back are on bias (stripes are not matched). Panels at side also on bias, cut to form chevrons. Wire at edge covered with taffeta and machine sewn. 3/4" grosgrain ribbon headband. Lined. Bias cut band about 5" wide pleated across front, with vertical band at left front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: ML
38002 UNIM1991.9.0012 Eyeglasses Two parts. a. "Exotic' look glasses, silver frames & bows, dark lens & fancy trim of large "stars" and rhinestones at outer edges of frame & on bows. For fun wear, possibly for sun. b. Slip in case, 3 1/4' x 6 5/8". black, beige diagonally striped velvet. Open at one narrow end. Bound with brown grosgrain ribbon. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL UNIM1991.9.0012 (Eyeglasses) image
38003 UNIM1991.9.0015 Pattern Women's suit and dress patterns. a - k. a. 2-piece suit, McCall';s #7565, size 18, 50 cents, c. 1933. b. Dress, McCall #3092, size 38, 50 cents, c. 1938. c. Dress, Simplicity #3595, size 18, 15 cents, c. 1940. d. Dress, Simplicity #3459, size 18, 25 cents, c. 1940. e. Dress, Simplicity #3819, size 18, 25 cents, c. 1941. f. Dress, DuBarry #T546, size 36, 10 cents, c. 1940. g. Dress, ? #8267, size 36, 15 cents, c. 1940. h. Dress, Excella E4323, size 36, 25 cents, c. 1940. i. Dress, #209, size 36, c. 1937. j. Dress, Marian Martin, #9803, size 18, late 1940's. k. Two- piece maternity smock, Barbara Bell #1833, size 18, late 1930's.
38004 UNIM1991.9.0016 Pattern Two blouse patterns. a. Excella, size 18, c. 1940. Unprinted. Sold for 25 cents. b. Pictorial Review #6701, size 42, printed. c. 1940. Sold for 25 cents.
38005 UNIM1991.9.1 Gown, evening Flared, tiered, wide-strap sleeveless formal. scarf & drawstring bag. a. Dress. Sheath style bodice, lowered round neckline in back; front neckline tapers to a V; gathers at center front to accent bustline. 2 waist darts, both front and back. Sleeveless; shoulder straps are about 12' wide bands gathered to 4 1/2' at top of shoulder. Bodice section is lined. Skirt is four-gore, flared and 3-tiered. 14' zipper at left side. Round hem. Underlined. b. Scarf. c. Drawstring bag. Color: YL
38006 UNIM1992.12.0001 Neckpiece Shaped like collar; curved to fit around neck. Meets at center front; large button on left (inside) with corded loop on right to fasten. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY
38007 UNIM1992.12.0003 Suit Three-piece. women's suit, "butcher linen". Jacket is short, fitted front & back with waist darts & bust darts. 8-button center front closure. Flared back has center back seam. Small collar & machine-worked buttonholes. 2-pc. fitted sleeves, long, with 1 1/2' turn back cuff. Vest and jacket collar & cuffs are cream with a 1/2" taupe check pattern. Quite flared skirt has 3 knife pleats each side of center front, unpressed. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN
38008 UNIM1992.12.0004 Dress Dress and jacket. Dress is double knit, princess style. V-neck edged with rib knit. Zipper in back extends below waist. Eyelet white pique bib collar with 2 pearl buttons and white matching cuffs. Sleeveless; armseyes faced. Skirt is flared. Hem has been lengthened, using lace hem facing. Jacket is of rib knit; long sleeves with white cuffs. Color: BL
38009 UNIM1992.12.0005 Shoe Women's high top, lace shoes. Two sections in lower part of shoe, sewn to uppers. 19 eyelets. Triple needle toe style. Sole sewn to uppers. Louis heel is stacked leather. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
38010 UNIM1992.12.0026 Key Three keys. Old style, as for bookcase, dresser, etc. a. - c. c. 1 piece is 1" tall figure of a man. 1 piece is gold @ 1/2" looks like finial for a piece of jewelry. Color: BK
38011 UNIM1992.12.0027 Collar Three. to be worn with a sweater or jacket. Hook and eye fastener. a. - c. a. is slightly wider. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
38012 UNIM1992.12.0029 Collar Separate collar to be worn with sweater or jacket. Velvet, lined with white loosely woven fabric. Also has a double-layered facing that fits inside the garment with which it is worn.. Snap fastener. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
38013 UNIM1992.12.2 Suit Women's boxy 2-pc. suit. Jacket has 4 button center front closure. Long sleeves with button cuff. Wide collar; lapels. Long full set-in sleeves with 2' wide cuff that buttons. Cuffs and fake pocket flaps cut on bias, as are bound buttonholes. Buttons mottled brown/beige plastic. Slightly flared skirt. Front cut on fold, has 2 pleats each side. Center back seam. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN,RD,BK
38014 UNIM1992.12.21A Collar Very stiff. Have inside layer ("Stand" of collar). Has a buttonhole to fasten at center back neck. Extensions of center front have buttonholes for collar studs.
38015 UNIM1992.12.21B Collar Very stiff. Have inside layer ("Stand" of collar). Extensions of center front have buttonholes for collar studs.
38016 UNIM1992.12.21C Collar Very stiff. Have inside layer ("Stand" of collar). Has a buttonhole to fasten at center back neck. Extensions of center front have buttonholes for collar studs.
38017 UNIM1992.12.21D Collar Very stiff. Have inside layer ("Stand" of collar). Has a buttonhole to fasten at center back neck. Extensions of center front have buttonholes for collar studs.
38018 UNIM1992.12.24A Garter Men's elastic sleeve garter. Have clasps which permit adjusting the overall length.
38019 UNIM1992.12.24B Garter Men's elastic sleeve garter. Have clasps which permit adjusting the overall length.
38020 UNIM1992.12.25 Collar Box Covered with imitation leather; metal box on top (5 studs included). Metal clasp to keep box closed. Interior has oval divider to store collars around. Lined with green satin. Box on lid has hinged, decorative lid. Push button to open. Box lid is hinged, @ 1 1/4' deep. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK,GR
38021 UNIM1992.12.26A Key Three keys. Old style, as for bookcase, dresser, etc. a. - c. c. 1 piece is 1" tall figure of a man. 1 piece is gold @ 1/2" looks like finial for a piece of jewelry. Color: BK
38022 UNIM1992.13.0002 Suit, gym Sailcloth. Yoke at neck/shoulder; full roll collar. Lapels for V-neck. Fitted with darts. Center back pleat. Small pocket on left breast. Waistline seam. Pleats in side front Center front and back open with 4 3/8" overlap. Short sleeve pleated at shoulder; 1' hem. Sketch on catalog sheet.
38023 UNIM1992.13.0003 Suit, gym Knickers, sweater vest & blouse. a. Vest, V-neck & sleevelss slipover syle, long. 1 1/4' hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. b. Knickers. Cut on bias; full floomer legs with elastic in hems. 27" x 1 3/8" wide waistband. 6 1/2' button placket. Flat fell seams. Blouse Size 12-32; 7-button front closure, flat collar, bust darts. ISTC. Color: BK
38024 UNIM1992.13.0004 Suit, gym Gingham check sleeveless suit. Bodice has lowered neckline with divided (3-piece) flat collar. Armseyes bound with white bias. No waistline seam. Bloomer legs with elastic in hems. Crotch piece between legs. Tiny white pocket on right side of skirt front. Button closure, left shoulder. 2' wide belt buttons at front; no belt loops. White bias binding at armseyes & around white collar. Sketch on catalog sheet. ISTC. Color: LV,WH
38025 UNIM1992.13.0005 Suit, gym Knit top and shorts. top off-white, shorts navy. Sleeveless, V-neck finished with 3/4" binding. side seam bust darts; 1' hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Shorts fitted, 1" waistband with elastic; 1' hems in legs. Color: BL,WH
38026 UNIM1992.13.0006 Suit, warm-up Jacket and slacks. Jacket has zip front, extends into full roll collar. 5/8" hem; no darts to fit. Sketch on catalog sheet. Slacks, slim or tailored fit. 1" hem at waistband has elastic. 1 " hem in legs, double sewn. UNI.
38027 UNIM1992.14.0001 Dress Fitted short-sleeve rust dress with attached taffeta slip. Bodice fitted; gathers at waist front; released darts in back. Deep V-neckline, turned back as hem. Short sleeves are very gathered at top of armseye. Lined with net; 1' hem. Skirt 2-gore, quite flared. 1 7/8" hem, handstitched. 11" side zipper. Shaped midriff yoke. b. Rust colored taffeta slip, fitted. Snaps in place and shaps on straps. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR
38028 UNIM1992.14.0002 Hat Wide-brimmed, rust. Crown @ 3 1/4" above brim, 1" below, rounded to top of crown. Bottom edge is bound with 1 1/2" grosgrain ribbon which is also headband. Brim 2 1/2' wide at back to 3 3/4" at sides and front. Edge is bound with straw tape. 11 1/2' of daisies across front & a grosgrain bow on under side of brim. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR UNIM1992.14.0002 (Hat) image
38029 UNIM1992.15.0004 Glove Wool knit women's gloves. Fingers and palm of hand are stockinette stitch; from wrist to elbow, rib stitch has increased gradually for larger circumference of arm. Cuff portion has horizontal stripes of blue and gold on brown background. Color: BR,BL,GD UNIM1992.15.0004 (Glove) image
38030 UNIM1992.15.1 Suit Four pieces. Women's gray twill weave suit and jacket, plus coordinated plaid slacks and jacket. a. Plain gray jacket is double-breasted, fastened with snaps inside. Wide bias collar. Princess lines from neck & sleeve meet just above inseam pocket. Sketch on catalog sheet. b. Basic skirt, lined like jacket. 1" waistband, center back zipper, with hook & eye. c. Plaid slacks. d. Long jacket, lined, with long tie belt and 2-piece set-in long sleeves. Color: GY
38031 UNIM1993.0010 Hat None
38032 UNIM1993.10.0002 Hat Man's. 5 1/4' deep. Center dent and side dents. 1 3/4" grosgrain band at base. Leather sweat band. Rayon lining. Brim 1 7/8" side. Seems to be molded to crown. Slightly rolled. Edge bound with grosgrain. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR
38033 UNIM1993.10.1 Dress Semi-fitted, with underarm darts only. Centerfront seam. Back seam with zipper. Closure yoke neckline. Unfitted skirt, Center front and center back seams. Hem has been let down and faced with lace. Short slieeves with "placket' at lower edge. Three buttons to trim. Tie belt 1 1/2' x 66 1/2". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD
38034 UNIM1993.11.0008 Skirt Circular skirt with fitted 2 1/4' waistband with 2 buttons. Very narrow hem, machine-stitched. Seams at center back and center front only. Color: BK
38035 UNIM1993.11.1 Jacket Knit wool casual style boxy, with wide convertible collar, set-in very wide long sleeves, hemmed. Brown leather trim 2 3/8' - 2 1/2" zigzagged onto clollar length & around sleeves @ 2 1/2" above hem. 1 1/4' tie belt. Lined with brown satin. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
38036 UNIM1993.11.2 Dress "Crimplene' knit. Curved princess dress and jacket. Bodice of dress is white with bust darts in front and neck darts in back. Center back zipper. "Built-up" neck facing. Skirt is red, slightly wider at hem. Short sleeves. Jacket collar and pocket flaps outlined with 5/8" bands of white knit. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD,WH
38037 UNIM1993.11.5 Dress, evening Coral pink. Lowered wide square neckline on bodice; georgette overlay has deep V; top gathered. Skirt, originally balloon, changed to deep hem; very full. Top gathered to 4 1/2" wide midriff. All underlined, 14". Zipper at center back. Sleeveless; faced. Matching taffeta slip. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK
38038 UNIM1993.11.6 Dress Cocktail length. Georgette or chiffon & taffeta & net. Fitted bodice, V-neck, sleeveless; very full skirt: exaggerated hourglass silhouette. Bodice has shoulder & waist darts; chiffon overlay. Shaped midriff: chiffon pieces in horizontal pleats, crossing at center front.. Underlined. Skirt very full; has both net and flared taffeta slips; 9" hem. 14' center back zipper with hook & eye. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: AQ UNIM1993.11.6 (Dress) image
38039 UNIM1993.11.7 Dress Sea green chiffon & taffeta. Long-sleeved, coat style, underlined. Narrow convertible collar. Back shoulder darts; combined front dart. No waistline seam; 3' hem with lace seam binding. Long chiffon sleeves gather to 1 3/4' taffeta cuff. Long pink flowers painted on front and back of dress. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
38040 UNIM1993.11.9 Scarf Border @ 3 1/2" has 12 shields along each side, each a different heraldic design. Center area has diagonal cross lines jlining corners of shields. Hand-rolled hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,GD
38041 UNIM1993.12.0005 Combination One-inch set-in waistband. Bottom portion is "drawers" or split pants style. Bodice portion has lowered, square neckline. Middle muslin section gathers to yoke & waistband. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
38042 UNIM1993.14.0001 Coat None
38043 UNIM1993.14.0002 Coat None
38044 UNIM1993.14.0008 Coat None
38045 UNIM1993.14.0017 Dress None
38046 UNIM1993.14.0021 Dress None
38047 UNIM1993.14.0022 Dress None
38048 UNIM1993.14.0033 Jacket None
38049 UNIM1993.14.0033 Jacket None
38050 UNIM1993.14.0034 Jacket None
38051 UNIM1993.14.0044 Skirt None
38052 UNIM1993.14.0050 Jacket None
38053 UNIM1993.14.07 Dress None
38054 UNIM1993.14.10 Jacket None
38055 UNIM1993.14.11 Suit None
38056 UNIM1993.14.12 Suit None
38057 UNIM1993.14.14 Suit None
38058 UNIM1993.14.15 Dress None
38059 UNIM1993.14.16 Suit None
38060 UNIM1993.14.18 Dress None
38061 UNIM1993.14.19 Dress None
38062 UNIM1993.14.20 Dress None
38063 UNIM1993.14.23 Dress None
38064 UNIM1993.14.24 Dress None
38065 UNIM1993.14.25 Dress None
38066 UNIM1993.14.26 Dress None
38067 UNIM1993.14.27 Dress None
38068 UNIM1993.14.28 Dress None
38069 unim1993.14.29 Dress Pink heather dress, unfitted and curved.  It has a lowered U-neck face, collarless on sleeves, and has white saddle stitches along the inverted pleats.  
38070 UNIM1993.14.3 Coat None
38071 UNIM1993.14.30 Dress None
38072 UNIM1993.14.4 Jacket None
38073 UNIM1993.14.43 Suit None
38074 UNIM1993.14.45 Pants None
38075 UNIM1993.14.46 Pants None
38076 UNIM1993.14.48 Robe None
38077 UNIM1993.14.49 Shawl None
38078 UNIM1993.14.5 Jacket None
38079 UNIM1993.14.51 Coat None
38080 UNIM1993.14.52 Dress None
38081 UNIM1993.14.53 Dress None
38082 unim1993.15.0001 hat None
38083 unim1993.15.0003 hat None
38084 UNIM1993.15.0004 Hat None
38085 unim1993.15.0005 hat None
38086 unim1993.15.0006 hat None
38087 unim1993.15.0009 hat None
38088 unim1993.15.0015 hat None
38089 unim1993.15.0016 hat None
38090 unim1993.15.0017 hat None
38091 unim1993.15.0018 hat None
38092 unim1993.15.0019 hat None
38093 unim1993.15.0022 hat None
38094 unim1993.15.0027 hat None
38095 UNIM1993.15.0028 Hat None
38096 UNIM1993.15.0029 Hat None
38097 UNIM1993.15.0030 Hat None
38098 UNIM1993.15.0032 Hat None
38099 UNIM1993.15.0034 Hat None
38100 UNIM1993.16.0003 Blouse Muslin and cotton plaid top with short bell shaped sleeves. Plaid runs diagonally on yoke and sleeves. Bottom part is muslin. Color: WH, GD, OR, BK